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Fractional Orbital Bombardment System AKA Nukes in Space.

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 06:57 PM
"The Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) was an orbital nuclear weapons system designed to attack the continental United States via the 'back door,' i.e. via the South Pole instead of passing through the net of radar systems at the northern approach corridor. The Soviet program name for the project has still not been revealed, although it is known that FOBS-related ideas were discussed as early as 1959 at the highest levels of the Soviet leadership [1]. By 1962-63, there appear to have been at least three major orbital weapons projects ongoing in the USSR. All were variations of the concept of launching nuclear weapons into Earth orbit and then waiting for the 'opportune' moment to reenter into the atmosphere and hit the U.S. mainland. The Soviets used the term 'global missiles' for such weapons. "

"The actual dynamics of the competition between Korolev GR-1, Chelomeyís UR-200A, and Yangelís R-36-O still remain unclear. Why did the Soviet government approve such projects when the United States refrained from exploring similar options? Why three instead of one program? To what stage was this competition supposed to reach? Although technical details are now becoming abundant, the policy decision-making behind the programs still remain shrouded in mystery. "

"Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) was a Soviet ICBM in the 1960s with a low Earth orbit that would de-orbit for an attack. It had no range limit and the orbital flight path would not reveal the target location.

This would allow a path to North America over the South Pole, hitting targets from the south, which is the opposite direction from which NORAD early warning systems are oriented.

The orbital missile 8K69 was initially deployed in 1968, and the first regiment with the R-36 orbital missiles was put on alert in 1969."

" “We can launch missiles not only over the North Pole, but in the opposite direction, too… Global rockets can fly from the oceans or other directions where warning facilities cannot be installed. Given global missiles, the warning system in general has lost its importance. Global missiles cannot be spotted in time to prepare any measures against them.” "

Some of you might have heard of the concept from James Bond movies
it is a topic i haven't seen discussed on ATS (if there is such a thread my apologies in advance, if there isn't, please do not move this one to BTS)

We have recently heard the intention/progress of building a Missile Shield to protect the US from limited (as stated) nuclear strikes originating from Rogue States.

Last time i heard Japan had signed a deal with the US to jointly develop such a system.

According to the SALT II treaty:

Each Party undertakes not to develop, test, or deploy:
(c) systems for placing into Earth orbit nuclear weapons or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction, including fractional orbital missiles;

1. If/When, the United States deploys such a System (the Missile Shield), would Russia or any other Nation (China, India, France) be tempted to deploy Nukes in Space?

2. Have they already done so?

3. Should Rogue States be "allowed" to have a "Space Program" and Civilian "Nuclear Industry" ?

Your thoughts please, and any comment regarding FOBS.


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