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The Steaming Dingo Turd Award For Australian Literature

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 05:51 AM

Her remarkable research of this still-unsolved case is a testament to the bombing’s victims.

A testament to the bombing's victims. That is the biggest insult she could give. Every day I see the long term affects of the Hilton. It's not wise to insult people in such a way.

She has been contacted by email from this house. She responded. She knows what she's doing. It will live with her forever.

This is a big steaming dingo turd of a book. Wear gloves if you're going to read it.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 06:12 AM
a reply to: Kester

Please explain what makes this volume such a stench laden tome?

Are the conclusions come to in error? Are logical fallacies and a lack of evidence involved? What seems to be the trouble with it? I have not read the book myself, so I am curious as to what you found particularly aggravating about it?

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I know who the bomber is, or was. He died last year. He was a close family member. It's no secret.

This is another part of the cover-up.

If you'll excuse me for a minute, Brit.


Ah, that feels better.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: Kester


Well for the love of all thats decent in the world, if you can without placing your life in danger, tell what you know!

If you cannot, at least give us a thread to pull on!

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 06:33 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I'd love to and it may happen. But it's so distressing for most of the family they'd rather not have it discussed.

I've been all over police social media in the past as well as other places with the necessary information. It's no secret to any investigator above traffic warden status. That's why it's so infuriating that the cover-up still goes on.

Two things I can say.

It all went horribly wrong.

By strange chance we found we knew the daughter of one of the people who planned the atrocity. He went mad. All he talked about was how dreadfully it all went wrong and how my family member was the worst possible choice. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.

OK three things, no four things.

The Hilton Bomber was a good cook and he was fantastic at DIY. Life isn't all bad.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 06:42 AM
a reply to: Kester

I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you, to have actionable intelligence and not share it with the rest of us. I know its damned confounding knowing that there is something to be known, but not knowing it, so I appreciate this must be the mother of ten bastards for you to deal with.

I hope a time comes someday where you can utter the truth entire.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I'm feeling bad about this comment I made earlier.

It's no secret to any investigator above traffic warden status.

Traffic wardens would find it as easy as anyone else to identify the bomber. That was a cheap shot and I apologise to traffic wardens everywhere.
Playlist here.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 07:28 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I suppose I should mention yes of course it was a police/security job. They tried to scare the Heads of State with a bomb they were going to find, but the binmen got there early and it exploded.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 11:26 AM
Bloody hell Kester I always assumed you were a cop or an ex cop or something. That's a compliment to the UK style conspiracies you post btw.

Should I read that book? Or is there another account I can read?

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 12:23 PM
a reply to: and14263

I'm a hairy bar steward with an attitude. My life's ambition is to tag a police helicopter, (graffiti).

The Chief Constable for Gloucestershire resigned.

I will not continue as Chief Constable under those new arrangements. I am stepping aside . . .

This made me investigate the state of policing. I decided to fight a desperate rearguard action. That's what you've seen. Everything pro-constabulary I've done is Tony Melville's fault. He made me do it. I'm innocent.

There are no accounts of the Hilton Bombing that say it straight. I can't cause upset for family members, not any more than I've already done.

It started with an accidental but negligent death. Police said, "Would you like to go to jail, or work for us?" He took the money. First it was attending group meetings and reporting on the extremists. There were none. So the police said, "Make it up. Or we can't pay you". He made it up. Then it was arson with incriminating evidence left at the scene. Then it was bombs.

This is the rant forum, so let me rant freely. THESE ABSURD ASIO AND NSW SPECIAL BRANCH CLOWNS WERE SO TWISTED, WARPED AND DISTORTED IT'S INFURIATING TO TRY TO TALK ABOUT IT. Their behaviour was so unbelievably pathetic. One of them got pissed senseless, when the almost responsible adults returned a four year old was playing with the gun that was supposedly there to protect him. That's one tiny window onto the way these clowns behaved after they'd cocked up the Hilton false flag.

There is no account, yet. We've had so much surveillance and harassment, but we're going to win.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: Kester

Perhaps not pro but more informed than most.

Reading more on this as I reply.

PS Mine's a Guinness and Tia Maria.

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