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2016: The year of Great things

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posted on Dec, 19 2016 @ 03:31 PM
Howdy fellow ATSers,

I woke this morning to yet more unsettling news, it feels like a daily thing since Jan 1st. We have seen carnage, in the form of terrorism, war, disease, famine, earthquakes, floods, bushfires etc

We have seen politics gone absolute bonkers around the world. We have seen a mass exodus by Celebrities and well-loved icons, a sort of macabreI'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2016.

What the purpose of my post here is to think of the good, fantastic or even miraculous moments we have had this year without devolving into an argument. It would be good to share these moments I think, as a way of thanksgiving, but more importantly as focusing our energy on positives, so perhaps this year goes out on a good note.

I honestly can't think of much - been a personally brutal year for me but here's 2 of mine to start with:

1. I adopted a new kitten. I am a loud and proud cat lady and need my furbabies around me to feel whole.

2. After 15 years of trying, I finally got my Learner's Permit for driving a car... I actually got 100% on the test! Super stoked at that one!

What's your good thing/s?

posted on Dec, 19 2016 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: auroraaus

Woot! congrats on the learner's permit. I got the learner's permit right off, but the actual driving test was not so great. I failed the first driving test. I was so nervous, I stopped for an ice cream truck that had pulled over for children and I royally messed up the parallel parking. My doctor gave me 2mg of valium for the second, perfect score.

I am thankful for friends, family. I am thankful that I moved out of the house that would have eventually fallen down on my head and bankrupted me. It's still on the market, but I am in an awesome apartment with gas and heat included. SEVERED from National Fuel Gas for the first time since I was 19!!!!!

Someone I work for, mainly cleaning and organizing, bought me a brand new laptop. Said to help him learn some things on it and then it would be mine. I took it home about 2 weeks later. He wanted to learn how to learn Bitcoin and how to use Tor and a few other things. Easiest work of my life.

I removed more than 70% of the clutter I had accumulated over the years. I am starting over. Gonna decorate my apartment like the sister's apartment in the movie "Lights Out" and kept the main of my gothic art and decor. And vintage barware. Down to 1 large box and 1 tote of papers and have the organizers to put them in. It feels almost like physically losing weight.

I lost my glasses well over a year ago and something ALWAYS got in the way of me going to the optometrist. My own optometrist wouldn't even tell me my glasses RX over the phone so I could order online. Fired original eye doctor. I got new glasses, finally, about 5 days ago. I can see!!!!! and about 25% of my anxiety disappeared he moment I put them on.

My aunt bought so much for my moving including a 12 in memory foam bed and platform. New linens and pajamas and underthings...she was firm that new linens and pajamas and underthings go in a new residence and the rest get tossed.
She said she is taking me for more pillows next, which she says 'can't be bought online, you must test them!".

It has been a rough year. My mom died, I broke my foot, finances haven't been great, I have to say goodbye to a really good President. But otherwise, things seem to be getting better.

I am hopeful!

posted on Dec, 19 2016 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: auroraaus

Good luck Auroraaus, as you are a member of generation Z, I trust you have great things in store for your future. Perhaps your generation can fix a few of the things, that my generation screwed up. Sorry about that.

Mixed reviews for me this year. At 59 a few health problems popped up, and a few good things too.

Early on, my wife and I finished our cabin and moved in.
In the fall I had to have surgery on my hand and it knocked me out of my scheduled treasure hunt, to find Forest Finns treasure. I swear, I know where to look.
I got to spend October fishing with my family. In November the election went my way. In early December with all of the stress at work and worrying about HRC stealing the election, I thought, I may have had a heart attack, it turns out it not my heart and I'm going to be ok. And today HRC lost the election. All in all not a bad year. At least more good than bad.

Marry Christmas to all of my ATS friends.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 12:49 AM
WOOT! Add a third! About after an hour posting this I scored myself a near new Christmas tree, for free! I've been meaning to get one proper for the past 7 years and it's there outside on the pavement. *fist pump*

Sticking My replies together:

Reldra: Just a bit of a sticky beak - what was wrong with the house? It sounds serious but it also sounds it worked out well in the end for you and my hat goes off to you for decluttering your stuff. That will be me hopefully in the new year if things don't turn silly. And I hear you on the glasses thing. I'm honestly blind as a bat without mine. You've reminded me I got a new pair and a new pair of prescription sunnies this year, so hey that was brilliant!
Merry Christmas!

Nickn3: We have to agree to disagree on the politics side but I am glad you're pleased. It is nice when voting goes the way that we vote. And I am intensely jealous of your fishing adventures! And your own cabin! I'm 30 so I think I am classed as Gen Y (I refuse to believe it, I feel older than my years) I also had a year of health problems, my son had serious health problems which appears to be continuing into next year but luckily I have decent healthcare here. I hope your ticker continues on strong and your hand is healing well. Merry Christmas to you Nick!

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 05:03 AM
a reply to: auroraaus

Culture clash. I read of your 15 years of trying and the learners permit lead me to believe you were 15 or so years old. Here in the states nearly everyone in rural areas are driving by 16.

I hope your son gets well soon and you have a happy and prosperous 2017. I forget how far away my ATS friends can be. I have often promise myself to visit your country and someday maybe I will.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: auroraaus

Howdy back!

Happy for you and the new kitten! Can you tell us their name?
Congrats on the learner permit. My daughter finally got her license and I thought that would never happen.
I hope you and your son heal and happy that you have good healthcare. In the states, we have good but, expensive healthcare so there's the positive and negative there.

A very dear friend tells me that 'positivity is the way forward' now so I am going to focus on that as long as possible and it will work to bring new hope and zeal toward goals for 2017.
I am often able to see the silver lining for others and encourage them to look at the bright side and forget to see my own.

I'm going to try a new approach *fingers crossed*.

I have made some new and amazing friends and although some of our interactions have been under the worst of circumstances imaginable, we have looked deep inside our hearts and made room for each other. I can't imagine my life without them now. They have become inspirational and a source of strength, joy and peace.

Although bad things have happened, I won't allow them to bog me down any longer. I am stronger than that, looking back, or I couldn't have come this far.

I need to remember those things that are the silver lining on the dark clouds and focus my energy there.
I hope we all have a better 2017!


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