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Let's talk about the warehouse fire in LA?

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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 10:44 PM
Sometimes things like fires just happen. There a part of life

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 06:25 PM

originally posted by: BlueJacket
a reply to: loveguy

no no no, this man was a fool heres some info:
The converted warehouse where the scene of horrors unfolded on Saturday was known as the “Ghost Ship,” and it served as illegal home and workspace for a rotating cast of a dozen or more residents, those who lived there or visited often said.

Former residents said it was also a death trap with few exits, a rickety makeshift staircase, piles of driftwood and a labyrinth of electrical cords. The ground floor had five recreational vehicles and other nooks used as living spaces that were rented out to tenants, while the upstairs had space for concerts like the deadly party that drew up to 100 people Friday night.

With few lights, the place could be pitch black. One staircase led to a boarded up door. The water and electricity were stolen from neighbors and often didn’t work.

Laura Hobbs attended the party with friends and told of the panic and difficulties of those attempting to escape the deadly flames.

“The building itself was an art piece,” she said. “The walls were completely covered with makeshift pieces of wood, so finding the staircase if you’d never been there before was difficult because they had built it into the wall in a certain way.”

“If you were not familiar with the building and the way that it was, if you were going there for a party, you wouldn’t be aware of the maze that you have to go through to get out,” said Danielle Boudreaux, a former friend of the couple who ran the warehouse.

Who in the hell puts on a party of these dimensions without understanding basic fire protocol. There is no "man" to blame, this dud was a fool and deserves to suffer serious life long consequences

So the city manager gets to sit on his ass and get paid for doing what exactly?
I know that if I was a manager of a city, I'll actually try to manage the affairs/complaints. How come everybody and their dog knew about it, but the city manager let it slide...He's the city manager, manage the city like you take money for doing a certain job.
If I learned a bunch of peaceful individual types were hunkering together, I would try to help in finding them suitable housing.

Thanks though.

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