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N. Korea allegedly purchases a complete nuclear weapon.

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 08:32 AM

NORTH Korea appears to have bought a complete nuclear weapon from either Pakistan or a former Soviet Union state, a South Korean newspaper said today, quoting a source in Washington.
Seoul Shinmun quoted the source as saying the USwas checking the intelligence.

The purchase was apparently intended to avoid nuclear weapons testing that could be detected from the outside, the source was quoted as saying.


And a google translation from [url=]here.

This well-informed person North Korea flees the nuclear weapon development phase it could be catchhed outside the width test back United States back in order also for the hour when it becomes disturbance in nuclear ability retention to shorten it purchases the nuclear weapon that the fact that it is grasping it talked.

The well-informed person the nation where North Korea buys the nuclear weapon the old Soviet Union or the American government authorities concerned sees with the fact that it will be Republic of Pakistan middle one to be, this middle it stands but that it is letting, it conveyed a more big weight in the Republic of Pakistan piece which initiates a uranium enrichment nuclear technique in North Korea. The nuclear weapon the nuclear vehicle to mean, it probably is to talk the missile where the vehicle is affixed, also North Korea is not should have purchased the some mind nuclear weapon clearly.

" North Korea the company admitted the nuclear weapon confirmed in the question where the interested party who is well versed in the American Department of State and Ministry of National Defense situation relates with a today the case which gist bites el before E there is an enemy whom it reads.".

Looking for further info, but i think it's bluster.



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