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Karma will not be denied

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posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 09:54 AM
I tried, I really did, but you lied and I cried,

Why? Could you not see me trying?

Lying to me was wrong and you know it,
yet, still you did it, you told me nothing true,
left me without a clue and blue;

Crying over your lying was hard to do,
helpless and defenseless, hopeless, too;

Did that make you feel good?

Are you so lacking remorse and compassion?

I will survive your viciousness, directed hatred,
inability to repent, lack of sympathy and empathy;

There is a greater power on my side, be snide,
contrived and conniving, we will see,
the truth will come out and set me free;

Evil will be overcome when all is said and done,
my fear will subside, Karma will not be denied.


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