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Bill Gates Likens President-Elect Trump To JFK

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posted on Dec, 15 2016 @ 12:36 AM

originally posted by: RomeByFire

originally posted by: flyingdutchman2112
a reply to: RomeByFire
They're noth rich white boys, not in the secret societies, they're both womanizers, they're both going to end up being assassinated for sticking it to the fed (hopefully not).

Bill Gates is going to end the fed?

I'm not even going to bother with explaining how little sense that statement makes... wow.


I thought the same thing then I realised he meant JFK not Gates

posted on Dec, 15 2016 @ 02:49 AM
Comparing trump to JFK...

Obviously that was just a coded message "hes gonna be assassinated if he doesnt play ball with the established power structure... If he plays ball, we'll even make him look good, and pull out some of americas favorites like Bill Gates to speak well of him and show willingness to work with him... But if not... JFK HIS ASS!!!

Maybe the globalists will even "take it easy" for a trump term or two, as long as he doesnt reverse any of their work that would be difficult to reinstate after hes gone, but, after 4-8 years, it will be business as usual... And doubletime to make up for the lost time, so we will pay for it in the end either way... Just do you want it gradual, over the next 4-8 years, maybe a few drops of lube here and there? Or 4-8 hears of "pretend normalcy" but no real change/reversal allowed, followed by a sudden ramming with no warning and get it over with, but with a little extra brutality as punishment for making them wait?

posted on Dec, 15 2016 @ 07:17 AM

originally posted by: DAVID64
I like Trump, I think he may have some very good ideas, but can we hold off on the permanent erection at least till he's sworn in? I mean, let's wait till the guy actually does something worth cheering for, till we start comparing him to great Presidents of the past.

I agree. Not a fan yet and many of his picks leave me worried but, I have some hope he will do some good things with business growth. I am encouraged he at least want dialogue even with other ideas. That is refreshing. But for now it's basically pr.

Personally I know a lot of people with small business a little concerned about any new tariffs on supply lines they may have. But, if trump truly listens to the manufacturing industry he will understand this and change coarse a bit.

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