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Syrian Suspected Of Planning Another Truck Attack In Germany Arrested

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posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 06:20 PM
I don't buy his story because who would be dumb enough to try and get money from ISIS to give to his family in Syria? That would be a death sentence for both him and his family.

A Syrian migrant who arrived in Germany two years ago has been arrested on suspicion of seeking funds from Islamic State to drive truck bombs into a crowd, a German state prosecutor's office said on Monday.

Prosecutor Christoph Rebmann said the man, whom he did not name, was suspected of seeking the money from Islamic State in Syria to buy trucks and load 400-500 kg (880-1,100 pounds) of explosives into each of them.

"He is suspected of ... requesting 180,000 euros from a contact person in Syria on his cell phone from Saarbruecken in December, 2016 so that he could acquire vehicles to pack with explosives and drive them into a crowd," Rebmann said in a statement.

The man has admitted making contact with Islamic State, which is also know as ISIS, but denied he had any plans to stage an attack.

"He said he wanted the money from ISIS to support his family back in Syria," Rebmann told Reuters, adding that the Syrian had said he wanted to fool the jihadist group into sending him the money.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: infolurker

Come on guys he just wanted to support his family...any photos of his family? I ask because I just wonder if he has one, lying scum.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 07:06 PM
Mrs.Merkel is facing an election soon.

Expect more optical illusions.

Don't look behind the curtain.

posted on Jan, 2 2017 @ 08:32 PM
"Oh , I swear I was gonna trick ISIS and not bomb innocents." Why don't I believe that? Merkel, Merkel, Merkel...

posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 02:15 AM

originally posted by: infolurker

I don't buy his story because who would be dumb enough to try and get money from ISIS to give to his family in Syria? That would be a death sentence for both him and his family.

But you buy the official announcement of another huge terror threat for germany, as if the others before were never fishy in any ways? As if the only one profiteer wouldn´t be everytime the growing surveillance- and police state, after those fishy terror attacks that only could happen right under the eyes of the "security" circles because of "flops, failures and fumbles", everytime.

I am listening right now live to the news here in germany, and you only hear:
More surveillance cameras for the public space, more power to the police and secret services, less data protection for peoples data.

To make it short:
"They" tell us we only have to give up our freedom to save.... our freedom.

The question is now:
Who is the real terrorist?
Why do such fishy terror attacks happen just right in time, when the rulers need excuses for establishing the next level of mass surveillance, of the growing police state?

"Our" interiour minister(why are interiour ministers always the biggest enemies of the people?) is beaming with joy, i bet his pants are wet since the last fishy attack in Berlin. A interiour ministers wet dream is coming true now. Today he is going for... we could say concentration camps. He calls them "Bundesausreisezentrum". In fact it´s jails to imprison and then deport unwanted individuals.

The Bundespolizei should get more powers and rights(less freedom for the people) to "find illegal hideouts"(of whoever). More powers against "cyber attacks", means less data protection.

Better rules to control "Gefährder"(dangerous persons). Who defines "Gefährder"? Would be Snowden a "Gefährder"? I bet if rightwingers were in power, all not rightwingers would be "Gefährder", we had that once in Germany.

To make it easier to deport people he wants to declare more third countries to safe third countries, like we did with Afghanistan. We all know how safe afghanistan is, that´s why our soldiers are fighting for the "freedom of germany at the hindukush", since years. And that are only his wishes for today...
Link(g erman)

All that wouldn´t be possible without terror attacks, or "prevented in the last second" terror attacks, that happen in the "right time". The right time for big brother to grow after these attacks. Somehow these "security" plans are developed that fast, after such events, that many people have to think of Erdogans lists of "terror suspects". Which surely didn´t exist before that poor stage play of an attempted coup ...

Everything is excused with the "constant terror threat". Every MSM report, relating to "security", starts with:
Because of the terror threat... You can hear, see and read that almost every two minutes somewhere. If you tell a lie just often enough, the people will believe it...

Some of them. Because, somehow nobody that you ask, here in Germany, is feared of muslim terror attacks. Not the older people, not the younger ones. Not your colleagues, not your neighbours, not the average people you meet everyday. Because the chance to become a victim of a terror attack in germany is way smaller than to get hit by a lightning strike, of falling down the first step of the ladder and breaking the neck, while trying to clean the windows. But the willful helpers of the rulers, the MSM, are trying to inject that terror fear into the peoples head, by constant repetition.

Fact is. People, slowly but steady, get concerned because of our "protectors", that just take our freedoms, bit by bit but faster and faster now. Without even asking for it, but excusing it with "protecting our freedom", excusng it with the fight against the terrorism. But in reality people are feared from old age poverty, of becoming homeless, of becoming(being) a low wage slave for the rest of the life, of being exploited by the rich. And these are all rational fears, because these things hit 90% of the german people(not the rich 10%). Caused by those that play our protectors now, with the help of that constant terror threat.

But instead of fighting the raising inequality between a little bunch of ultrarich people and the rest of the population, instead of fighting old-age poverty, low wage slave jobs, they accelerate proceedings to let big brother grow. And are happy about every fishy attack that happened right under the eyes of the "protectors". Or could be "prevented in the last second", because you need only one "real attack". After that reports of arrested muslim terror suspects are enough to fear the AfD voters and BILD readers.

And for sure they are happy if people believe that stuff and call for more power for "our protectors" to steal our freedoms, as long it hits the evil muslims, "Ausländers", leftists, liberals, dissidents etc. But when will hit big brother those that demand these powers for the "protectors" now, when will they become a threat for the police state, for big brother? After they were willful helpers with establishing the police/surveillance state and are not needed anymore? When will it be, next week, next month or next year?

Big brother is to protect the so called "elite", the rich, thre rulers, the "protectors and their henchmen like politicians and MSM journalists, controlled by the Atlantikbrücke. Not the protect the people, it´s to observe the people, to maybe suppress upcoming riots, because of the former called reasons like old-wage poverty, wage slave jobs, because of the ruling of the rich and their exploiting of the average people. So, if you are not rich or involved in all that, you will be a "Gefährder", sooner or later. Doesn´t matter if you are right or left, or whatever.

People just have to see and realize who profits from every terror attack, since 9/11. Then some more people maybe would wake up and stop to help big brother to grow, with believing every terror threat report that is repeated a thousand times a day in the MSM, right in the time when the protectors need a bit more of our freedom, "to save our freedom"!

Btw. i am working on a threat about the Berlin attack and the outcome after it. Might need another week or two, because everything is still unfolding, one can´t write as fast as "our protectors" steal our freedoms now, after the fishy, illogical and incredible official terror story about the Berlin event.

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