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Is there a gay conspiracy?

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 05:38 PM

Today we live in a world of churches that have become so politically correct that they do not even talk about hell or sin. All they talk about is how sweet Jesus is and give the audience a great line up of live musical entertainment. The people wear the latest fashions and hair styles and do not even come with a Bible in hand. In the charismatic circles you can be entertained by traveling "healers" that growl like dogs and swing their arms around wildly like a dictator of Germany. They will pump your ego to the maximum declaring that you are "special" and that God has a ministry for you. They may even tell you that you have a special gift of power. All this is seen as okay and healthy to the church. Why is this?

Why is because the churches are institutions that greatly depend on your money known as tithes and offerings. A pastor has to be paid and a building has to be maintained. In order for pastors to keep the cash flow steady, they have to keep Bible doctrine down to a to a minimum in order not to offend anyone. They are there to please all the people all the time. When they offend, the cash flow drops. What most of the churches are today is an entertainment business.

Now that we understand how most churches do not want to offend anyone at any cost, we must now ask ourselves a few questions. How is it that all of a sudden and all at once, the churches started expressing a strong desire to bring in practicing homosexuals into the fold. Why would they ever take such a deep financial risk? Why are they even considering homosexual pastors? How is it that at the same time television shows all at once started to have gay characters introduced into most of the movies and TV? Also right on cue, Disney the most trusted name in children's entertainment started to push homosexuality for the gay movement. Is this coincidence, or is this a gay conspiracy that began to take off at the sound of the bell. All at once the gays started to come against our religious foundations, the sanctity of marriage, our heterosexual rights, our way of life, and even our children!

Is there a conspiracy? If so who is behind it? These are but a few questions that need to be asked. You as a reader need to search and draw your own conclusions.

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Of course there is a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy to destroy us. I just heard that PBS is in hot water for a cartoon that involves a lesbian family. Now coming after the spongebob controversy, why do you think they would do this? are they just stupid or do they do this on purpose? of course they do it on purpose!

It is all about population control, not gay rights. Do you really think those elite responsible for the tragedy that is Africa and most of the chaos in the world care about gay rights?

The majority of homosexuals are ok people who want to be left alone. Homosexual organizations, however, are funded by elite foundations and corporations to destabilize society by shredding its heterosexual fabric.

The one thing one has to understand is that the globalist elite are bringing people down to their moral level. The globalist elite are linked to pedophile rings, sacrifices and murder. What you see on tv is only a reflection of their morality. Whether it be murder on movies like if it were apple pie to other shady and evil behavior portrayed in the many movies and series, they are only doing it to dumb you down morally and spiritually.

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 10:21 PM
No, there is no evidence of a homosexual conspiracy. Metrosexuals=trendy=media hype.

posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 10:22 PM
This has been done to death here....have you tried the search!

posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 10:34 PM
Agreed... done to death here. If you want to discuss, please use the search function and add to those threads.

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