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A right environment

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posted on Dec, 23 2016 @ 02:31 AM
We went for a walk, me and a Professor in Neuroscience. He didnt want to take a lunch cause he knew to many ears were listening to things that in the current paradigm might see not so politically correct, me on the other hand, i dont have the same responsibility as he do..

Only thing i had a problem with was the smog that clouded the Sun..

We talked about neuroscience, neurology and neurobiology, from the psychological aspect to the philosophical. He even stated;" The blank slate is just a "pop sci" for people who thinks anyone can be anything, its wrong., We are more different than anyone can suspect, problem is, it will be used to nurture extreme ideals, but on the other hand, the blank slate will be used by institutions to dogmatically submit people, and those who runs it, are no more than humans.. "

"There is no easy solution, you can choose to be part of it, or you can choose to take control over what you allow your senses to take in."

The Professor looked at me and said;" My boss is wondering what you are up to? "

I smiled when i heard the question and replied;" Im not interested in how society is formed or how we deal with nature, im looking at the adjustments Mother Nature does to fix the problem when humans tries to be the gods of their own realm. We have an uncanny habit of thinking "we" are doing it. Its laughable, 6.000 years against 4.5 Billion years of evolution. Mother Nature has a path, we are just lost in the jungle. If you tell humans they are facing an adversary they cant win against, they will panic. No one wants that, not even me."

The professor smiled and said;" If only you had the right environment from the start "

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