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Man arrested for using stun-gun on his 14 year old son

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 05:00 AM

Instar, no one ive seen on this thread is advocating abuse


Man arrested for using stun-gun on his 14 year old son

This sounds really bad at first, but I don't feel it is
*Besides, if the cops can do it to grade school kids, whats wrong with dad breaking up a fight with one.
*Did anyone ever think that if the kid would have done what he was told to, he wouldnt have been shocked?

*Ya, and I'll tell you who screwed up. The courts, school and the rest of society who says you can't hit a kid
*What that kid needs is a hand right across his mouth
*Im sorry, but if my kid talks back to me ( not every time, mind you, but when it really counts) I am going to crack him in the mouth
*Also remember, this is a stun gun. Not the projectile shooting tazers...This is alittle hand held thing. I still say the kid had it coming
* I still say GO DAD!! I just might go get me one to...

Some children and also some adults need a beating every now to keep them in check.

Now, those who are supposedly answerable to us are telling us that we cannot discipline our kids to whatever extreme is needed or we cannot assault someone who really deserves it.

I think it should be discretionary *and a little hand held stun gun(whats the voltage and amperage?) can be used justifiably in certain cases.

I hope this is a joke

I have been discussing a shock collar with my daughter who is 15 and I think if I am reading the laws right I can do it as long as I do not leave marks. Any advise on this would be great if you have used these devises.

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 01:38 PM
Look, heres the bottom line. Parents have the right to discipline their kids. Its not for the courts to decide. If its legal for a cop to use on a 6 year old, then breaking up a fight should not be a problem.

We're not saying to burn the kids with cigarettes for getting an "F". But if thats whats needed to gain control of the situation, then I say " Go for it!!". The kids think (and are right) that they have the control in the house. "If you touch me, Ill call welfare!!!" THAT IS WRONG !!! Slapping them in the face for looking at you cross-eyed is wrong.

But is it wrong for the kid to be fighting? Is it wrong for them to be destroying furniture ans such that the PARENTS worked for and paid for? YES !!!!! Why should the kid be allowed to run the show? Who the hell are they? They are the subordinates who are to do what they are told. What if that kid was beating up his mom? Would it be justified then? Or perhaps it would be better for dad to jump into the mix and give the kid a taste of his own medicine? Noooo, lets wait untill moms a bloody pulp, then explain to the child that violence is wrong....BULLSH_T !!!!

When the situation is outta hand, someone needs to take control. Givin the little brat a zap on his arm is hardly the same as what you describe, INSTAR. Get a clue....

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 06:21 PM
If the child was beating either of his parents up, or siblings to such an extreme, than they should just call the cops.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 01:03 AM
I think You need to get a clue spliff, before you end up in court. Your sad illogical reasoning and excuses for zapping a kid dont cut it. Its assault. simple as that. you restrain the kid if nessesary yes, but you dont dish out your own abuse.
The problem is that parents who think like youare cant discern a difference between disciplin and control and outright dictatorial abuse. Neither does this idiot who used a stun gun.
being reasonable and giving a kid a voice and using non violent disciplin is seen by dictator parents like yourself as being weak and not having control.
You beleive in leadership by democracy not dictatorship but you parent that way.
Dictatorship as you preach it, and outright lack of disciplin are both negative extremes. Middleground does work, they are kids, not soldiers.
You seem to see anything less than dictatorship as the other extreme, thats the difference between your veiw and mine. here is an example of your unbending iron fist approach i.e parental dictatorship....

What that kid needs is a hand right across his mouth. When she/I say "stop it!" and he replys, "what? Im just..." NO !! SLAP !!! right then and there

hardly democratic is it? You dont argue with kids but thats just playin hitler.
You dont have to be extreme to be effective, you tell me.....

It sounds to me like you need to grow a pair when it comes to them.

well I reckon yours are too big from gettin kicked there so often by your own dearest daddy (figurativly speaking) now your teaching yours by his example, cant blame you for that, but it doesent make it a reasonable way to treat a child.
Im not in the "no disciplin" party, but I wont join your "nazi parenting" party either. I use a happy medium and it works just fine, and incidently, my kids love me too, difference is my kids DONT FEAR ME !

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 02:46 AM

I love how you make me out to be. Yes, when I have had enough talking back to me, and I tell the kid for the umpteenth time to stop doing something, I am going to slap him. I am the boss. I choose my battles, but when I'm done talking, I talk with the back of my hand. However, this is ALWAYS preceeded with " I am telling you for the last time!!!" So, they know, good and well, that its coming.

That being said, I dont have to do much anymore. Do you know why? They HAVE LEARNED !!!! Some kids get it, and some dont. My kids don't fear me, they fear the CONSEQUENCES. Why is that hard for you to understand. I dont burn them, or beat them with bats, and I RARELY NEED TO TOUCH THEM. They dont live in fear of me. And yes, they still screw around and do things they arent suppose to. They still talk back a little as well. What they DONT do, is run the show here, and they know that.

They ask permission to do things. If they go somewhere, they will call if they are going somewhere else. They do this, because they know if I find out that they lied to me about something, the wrath of God is coming down on them. I constantly make them aware of the fact that I can still take em down. All though, now its more of a joke, because, honestly, they dont screw up.

I can credit strict upbringing for that. Because of me they have self discipline and self control. They know right from wrong. The poor helpless things. They should have taken them away from abusive me.

I think there is more to this dad's story than is in the article. Im sure there are circumstances that made him use it. In the interview with BOTH kids, they never mention any physical abuse. Just dad breaking up a fight.

In America, this is how justice will be done: The courts will do one of 2 things. Either, throw the book at the guy and make a huge scene, or (most likely) will offer the dad a plea bargin. Make him plead guilty to the FELONY give him probation and fine him. And now, for the rest of his life, he will be a second class citizen, unable to vote or own a fire-arm.

If there was a series of ongoing abuse at the house, then the guy deserves what he gets, but if this was just a case of a bratty, pissed off kid getting even with his dad, then he just ruined his the rest of his dad's life. That explemlifies what is wrong with our country. Apparently only the courts now know how to raise kids. The way we were raised since the inception of our country no longer works.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 04:04 AM

I think there is more to this dad's story than is in the article. Im sure there are circumstances that made him use it.

Like the kid had a gun?

And now, for the rest of his life, he will be a second class citizen, unable to vote or own a fire-arm.

Damn good thing, this violent maniac or coward (call it how ya will) might have used a gun had he had one, he had no hesitation in using the stungun. Unless the kid was holding a gun and making threats, i see no excuse for using a stungun. It begs the question of why this bloke happened to have a stungun handy anyway. No excuse, you live by the sword.......

The victim told a child welfare investigator that Dycus shocked him twice, pointing to marks the device left on his arm and abdomen.

TWICE, sounds to me like this sick callous impatient pr*ck got off on it!

If your going to defend this scum spliff, your going to have to come up with that "more to this story" detail/s. NO EXCUSES!

Richard Kibbey claims the teenager has a long history of a disciplinary problems and his parents are intimidated by the troubled teenager.

Told ya Daddy was scared! Pathetic!
more on thestory
Father admits using stun gun on son
Douglas Dycus told investigators his 14-year-old son began wrestling with his younger brothers and wouldn't listen to him.

PALM CITY — A frustrated father was charged with felony child abuse after admitting he used a stun gun to discipline his teenage son, authorities announced Wednesday.

The 14-year-old boy received two straight, thin burns on his arm and abdomen, according to Martin County Sheriff's Office deputie

Douglas L. Dycus, 40, was being held Wednesday at the Martin County Jail.

Dycus, a former water management official now working for a private engineering firm, told investigators the family was ready to leave about noon on Dec. 26, when the 14-year-old began wrestling with his younger brothers, 7 and 4.

The father "got mad" because the son wouldn't listen, walked to the bedroom, and grabbed a Z Force, 300,000-volt stun gun, according to a sheriff's report.

He shocked the boy one time on the arm, the report states.

The kids got in the car.

"Dycus said that he used the stun gun instead of pulling the boys apart," the sheriff's report states.

I agree with him talking about double standards though, police should face the same charges. Who says "police are our freinds" !

more abuse

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 07:35 PM
So, INSTAR, it begs the question...why is right for the cops but a felony for the dad? Also to note, according to your post...The dad zapped him on the arm, and they got in the car....sounds like it works...

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 12:34 AM
Because police go to specialized schools to learn how to deal with certain kinds of situations in certain ways.

I know you did'nt ask me spliff but I'm still going to answer your qeustion.

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by iori_komei
Because police go to specialized schools to learn how to deal with certain kinds of situations in certain ways.

I know you did'nt ask me spliff but I'm still going to answer your qeustion.

I want to sign up for the class "how to properly use a stun-gun/tazer on 6 year olds"..... Common sense tells you how to use them. GO DAD !!!!!

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 09:42 PM
Also because police go through psychological training, and arent ......paths.
Like some of the people I've met. (not just on ATS.)

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