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The invite

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posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 06:56 AM
Many of our sky watchers groupe had been invited to Arizona by Mr. and Mrs. G for a night out in the Arizona desert with Mr. G's night vision scope and Mrs. G's telescope. The invite had said bring bug spray and an appetite..

Directions had been given to an area where the G's liked to camp, fish, and do target practice so it was a simple matter to plug the GPS coordinates into our trusty ride, buckle up and count the miles to our 'meet up destination'.

I had planned on arriving close to sunset for even though it was the end of October, Arizona could still be to darn hot for my liking. Our mileage was clicking off in a most satisfactory manner until we had to get on a rutted pot hole filled dirt road for the remaining 12 miles. As we bumped along with the air conditioner still putting out a reasonable temperature, off to our one o'clock position there was a brief flash of blueish white light. My wife was the one to take notice of its' actual position for I was to busy avoiding crevasses and pot holes to divide my attention on much else. All I saw was the desert turned into white daylight for the briefest amount of time.

She wondered if it had been a meteor or some other heavenly event for the light had lasted about as long as a brilliant flash bulb going off on an expensive camera rig.

Finally after our bone jarring dirt road ride we arrived at the meet and greet coordinates to find seven other cars and a campfire that was still in it's healthy young stage...... as if it had been made less than fifteen minutes before.

We exited our car and walked to the fire; no one was around. My wife said everyone had probably moved to a dark area to watch the sky which was possible however I kinda had my doubts as Mr. and Mrs. G would not leave food out unattended in an area like this. There was food laid out ready to be cooked over the open fire on a heavy wire mesh grill. The food cooler and containers was where my wife headed as I walked 360 degrees around the fire looking for foot prints and a possible direction everyone had headed. I found nothing except for the foot prints leading from the parked cars to the fire place.

As I returned to my wife she said there was something wrong for someone had evidently left in a big hurry. A can of pork and beans had fallen and spilled upon the rocky ground and there was a rack of ribs left out of the cooler and partly covered in barbecue sauce but, the brush that had been used to spread the sauce, had also fallen into the dirt as if it had just been dropped.

I repositioned my 9mm pistol and asked my wife if she could get a signal on her cell phone ? No signal was available evidently for we were in a valley surrounded by high ground.

I was torn between waiting and or going to someplace to get a signal so I could call Mr. or Mrs. G to see what was up? If failing to make contact with either of them I was calling the cops for the camp sight really was weird.

I told my wife to take the car and drive back out of the valley until she got a signal but before I even got half way through my suggestion she informed me “NO” that was not in the plans for tonight ! She had watched to many horror movies where those who separated usually ended up in a pool of their own blood. She did have a point but.... I had not escalated the missing people.... up to the point of full blown nefarious intentions...... by some creeps out to harm our friends quite yet.... But... sometimes I am not paranoid enough.....


We spent the next few minutes hollering the different names of those who were supposed to be here tonight. We both knew our voices were carrying 'way out there' because in the distance there was an occasional coyote howl that seemed to be a long way away.

We had given up on finding anyone without tracks or a response to our hollering so we decided to head back to the car and find a cell phone signal down the road.

Police report filed three days later on 2 November 2016:

8 cars found with tracks from cars to desert fire pit. No sign of struggle. Only one sign of tracks walking around the fire location. No other sign of tracks other than to and from the vehicles to the fire pit location.

Tracking dogs were used but they could not find any spore of where the campers might have gone. It is as if they all just vanished into thin air..... An area for 20 miles around the fire pit has been searched by foot patrol, air assets, and trackers all to no avail. I recommend the search be discontinued unless there are new developments.

Capt. Richardson AHP

posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 07:00 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

I loved reading this. Great story star and Flag

posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 10:32 AM
I'm still interested in that bluish-white light.

More to come ?

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 05:19 PM
You will have to use your imagination on the light thingy for the author of the story is unavailable. hahah anyway thanks to everyone for reading and the comments.

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