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N Korea has bought Nuclear Weapons (from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 03:56 PM
I hope I'm doing this correctly.
I have never posted in this forum before.

N Korea has 'bought nuclear bomb'
From correspondents in Seoul
January 28, 2005

From what I am reading here, I does indeed look
like North Korea has purchased Nuclear weapons.
Of course, none of us doubted that they would
do this eventually. Still, it is rather disconcerting
to see it in print, and fairly well verified by our (USA's)
own congressmen.
NORTH Korea appears to have bought a complete nuclear weapon from either Pakistan or a former Soviet Union state, a South Korean newspaper said today, quoting a source in Washington.

Seoul Shinmun quoted the source as saying the US was checking the intelligence.

The purchase was apparently intended to avoid nuclear weapons testing that could be detected from the outside, the source was quoted as saying.

North Korea is believed to have one or two nuclear weapons and possibly more than eight.

US congressman Curt Weldon said after a visit to the North this month that its second-ranked leader had told his delegation that it possessed nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang has declared that a nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, sealed under a 1994 agreement with the US, had been restarted.

Spent nuclear fuel from that reactor could be converted to weapons-grade material.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The government of N. Korea has been acting like a
spoiled child. It definately is jealous of all the attention
that Iraq has been getting and I don't doubt that
N.Korea would explode one or more of these weapons,
much as a spoiled child stops it's feet and demands
attention. The supporting statements from (of all
people) Kadafi are intriging. Kadafi recently grew up
and stopped behaving as a spoiled child (mad man?).
When even he sees that N. Korean leadership is
behaving as he used to ... we need to listen. AND
now that there are reports that N. Korea does
indeed possess nuclear weaponry, the situation
is grave because they will use it without fear of
retaliation. This is explosive (no pun intended)!

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