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Some people never learn

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posted on Dec, 4 2016 @ 07:50 PM

A man seeking the ever questing truth about the secrets of life journey the world to seek the answers he deeply needed. His voyage took him to all the corners of the world, and his knowledge grew each passing day.
He knew everything from mathematics to biology, he could even explain in detail how the universe was built, but something was still missing.

One day he heard about an old man, a man who imprisoned by the thirty third royal guard,but not by his own choosing. The old man was privileged to roam free as long as he slept in his royal prison.

The man Seeking the ever questing truth, climbed the highest mountains and swam over the biggest oceans just to ask for something real.

Seven years passed, when the ever questing seeking man finally arrived at his destination. He looked at the old man feeding a group of crows, and the old man looked at him. ;" Dont scare them, they are my friends ". The old man said.

The everquesting man frustrated and eager, did not care, and chased the birds away. The old man looked at him, and said;" How can i help you? "

"Im looking for the truth and only truth! Stories have been told you know them!"

The old man looked at the ever questing seeking man.. ;" Take my cane, and draw in the sand, something real " The everquesting man looked surprised while he grabbed the cane. ;" What do you want me to draw? " He said, "What your mind tells you" The old man replied.
"When i feed the birds and have returned i will look at your work and see if you are truly ready"

The old man walked away and climbed seventy-two stairs, to where the crows had fled, in a tree as high as a mountain.

The ever questing seeking man, draw what his mind pictured, he believed he knew the truth and after a while the old man stood next to him.

" You are caught in a world made of thirty-two, you will never learn the truth " The old man grabbed his cane, and walked over the drawing, he turned his head back and said;" You are lost in a world which will hold you to your ever passing, this place is sacred and not meant for someone like you "
" This is my prison but also my home, Guards take him away! "

The thirty three royal guards took the everquesting seeking man to the Royal gates and crossed their lances to show their intent.

The everquesting man took his leave, but his pride couldnt really die.

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posted on Dec, 5 2016 @ 01:23 AM
That was deep-probably too deep for my simple mind. Interesting read.


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