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posted on Dec, 2 2016 @ 06:53 AM
a reply to: wildapache

Damn right! This is a time for celebration! Let's all have an end of the world party. Same stuff as last time right? I mean the end of the world only happens every couple of months or so. You gotta enjoy them while they last.

PS: Though we MAY have to change the playlist up. REM is a little played out at this point...

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posted on Dec, 3 2016 @ 05:43 PM
I am sure we are in the end times. My reasons are personal and I don't expect anyone to jump on my bandwagon but here's why I think that.
About 45 years ago I was experiencing a deep intimate relationship with my God. At that time, He/She told me fantastic things that I had a hard time believing then. They related to the end times, and that I was being sent for that time. Like you, I really doubted but I couldn't deny the deep relationship we had. So I resolved it by accepting that yes it could be true but just wait and probably I would be like one of these super evangelists or something that was the common interpretation for the 144,000. My relationship with my God was still intimate for many years but started to fade particularly when I started going to church 5 years later. When I got married around 16 years later I warned my fiancee about this thing that could happen that might shake things up. She of course blew it off and I had done what I felt I needed to do and that was it. Over the years the relationship with my God faded to barely a whisper, though I always knew He wasn't far. This is now 28 years after we got married, and 45 years since I heard this first. Out of the blue recently, through nothing I've initiated, my God has returned to me while watching a basketball game. For the last 9 months I've been in the deepest state of love for and from my God. Things have totally unfolded and I understand a lot now. My beliefs were always simple before. Basically God is Love. That's it. No strings. Now they are defined and answer a lot of questions. Point being I feel very strongly that I am in the process of being woken up for the end time. I see a plan, I know how it will go down, I understand who the Antichrist is and the False prophet. Babylon.. It's all unfolding. And recent events are being manipulated by the hand of God. Not that He supports Trump, it's that it's judgement time. He is going to kick over those merchant tables big time. He's kinda pissed but not at us. He's coming to save. It won't at all be what they expected. He will tear down the church along with all the other BS religions. Look at it as a reboot.
All this of course my personal perspective and you may use it solely for entertainment purposes.

posted on Dec, 3 2016 @ 06:33 PM

originally posted by: JOHN60
We are now living through the period covered by the Book Of Revelations,The Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as a Mediatrix between God & man appeared, along with Jesus etc at times,at Bayside USA (1970-94) there was a number of miracles performed there along with other signs of the Divine presence.She spoke of how SATAN had entered the church in Rome in the 70's,how Pope Paul had been drugged by three cardinals under his influence etc. She spoke of what will happen in these end times and how SATAN will use the UFO phenomemon which he is behind (there are no aliens) after the RAPTURE has occured,news media will report a mass alien abduction has occured to mask the Divine act.She appears today at Medjugorje where she has appeared since 1981 and stated this will be the last time she will appear anywhere on earth til the end.For more on this please go to the Bayside shrine website at and look under the heading Directives for the subject matter.
Another good source is Wendy Alec head of GOD TV, her books The Fall Of Lucifer, The First Judgement,Son Of Perdition etc.She was taken to the Fathers house in spirit, she calls the books the Fathers story, they are compulsive reading and cover these end times. They include how the anti christ Satans cloned son now walks the earth in readiness,and some say Pope Francis is the false prophet who was to hail from South America,so i believe all the pieces of the jigsaw are now in place.
As my internet time is limited i don't have the time to get on daily.

Regards John

You are, I am afraid to tell you, a bit of a fanatic.

No knowledgeable (Biblically) person uses the word Lucifer when talking about Satan because that passage was talking to a Babylonian King and about a Canaanite Goddess, Shachar, the Morning Star of Canaanite and Semitic mythology.

A Son of Shachar is obviously a metaphor as the prophet would never write that a human was a literal son of a polytheistic goddess, the planet Venus.

So Satan is not present at this conversation or mentioned in that passage at all and there is no Lucifer, as Lucifer is a poor translation for ''shining one, son of Shachar" and not a name for Satan as it's Hebrew original is female goddess or a Babylonian King, take your pick on which one to be confused about but neither are Satan, there is no Lucifer.

No recent translation will use the word lucifer because of the mistake and embarrassment in mythologically making Satan out of a translation goof, a fallen angel named Lucifer doesn't exist in true Christian theology or Jewish.

posted on Dec, 4 2016 @ 11:38 AM
The End Times Came And Went Long Ago.
In This Age... They Are The Called The Times. Where We See The Dead Fall... And Decide That We Dare Not Follow... Or Else. But As Long As You Have Breath In You... Enough To Believe Blindly That Mary And Jesus Papa Deux Are Coming... Then You Are Lacking.
Go And Crawl In A Whole... Or Come And Be Free Of Nonsense.....
Join Us! We Dont Follow The Dead! We Follow The World.

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