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The Issue of Masculinism

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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 07:32 PM
In the Beginning, God created Heaven and the Earth. By God - a sort of Judeochristian term, I refer to the whole - the mission, meaning, and purpose, intended by creation: an intelligence so great as to escape our capacity to semantically deconstruct. We but grasp at straws when we attempt to explain. Some say nothing is there; others say, "let nature speak her words".

The Heaven and the Earth

The Heaven and the Earth, compelling metaphors - speaking to the mind-body problem: the existence of a knower who seems paradoxically apart from its known. How can there be an external and an internal? How can correspond so clearly to each other - through metaphor, movement, feeling and meaning. The mind cannot help but "rain down meaning" upon the meaning and significance of the physical world, its body, and its relationship to everything else.

But why else pursue this approach to being and existence, if not because it stimulates us i.e. "rains upon us" - forces its presence into our awareness by generating ideas that are figuratively represented in the actions, motions and movements of the external world.

This is represented, and has always been known as, the "perennial knowledge" - the fact of the correspondence between the knowledge of mental experience, and the forms and ways of the outside world. "Lets make man in our image, after our likeness". Many wonder, is this biblical verse referring to the many attractors that control the behavior of self-organizing dynamical structures, such as the stars and planets that self-organize into material systems? Tzelem, or "image", is the whole of the structure. It is the "phantom", as it were, which lies behind the temporal unfolding of the structure. The second verse is interesting, "Ki", or like, and "DeMuTheNU". The word for blood "DaM" is combined with the word for death "MoTh". Thus, 'after our likeness" would literally mean "subject to entropy, or dissolution" i.e. death.

Most people don't know that the word "Jew", or in German "Yid" - phonetically closer to the Hebrew word, "YeHuD", derives from the Hebrew verb "HoD", which means, "to acknowledge". To acknowledge. That is a very interesting self-description - to acknowledge what? If we remember our conversation from up above, perhaps acknowledgement has everything to do with correlation? If the heavens "rain down on us" - paradoxically motivated by the suggestive meaning of the external physical world - to acknowledge, appreciate and enjoy this dynamic - to correlate your life and living with its legitimacy, would seem to render you a YeHuD, a "he who acknowledges" ("he" appears to be a metaphorical representation of our active mind, whereas "she" refers to our embodied experiences) the nature of the world we exist within.

Its not a terribly incredible feat to be a "person who acknowledges". After all, isn't this what science does to people? Goethe was totally right when he recommended a feeling of reverence and awe for the phenomena being measured: and in this attunement, the knower becomes more connected and respectful to the known, rendering the scientific method an inherently "jewish" type endeavor (they are after all one of the most productive ethnicities in the hard sciences as well as psychology).

Many people would be surprised by his, but it's true: the Greeks, or at least those influenced by Plato, were not as committed to "correlation" as the Jews were - and still are. While progressives, and even those who hate Israel, are sometimes accused of "antisemitism", it is paradoxical that neither side in the subsequent scuffling appreciates how alike they are in spirit: they both seek truth, justice, legitimacy.

But again, this just wasn't what Greece, or Romes, or Persia, or Egypt or Mesopotamian cared for. Far more naturally in the ancient world, the elite kings began to separate themselves from the others they lived around, and in not being scientific in their reflections - being motivated entirely by the ecological property of context and social, bodily or material advantage - began to cultivate egohood to the point of turning it into an art.

It's strange to think this way, because we all know and relate within the world in terms of an ego. We want things, we get hurt when our expectations are violated. Were all over the place because of the desires of the world - and this property, "of the world", we must remind ourselves is at most only 12,000 years old - merely a blip in the evolutionary record of our species - which evolved as far back as 250,000 years ago, in the Southern Sahara region of present day Chad (which is now a desert..hmm).


Humans are delusional creatures. This is something that is not arguable - too much evidence exists in all the psychologies, buttressed by the neurosciences as well as ideas which apply to - such as economy, short cuts, and the never exhausting conformation to the rule of pursuing "paths of least resistance".

So for Humans to have gone off from our stability - our homeostasis as a being - I'm guessing it was not self-induced, but brought upon by some external or internal event. The geologists and volcanologists tell us that a super-volcano erupted 75,000 years ago in Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra, on a lake called Toba. Even more interestingly, this date roughly corresponds to the out-of-Africa date where Humans begin to appear in Israel (70,000 years ago) and then outwards towards the north and the East. They entered Europe and Asia at roughly similar times: 40,000 years ago.

Now, of course, we can debate what happened "after this" day and night, but the present archeological record supports a narrative of a simple way of living, as the caves which show the mysteries of Human experience record.

The real change - the real "convulsion", came with the onset of neolithic era, when Human beings began cultivating fields of grains - stationing themselves to these fields, and so giving away the presence of a new "psychological attractor" - a desire for personal gain, now socially supported, institutionally normalized - so that it focalizes the flow of energy in specific ways - changing the brains of the Humans exposed to its dynamics - and situating meaning along new metabolic configurations.

The Egyptians called the obelisk, "Tekenu"

One may wonder whether logic underlying this word had some sort of influence upon the formation of the Greek word "techne".

Why would I assume this? Well, the beginning of the change - a seemingly innocuous thing like agriculture, pulling Humans from their normal self/body-environment relationship, now made Humans dependent on the producers. Something changed, but that change may have been deliberate and calculated - dealing with a "technology" that's called "occultic", or "hidden", but really just refers to the dynamics of awareness, and so, the nature of how the "rain falls to nourish the earth", i.e. for how Human minds metabolize reality.

Based upon this association, one cannot help but notice the phallic nature of the obelisk, which associates naturally to the male sex. If in the normal scheme of things, the earth "receives" the beneficent bounty of the heavens, the obelisk almost seems to invert the picture: turning the heaven upside down, the influence now moves the other way - counter-clockwise - against the natural flow of activity.

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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 07:33 PM
The natural flow of course moves suggestively. It arises from pretty mundane dynamics - the same sort of stuff that arranges the organization of all creatures, except in Humans, its happening through the paradoxical forces of consciousness: more autonomy within personal consciousness, yet more awareness of suffering, and so propelling the organism to mollify and assuage its dysregulation with the manna of love - by connecting with Others, and by doing, stimulating neurogenesis, and so expanding the degree of system complexity.

To really wonder what has happened on planet really entails realizing the strange occultism and strange beliefs of the powers that be. It is strange, because it seems totally self-serving, totally defiant, totally 'child-like' - yet it is appealing because of the way it "bursts" a sense of power into your experience of self. The self is enflamed further, deeper, and made to feel and reflect upon its strength in such a way as to experience it as a propeller of experience. It feels more real than everything else - in fact, the only "real" thing. As if only it - and its "ego strength", existed - as if any other constitution could find itself within the field of their phenomenology.

Hercules, Gilgamesh, Orpheus, Mithras, and so many more, were symbols befitting the living and functioning of imperialist cultures and their imperialist cults: killers need to 'make coherent' their killing, no? And it seems like the shimmering pearl of nihilism fits the bill: "cleaving", as it were, the knowing mind from the existentially known. The process is a road to dissociation - to structurally designing your brain towards "not feeling" - but of course, you can't change the structure of something and pretend you aren't deviating from an ideal-form. The move away is always referential: it refers to those dynamics that already work to slit, divide and make sense the moment by moment experiences of our living: so sayeth the amygdala: you go this way and you go that way. The amygdala speaks - and knows - what we - our consciousness, may not be objectively related to. Yet it is there, guiding, sifting, directing, all based upon past-information, so that whatever the human being becomes, you can be sure of one thing: it is temporary.

Now, as we inch closer and closer to the era of Donald Trump, you can be sure that a "gorilla" metaphysic is being pursued:

“The social arrangements of gorilla groups are quite different to those in the more social monkeys, where the females invariably form grooming-based coalitions. Gorillas have a star-shaped structure, with the male at the center, and the females forming the arms of the star: each female grooms with the male, but females rarely groom with each other”. – Robin Dunbar, Human Evolution, pg. 55, Oxford Press 2016

Males that are "weak", or pu$$ies - in effect - will be run over; whereas females - especially physically attractive females, will be subject to the insatible appetites of millions of harem-keeping Human gorillas.

This, therein, describes a more basic dynamic in the Human narrative: the complete domination of the feminine, of the female, through the structuring of social reality, and in todays terms, through the function of capital:

“What culture, world ecology, and the Capitalocene show is that the battle against the capitalist production of climate change must be waged at several levels simultaneously. Of course, we must attack self-evidently “ecological” phenomena such as oil pipelines, deforestation, fracking, etc. But – and this is crucial – we must also attack those elements of capitalist civilization which appear to have no immediate relation to ecology, but which in fact are internal conditions of its possibility: violence against women both literal and symbolic, the structural obscurity of domestic labor, institutional racism, and so on.At its outer limit, ecological struggle is nothing but the struggle for universal emancipation: world ecology unifies these struggles at the level of theory.” Anthropocene, Capitalocene, and the Problem of Culture, in Athropocene or Capitalocene?, pg. 165, PM Press, 2016

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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

There is no doubt. Humans are delusional creatures. They think too much of things. They use This HoD thingie too much. That sadly brings dis-balance in their own social and personal microcosm. A small metaphor to "human ways" might be forwarded here by the example of "coffee overdose". They(humans) obviously love it and drink a ton per day(at least). In the end all who deny coffee cult will have a label "wierd-wacko-schizos". The machine called human society turns into Frankenstein with the terrible speed of approaching train. You can hear it clear, you know its gonna reach the station soon...

Best Regards,
-a hidden wierd-wacko-schizo
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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Argentbenign

They use this HoD thingie too much

That can be true. Acknowledging - or thinking - should only happen when we risk pushing ourselves into a rigid or chaotic state.

Acknowledging - or thinking - can be done too much (see Haredi Judaism for an example); thinking - or reflecting on experience - can eliminate the more robust flows of living - being - in a flow state (as in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyis sense; yes, I had to check his name on google). But being just in a flow state - resisting the mindful fullness of a conscious presence, can be just as - or arguably even more - destructive than nit-pickiy reflectiveness.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 08:38 PM
Am I picking up some animosity for the "alpha" personality type or am I misreading this?

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: ManBehindTheMask

How would you define an "alpha" personality type?

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 11:53 PM

originally posted by: Astrocyte
Humans are delusional creatures.

Only when we have been infected with 'belief'.

This is something that is not arguable

There is a Universal Law that states that "everything is arguable!"
The 'human' remaining uninfected with 'beliefs' is not, nor can be, 'delusional'.
Delusion is the 'belief' that the 'make-believe' is Reality/Truth!
But existence/Reality/Truth IS 'make-believe', so it can ALSO be argued, that there can be no such thing as 'delusion', as existence/Truth/Reality is ALL INCLUSIVE, even inclusive of 'believed mirages'!

posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 04:06 AM
The most masculine Men on earth are those who don't brag about themselves endlessly.

posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

...such a Synchronized Soup again, OP...

- before eden, the "seas", dimensions, were masculine and feminine,
but ruled by the pantheon [or read atlanteans / Watchers] ,
turning them into their own Dualism
- Eden came, with both adam and eve representing the córrect rule of both ;
but ofcourse the fallen ones hated that, and made them Fall.

the 'masculine' in it's present, dualistic form,
is all about "phalluses" -- the obelisk theme --
since 'phallus' is typically the fallen one's rule of 'masculine' .
compare Henoch -- who describes "the fallen ones with private parts as horses" .

the 'masculine' you describe in above posts,
is but their Dualism, and has nothing to do with scripture.
that is why the spells describe "isis with her phallus"

posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 04:41 AM
..spells have many terms to describe 'rape' and 'masturbation',
NEK, NEQ, NUH', NEPEN, ÃÃ - phallus, ithyphallic ones - ,
MENU - ithyphallic desert god ; present 'allah' , etc,
all "willpower-related", glyph Ã, 'arm' ;
-- all denoting the "raping of Eden"
and all with phallus-glyph.

It is no coincidence
that the sign of old-israel for 'belonging to God',
was the circumcision :
read - the mutilation of THEIR 'masculine'.

posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 09:50 AM
The irony of the views of Masculinity or Warrior personas being the ideal male where women would flock to have offspring, whether taken from great warrior cultures that are revered today an feared back then, the Spartans, Samurai, or the Navy...That inspire boys to be men these days...

Is that they were all Gay.

The problem with Masculinity these days is that to much imagery, and status are desired, rather then having the proper preparations given in youth for the transition of adulthood to become capable men. Back then the ideal man was a provider an a protector for community or tribe able to rise to whatever challenge, whether it a bear, or his women.

Not the ideal warrior who like to exchange sword tips with other grown men or groups of men with swords.

Hell, the ideal man in 70 or 80s, well built, with just a mustache incredibly well trimmed, an tight fitted clothing...Is Gay today.
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