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Being tracked down by your mobile

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posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 12:19 AM
This is not new technology: It has been used in numerous police investigations, but surprisingly, its not well publicized... gee, wonder why that is???

Carrying a mobile phone? Then someone could be tracking your every movement and know where you are. Big Brother? Perhaps, but it could just be a Mexican restaurant wanting to invite you in for dinner.
Your mobile phone says a lot about you.

The type of handset you own, the fascia you choose for it, the ringtone, even how quickly you answer it are good clues to how you think of yourself.

But soon your mobile phone could be saying a lot more about you and your lifestyle as handsets evolve into devices that know where they are and share this information with almost anyone that wants to know it.

"All the big four operators now offer a commercial service so you can send them a telephone number and they will tell you where it is," said Colin Bates, chief technology officer at location services company Mobile Commerce.

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 12:21 AM
It was very well publicised in the UK last summer, numerous children went missing and they used mobile phones to triangulate the location.

They found the phones.
But not the bodies.

(bodies were recovered a couple days later in a field)

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 12:24 AM
Really? Damn, thats sad... Got any links to the stories?

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 12:26 AM
Try searching for Milly Murder and Holly & Jessica or Soham murder.

Too tired to fetch links tonight d00d.

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 02:26 PM
A lot of the newer phones will have this available in the US. (most currently do not). A lot of concern was expressed over this in a recent case in new york city regarding 4 kids who decided to take a dinghy out in the river (as anyone who lives in new york knows, you can't get much dumber than wanting to go into the water there in any vessel).
Anyways, the belief was that the police would have been able to respond better if they were able to trace the very brief cell phone call and find out where the kids were. A lot of people are in favor of this for the emergency aspect, but many are against it for privacy reasons. If it's any consolation, back in the day all your cell calls were able to be listened to on a simple 20 dollar scanner from radio shack. The only people who would complain are probably the same ones shouting about EZ-Pass, Credit Card purchases etc. It happens, if you want the tech, you have to deal with what it comes with i guess.

posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 02:55 PM
My phone has gps, and technically when you dial emergency services it automatically sends the coordinates as well. But I think it has to be enables by the provider , as the screen is hashed out on my machine. (sony t206)

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posted on Jun, 24 2003 @ 02:58 PM
one of the things drugdealers do is grab those store bought phones, crack the face so you can't pull the numbers, use them till it's raw, then toss em.

pretty good system.

posted on Jun, 25 2003 @ 05:17 AM
All new mobiles in the U.S. now have GPS. It was mandated because people were calling 911 (emergency number in America) and people were getting connected to police stations hundreds of miles away. I still think it is a way to track people primarilly, though. Of course, you can always turn your phone off if you don't like it, as a fellow ATS person pointed out to me.

posted on Jun, 25 2003 @ 09:14 AM
The Soham murder's are still effecting people now, Holly wells and Jessica Chapman, were murder by Ian Huntly (oopssss sorry, hasnt gone to court yet, cant say that bit can I) hes not up in court until October this year, along with Maxine Carr, who was his girlfriend.

They lived together in the caretakers house/cottage right next to the school where they both worked, and both the children went to school, sadly the 2 little girls were found a few miles away in wooded area.


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[Edited on 25-6-2003 by blackwidow666]

posted on Jun, 25 2003 @ 06:40 PM
Are you prepared for the day that you have NO right to privacy???

Scientists have developed portable "x-ray" radar which could help find terrorists hiding in a building or seek out people buried in an earthquake.
Staff working for Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL), of Cambridge, are now planning to develop products which can be used by the military and emergency services in situations such as sieges, urban warfare, fire and rescue.

The low-frequency radar has the ability to detect the precise location and movement of people inside a building - or simply breathing beneath rubble.

Positioned against a wall - or even some meters away - the system transmits low frequency radar pulses that will pass through building materials up to 25cm thick and detect objects and movement inside.

posted on Jun, 26 2003 @ 12:04 AM

Originally posted by blackwidow666
The Soham murder's are still effecting people now, Holly wells and Jessica Chapman, were murder by Ian Huntly (oopssss sorry, hasnt gone to court yet, cant say that bit can I) hes not up in court until October this year, along with Maxine Carr, who was his girlfriend.

that's so sad. at least they have somebody in custody for it, hopefully the right people. I followed the search for Holly and Jessica all last summer while I was in the UK.
as for my cell phone, I wish it could find me sometimes :p I tend to lose it and then have somebody call it so I can hear the ring. or when I get lost, have GPS on my phone to find my way. that'd be cool.

posted on Jun, 26 2003 @ 06:39 AM
The Holly and Jessica case is somewhat shakey....
who really killed them is open to debate but the fact that
thousands of u.s service men at a USAF base right next
door have been ignored seems suspicious, imagine the outcry, the political scandal that might produce, search and find out for yourselves....


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