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dream special forces unit

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by xpert11
ut 1 tiny little prob, the only countries who would might join r these:
USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Russia, and yea, there still is a big possiblility 4 all of those in 1 unit.

It dosnt make any sense to limted the number countries that can join your unit. Why not allow members of the Aust SAS to join?
The SAS has capablitys that american special forces dont have they would add capablitys to your unit.

1st: woops, did I forget them, as well as New Zealand?

2nd: That's not a limit, that's just who I would think would actually come is all.

3rd: In addition, I didn't bother 2 put this in at the time[long enough 4 the day], 12 Transportation Teams=
4 Heli=10 Blackhawks, 20 Little Birds[10 Attack and 10 Transport] 4 Apaches, 4 Chinooks, and 4 MH-53s, 4 MI-24 Hinds per group
3 Plane= 1 with 4 C-130s, 1 with 4 C-17s, and the other with 4 C-141 Lockheeds
3 Sea-1 4 Special Operations Support[clandestine, smaller boats], another 4 Coastal Patrol and Interdiction[bigger boats, such as the USS Cyclone], and 1 4 Riverine Patrol and Interdiction[like from Vietnam]
4 Ground- 3 4 Humvees and 5 ton trucks and the other 4 Strykers
The Combat Teams themselves would use Dirt Bikes and Dune Bugges 2 get around them selves 4 more of a "Covert" Mission

Last, 2 CSAR Teams of 4 Blackhawks and 4 MH-53s each.
As well as 2 Interrigation Teams of about 10 ppl each

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posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 02:46 PM
Blue Cell,

Sorry to burst your bubble mate but the training you suggest would take over 11 years to produce a usable trooper at the end.



posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 03:24 PM
Take a country, the most arid and varied terrain in the world, fill it full of vicious natives, ship to it the most hardened criminals, give it an elitest foreign regime, no bill of rights, token democracy...

Create armed forces, send them to every theatre of war in the world, have the mother country send them on suicide missions, use them as canon fodder, leave them for dead...

Take of these the very, very hardest most sadistic brutal individuals, train them in combat against the best in the world...

They will have an unsurpassed record in combat, they have sustained no casualties at all (0) in Iraq to date, they come from Campbell Baracks,

They are the Australian SAS...

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by BillHicksRules
Blue Cell,

Sorry to burst your bubble mate but the training you suggest would take over 11 years to produce a usable trooper at the end.



Yeah I know thats why I called it a dream special forces unit

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 02:27 PM
Now this is the part where you make you own scenerios using your dream unit, if you have an idea but need some help U2 me.

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 12:15 PM
April 10, 2010
The problam in Iraq hasn't cooled down much. Now, with a new President and Military, the Iraqi President desides to start a new campaign against the insurgants, and after a year, it's seems to b making a affect.
But, there are plenty around to make strong, corridnated attacks. On March 3rd, they try to attack with a car bomb on the President's Motorcade, but failed. A week later, another failed assination attempt comensed when a sniper's SVD Round failed to penatrate the Presidents Car Window. He was captured, but never told a thing. On April 5th, they attacked with a more of a assualt with mortars, car bombs, and mines trying to weaken the president's determination, it worked when another car bomb blew up near the Presidents Home. He's had enough.
Now, the 1st Detachment "Saber" has been sent to Iraq to help bring down the insurgants attacks, and help defend the president. They helped devise a plan to bring them down.
On the 10th, they decided to move the president to a new spot miles away from Baghdad, again, by motorcad. This was not what they wanted, but, with 50 other body guards, they moved out from the "Green Zone"
Only 1/2 a mile from the end of baghdad, they came under attack. RPGs took out the lead and the end cars. They were trapped. Next, a mine exploded as some body guards ran for cover, killing all 3 of them. They need exfil, ASAP!
Doing excatly what they need to do, they got the UGV, Unmanned Ground Vehicle, to check out a building for cover. Still under fire, the Saber Snipers took many of the insurgants out, but they keep coming. When the building was cleared, they excorted the president in, now, they need air support. They called for the Chinooks with the new ATS [not sure if that's the name], a prowerful, and VERY ACCURATE Laser, to climb to +500m, to try to get the shooters.
When they got there, it was just in time, so the Saber Operatives, used them as a distraction, and moved through the alleys. After awhile, they escaped the "Hot Zone", got exvac, and succesfully got the president to the "Safe Spot" 20 miles away. Unharmed and safe, the president was very grateful.

Mission Complete

I'll think of a few others to help explain.

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 02:59 PM
Name: Not released to the general public.


Must have served at least 3 years in a previous military - not dependent on Country nor regiment, etc. But you must be able to read maps, have basic hand to hand, close quarters combat, ranged combat and be able to swim. Eligible to men only.


Training would be the most important part of the Special Forces unit. It would be split up into several phases:

The First Phase: For the first four weeks, you do nothing but constant drills. Distance running, swimming, etc, split up into several different areas of the world. You would be expected to keep a consistent time of a set distance not dependent on climate.

Because of this, the training would be split up like this:

First week spent in Western Europe (Possible Wales) where you would be expected to get used to the condition of the mountains, able to climb them while carrying your ‘pack’, which would weight in at roughly 50lbs + side arm and weapon. This would be used to eliminate those who the harsher condition would probably kill. A three day, hide and survive mission would be done at the end of the week.

Second Week would be spent in a tropical environment, that would be found in areas such as South America. The same as the first week would be done here, including the three day survival mission.

Third week would be spent in a desert, such as in Africa done under the same strict conditions as the first two.

The final week of stage one would be spent in an area such as Alaska, Siberia, etc. Repeat as above.

If captured during the ‘Hide and Survive’ stage the captives would be ‘interrogated’. Depending on the week would depend on how ‘harsh’ the tactics of the interrogates were. After all, it has to prepare them for what could happen. If they talk or give away too much information, they’d be thrown out.

Phase Two: The second phase would be almost a warm down from the first phase - which was overly intense, to break them in and weed out those who shouldn’t take part in the later stages of selection.

Phase Two, is a medical training stage. They’d be placed in an Emergency Room for two weeks, where they’d learn basic ways of dealing with burns, cuts, etc. The next two weeks would be placed on real life scenarios, such as a bullet wound or knife wound. They’d also in the last week learn of plants, weeds, etc, that can be used to help stop bleeding in harsh environments.

This would then bring stage two, to a close with a medical exam - that they’d have to under go. (practical). Once this was completed they’d get a “One week” rest period before the tough parts began.

Phase Three: After being given a ‘relaxation’ week, where they are able to go back home they get pushed straight back into intensive training.

For 6weeks, they follow a strict routine. Getting only 6hours sleep a night, they are expected to spend one full day of the week practicing drills. This drill would include basic weapons training. Firing, dismantling, cleaning, reloading, etc. As well as a 3mile run, obstacle course and a mile swim. (Every day.) And every other day, a one hour intensive Krav Maga work out would be done.

And every Sunday, a full day in the “Kill house” the same design as the SAS uses. This intense short 6 week course, would be used to iron out and problems with each recruit and build stamina as well as show them they‘re capable to handle whatever can be thrown at them.

Once this 6week course is done, it gets changed completely.

Phase Four: They get introduced to the kit they would use for different situations. Spend two hours in the pool, two in the gym and two learning more Krav Maga and a mixture of martial arts, as well as another two learning military tactics, aircraft designs, tanks, etc. As well as learning basic, Arabic and Chinese and a final two hours in active training. (Kill house, etc.). This would last four weeks.

Phase Five: Once this is over, they are then ‘dropped’ in a ‘hostile environment’, where they have to return to base. As thought they had just gone done a mission and are returning. They get followed, by ‘hostiles’ and if captured they are thrown off of the course.

Phase Six: This ends with constant weapons drills, kill house training, diving, HALO and HAHO training as well as basic understanding of both artillery and helicopters and heavy understanding of explosives.

Graduation! Woot, woot!

Once they graduate, they are kept learning Arabic, Chinese, Hand to Hand combat, fit and trained on firearms, as well as other skills they’ll of learned through the course.

Kill House: Hostage rescue perfection!.....That is what the killing house is all about.
The killing house is a long building with many rooms of different size, and different type, linked with video camera's that can be used for debriefing.

Since this Speacial Forces team will be on 24 hour stand by for anti-terrorist and hostage rescue operations, they spend many hours and a hell of alot of ammo, refining their skills in the killing house!

Room Clearance Drills: As all training begins with the basics, so does the killing house training. Starting with how to enter a room and to take out a target in front of him...very basic. As they master each skill, they move on to more difficult ones, such as multiple entries, more targets, more hostages, clearing a whole floor.

As training continues, so a few more tricks are added to ensure that the SAS teams can handle any given situation. Speed, accuracy and split second decision making are all extremely important, as many hostage situations can take place in extremely confined spaces.

The trick to a successful hostage rescue consists of a few things: as much information as possible, you don't want to end up in a situation where you are taking a knife to a gun fight.; split second decisions and timing, and most of all excellent team work!

Depending on the environment they are going into would depend greatly on the kit they’re taking.

So far, I’ve only worked on one which would be:

Close Quarters Combat: In this situation, the teams would be given these weapons:

MP7A1: extended clip, so they can hold 40 instead of 20 and a laser sight placed on the bottom. Two of these carried, one per thigh. With Four extra clips placed on the small of the persons back, Flash bangs, torch, small first aid kit and two way communication. No back pack, as this causes unnecessary weight. Knife.

--all I could think of, in one hour. =P I'll add more no doubt, later on.

posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 11:13 AM
The team would be three lots of four men. Making each team twelve strong. Once they had came through selection and placed in their team, they would be expected to each take a separate and more specific role while keeping a hold of their more generalised training.

12 different roles:

  1. Leader: He would be trained in better tactics, communication, things along those lines, languages and different cultures.
  2. Medic: Both hospital and field medicine would be taught, he would learn about medicine that could be obtained while in the field and also of poisons, etc.
  3. Demolitions: Knowledge of explosives and structural integrity, for both buildings and a variety of materials.
  4. Tank Expert: Trained in the usage of common APCs and Tanks.
  5. Artillery: Expected to know the ins and outs of most modern artillery.
  6. Helicopter Expert: Ability to fly a variety of transport helicopters, that might be found in the field or used on a mission.
  7. Computer Expert: Ability to work well with modern operating system, that could be found in research facilities, military compounds and terrorist bases.
  8. Sniper: His job would be to cover them and keep an overview of their field of operation. Using their communication.
  9. Engineer: Would be expected to be able to fix machines that they would use in battle or find.
  10. The remaining three would undergo intensive weapons training, expected to know what ammunition set weapons would be able to use and how to maintain and use weapons while in the field better as well as undergoing more intensive training in a designated area then the others. (Desert, rain forest, mountains, etc.)

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