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MSM Faithless Elector Push Goes Fourth-Dimensional

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posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:28 AM
My antennae went up tonight when I saw a series of unrelated stories that began to fill in the gaps of something I can't seem to get my finger on. It's that feeling when there's a pause in the matrix - somethings not adding up in the equations. A few pieces start to move around on the chess board again, and the puzzle shifts a bit. There's a change in weather and storm clouds are building.

It feels like the MSM has started a new PUSH on certain parts of the broader narrative. Here are the pieces I see coming together and potentially altering the outcome:


Initially, my spider-sense was triggered by a string of three or four videos in succession from different MSM networks. The plot is about faithless electors coming out of the closet to tell their story about why they're not voting for Trump on December 19th. These guys were young - no polish. There was something peculiar about each one. A marine from Colorado, a preacher from Texas, a regular guy in a suit, and a long-haired goofy-looking millennial. Their TV presence didn't instill much confidence. More like they could drift with the wind. Easily swayed. Sold to the highest bidder. The faithless elector is an older narrative, that's re-emerging with renewed MSM vigor.


There's something odd about this part of the story. After seeing the faithless electors videos, I read about some alleged election fraud that was discovered in a county in Detroit at the eleventh hour - just as they halt the recount. The story alleges that some heavily democratic counties in Detroit had ballots for Hillary that were counted up to six times.

The cornerstone of the narrative is that Hillary won the Popular vote by a wide margin, and Trump narrowly won the electoral collage by a narrow fraction. The MSM has done a great job getting a big segment of the electorate really stirred up and angry about the popular vote. The other side seems to just want the story to go away. It won't. This story is the galvanizing force of divided America.

The strange part is the MSM's story didn't turn out the way it was "supposed to". The recount was supposed to uncover fraud that favored Hillary's position. The Michigan thing showed the exact opposite. Then the story abruptly ended with the Judge's ruling. I assume this will just go away now.

...but wait! There's more! Not without a final last-ditch effort to go to the Michigan supreme court!

It all seems overly dramatized. Like they want an exclamation point on the recount. "we did all we could, and darn it, we couldn't pull it off." It serves to add insult to injury to the Clinton camp, further stirring the pot. And that nasty Trump character sure did have his hand in it too, now didn't he! After all, it was HIS lawyers, demanding that they stop the recount in the first place, right???!!!

My sense is that trump may have won by more than they are alluding to. And they need to make damn sure that door is shut and locked tight. By shutting down the recounts, he got the outcome he wanted. And strangely, I think they might have gotten the outcome they wanted too. A sealed and shut case - no fraud here!


Oh no! Yes, it's the dreaded pizzagate story. When is this piece-of-# going to go away? This REALLY IS the story (I think?) But it has nothing to do with Pizza, Pedophiles, or Politics. Its simply a question of who is controlling the narrative. The MSM is pissed off! They want this thing to shut the F**k up, NOW!!! Colbert basically said those very words this morning. I think the quote was essentially: "grow the F**k up, pizzagate losers"! This is the roller-coaster. Everything from google searches to Facebook, to the View (LOL- gotta see the expression on Whoppi's face!), moderators on virtually every sub out there are deleting # left and right. Shil's vs. trolls in full-on battle gear. This is some kind of spectacular censorship/project mockingbird mind-# # going down. Wow.


The pieces are adding up in an unexpected way. Here's one way I could see this play: Recounts over. TPTB can't have Trump in ...Period! He's an outsider. They could give a # who's in there, just NOT Trump! The sentiment of the Dems is now also shared by half the disenfranchised house republicans too.

So.... get the people stirred up on the mainline narrative that Hillary won the popular vote by a huge margin! Trump won (marginally) in a few states. Kill the electoral collage. Kill! Kill! Kill! They only need 37 faithless electors to block Trump. Then the house decides. The democrats come together as one with the disenfranchised house republicans and elect some PTB appointment. MSM broadcasts how the great American people came together in in a bi-partisan effort to restore democracy, and TPTB resume their march forward! That outdated old electoral college nonsense is finally repaired, democracy is restored and America is great again!

Three things are certain:

1- ELECTION 2016 is definitely the best reality TV show of the year!

2- The MSM is the winner no matter what.

3- TPTB have been governing this world since the beginning of time, and the likelihood of that changing is zero.

That's my 2 cents! What's yours?

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:36 AM
You may be correct but with all the drama drama drama I am more concerned on what is going on unseen in these last days of the current administration; behind closed doors..

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:53 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

YES!!!! It's the "Kansas City Shuffle" - Look left, go right!

They've got our attention squarely on Pizza, now what are they really up to?

I have not heard much about Syria - that's a perpetual favorite.

And my personal favorite is John Kerry in Antarctica!!!! I honestly have no clue about that place, but it's frickn' weird, and it ain't just penguins and Popsicle's down there!

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:57 AM
a reply to: androal

Thankyou for starting this thread, Androal. Before today I had not heard of the term "Faithless Elector". So I had to look it up at:

Their history in American elections is an interesting read:

"On 22 occasions, 179 electors have not cast their votes for President or Vice President as prescribed by the legislature of the state they represented. Of those, 71 electors changed their votes because the candidate to whom they were pledged died before the electoral ballot (1872, 1912). Two electors chose to abstain from voting for any candidate (1812, 2000).[2] The remaining 106 were changed by the elector's personal interest, or perhaps by accident.

Usually, the faithless electors act alone. An exception was the 1836 election, in which all 23 Virginia electors acted together.

The 1836 election was the only occasion when faithless electors altered the outcome of the electoral college vote. The Democratic ticket won states with 170 of the 294 electoral votes, but the 23 Virginia electors abstained in the vote for Vice President, so the Democratic nominee, Richard M. Johnson, got only 147 (exactly half), and was not elected. However, Johnson was elected Vice President by the U.S. Senate."
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posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 12:58 AM
The MSM has lost, they can push their propaganda all they like but the fact is only a very small minority are listening.
Consumer confidence is up, the stock market is stronger than its been in years, Businesses are actively looking to invest in America, other countries are actively looking to cozy up to the US again as opposed to distancing themselves.

The trump effect has been phenomenal and he hasnt even been sworn in yet, if they didnt put him in all the above would disappear and you would most likely have a civil war.
I dont think the voting was accurate at all, I wouldnt be surprised to find out that there were many "irregularities" everywhere Clinton won.

I think this will be an interesting thread so I wont touch on PG and risk getting it shut down, Ive made my thoughts on the matter very clear in the Mod made thread.

I fully believe Trump will do as he says and as an added bonus will crush the PC culture and we in the west will all enter a golden age.
I actually believe the above, you think the Hillbots are butthurt wait till you see me if it turns out hes another Obama, all promises of hope and change then 8 years of despair and the same old shyte, Ill go full on nuclear SJW triggered

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posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 01:11 AM
First , a faithless electorate has to vote one way or another. A no vote , the electorate is kicked out of the college and a new one that WILL vote is called in. Ceratain states have penalties , etc that the electorate faces if they vote different. Others that "faithless vote" for another candidate is just not counted . I.E Trump wouldnt get the vote but neither would Clinton. So , 4 electoral votes will not make a rat's a** of difference.
Also , Remember there was 6 electorates that would have voted Trump if Clinton had won (all 6 on the Liberal Left Coast)
Strange times indeed

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 01:23 AM
a reply to: IkNOwSTuff

The MSN sure has lost as the sky is blue!

Thank god the tides are changing in favor of Americans!

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 01:56 AM
Commonly the tide is changing, TPTW are loosing the game, they make just their deadly-for-them last efforts to change things, but I think many are already escaping in one or another way, we will indeed start to see more positive moves.

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 01:57 AM
a reply to: IkNOwSTuff

I hope your right. The piece you mention that's been lost is this: It's always been about the money.

Obama has bellied up to the bar with the wall street banksters big time. The bush's had the lock on oil. Obama has the lock on the banks. I personally witnessed the play-by-play on wall street in 2008. We were tracking 9 bailout programs in real time totaling in excess of 4 trillion. That was before quantitative easing (QE) started.

The banks were recapitalized with a ton of money that remains on their balance sheets today. We could never figure out what they were going to do with it. We knew it would not remain in reserves forever. They found a way to prop up the stock market somehow with an open market operation style mechanism. we called it the "red phone". The "red phone" would ring on the Goldman Sachs equity desk every day at 3:50pm and they would fix the market-on-close (MOC) price wherever they wanted. It would repeat at 9:20am every morning before open too.

There has never in the history of the world been the level of bank reserves that we have regulated into the system right now. That money has to come out somewhere at some point. The talking heads say "inflation" but the only inflation we seem to get is "inflation" of the equity market valuations. P/Es are off the charts. Stock market is in "melt up" mode.

This might be the real story. Hyper-inflation via the stock market. The globalists own the bulk of it. A handful of wealthy people get stupid rich overnight, then it implodes on itself as it spirals out of control upwards.

Think "tulip-mania" from the 1400s in Belgium style inflation. Flowers sold for today's equivalent of $40k - it was hyperinflation of an asset class. flowers!!!

The stock market in Germany, Japan and USA are all up nearly 10% since the election. Someone might have pulled the lever. The red phone is off the hook. The dead-man switch got pushed. Financial armageddon?

It might not happen like that at all, but the money's gotta come out of the banks and go somewhere at some point

Its always been about the money.

posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 08:10 AM
a reply to: androal

My advice to the electorate is to take a bribe for no less than a pre-paid $1 mil cash, and then go ahead and not change your vote. Why? There is no way they can tell who voted for who. The votes are cast anonymously. Sure I'll "vote for Clinton" and then no actually I vote for Trump or Gary Johnson.

If I was a Trump supporter assigned to vote for Clinton, I would have no choice but to vote Trump to offset the votes miscasted to Clinton.

posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 12:38 PM

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: androal

The possible scenario I outlined is looking less and less probable by the second.

Together with the end of the Wisconsin & Pennsylvania recount's and Michigan's recount on Friday, official legal channels are closing on the left's hopes for a ANYONE BUT TRUMP outcome on January 20th.

Now the dark eye of Sauron turns it's gaze onto the third of the three ways faithless electors must show cause in order to change their votes:

1- The candidate is "not qualified" (the general focus of MSM)
2- The candidate is "a charismatic autocrat" (MSM does not have to try too hard to get Trump qualified on this one)
3- The candidate is "under the influence of foreign powers" (here we go...)

(***per the Hamilton electors website video at: an interesting watch!)

This third criteria of the faithless electors is now their focus. Consider the Friday CNN piece titled:

"CNN's Brian Stelter Casts Russian Hacking Scare As A "National Emergency" "

Hopefully, as this "Daily Beast" article points out, the faithless elector path will prove to be a fantasy:
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