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Egypt Church Bombing Death Toll Rises To 27 With Death Of 10-Year-Old Child

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posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 02:20 PM
Please say a prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters who have to truly endure persecution and risk death to practice their faith. In America we sometimes forget that in many places in the world that proclaiming your faith in Jesus Christ can be a death sentence.

Egypt church bombing death toll rises to 27 with death of 10-year-old child

The death toll of the bombing at St. Peter and St. Paul's Church in Cairo last week has risen to 27 after a 10-year-old Egyptian girl died from her injuries.

Maggie Moemen, who suffered injuries in her brain and lungs, has been in a coma in El Galaa military hospital since the attack on Dec. 11. Due to her critical condition, she was transferred to El Demerdash hospital in Cairo, where she died on Tuesday morning.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and identified the bomber by his pseudonym, Abu Abdallah al-Masri.

The interior ministry said that four people, including a woman, were arrested in connection to the attack.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Cathedral in Cairo to demand the dismissal of Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, the interior minister. Christians believe that the attacks against them are not being thoroughly investigated.

The Coptic Orthodox Church said that the celebrations for the Coptic Christmas on Jan. 7 will push ahead despite the attack.

posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 02:44 PM
That's terrible but I remember a time when Christians used to persecute and kill pagans for not believing in Jesus. Yeah, it's in the past, but everything eventually become past.

We shouldn't mourn someones death more than another just because they practiced a certain religion.

Thoughts and prayers to all who are affected by this, the world has become such a terrible place.

posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 02:45 PM
" with death of 10 yr old child ".

I always find it peculiar how people word things just to hype up the emotional response from others. Dies it matter that the child was 10 yrs old? Does it matter more than anyone else who is a casualty of a different age ? How I loathe sensationalism.

posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: LumenImagoDei

This just happened, raising awareness for persecuted Christians. Its something people glaze over increasingly these days, its OK for OP to post this.

Everyone else can talk about other deaths, no sense in not posting it at all or posting a list of every death ever to date and who did it.

posted on Dec, 22 2016 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: infolurker

I'd be dead if they got hold of me, but i'd come back to life again, so no worries.

Now, if they landed in Mexico they'd really hate it, half the population there are called Jesus. That might be a problem for these angry beasts. Logic simply doesn't exist to these people.

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