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How does one increase their light quotient?

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 07:36 AM

Originally posted by T Mystic

Originally posted by Paul_Richard
The core essence of increasing one's light quotient is centered on the ability to love genuinely and deeply. Everything else is an illusion in this regard.

I too believe that true unconditional love is the greatest path to liberation, but I think that visualization and mantra (eg Lumen de Lumine) are helpful tools.
The meeting of minds between "New Age" religion and quantum physics provide a lot of interesting possibilities. I wonder if members suppose that "Light Quotient" and "Vibrational Frequency" are interchangeable concepts?

Visualization is one of the tools to use for increasing one's unconditional love through Heart Chakra Radiance.

I agree that Light Quotient and Vibrational Frequency are basically the same thing. But one must remember that by being corked up in a three-dimensional body, one is cut off from direct access to The Light of God (channeling Spirit notwithstanding) until one's soul is free of matter and can ascend in the discarnate dimensions of energy. The pitfall that many fall into is to think that they can harness The Light of God while still in the flesh. Ultimately what many wind up doing is channeling a Group Entity in the Mid or Lower Realms. This is not the same thing as direct access and the utilization of The God Force to a high degree on an individual basis.

Increase your ability to Radiate Love and Compassion, and you slowly increase your ability to ascend into The Light after bodily death. Cultivate Humility and Purity in the process and you increase your ability to stay on a high spiritual level once it is achieved. Most people have "yo-yo growth pattern" in regard to Light/Frequency Quotient. This point is addressed on the Solist Glossary page under the listing of Magi.

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