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Donald Trump offering huge perks for inauguration donors

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posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 02:50 AM
BALLS, said the Queen, if I had them I'd be King!

The King laughed. He had to..

posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 04:04 AM

originally posted by: Indigo5

originally posted by: liveandlearn
a reply to: Byrd

Where were you when Clinton was holding the big dinners for 6 figures and spent approximately 1.5 billion on her campaign from these donors.

I am confused...

Are you suggesting Trump is the same as Clinton?
Or do you look to Hillary Clinton for your moral guidance and standards in politics?
Or are you saying this is OK because Clinton was guilty of the same elite corruption?

I thought Trump was elected because he was different?

Not sure how you arrange this in your thinking...Help me out.

For 1 mil you get dinner and a show, maybe get your steak cooked correctly, a handshake no favors.

Picture taken and no sitting on a nuke commision.

Yeah, sounds unbelievable for that much dough you don't get squat like with an obama or a hillary swag bag.

posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 04:27 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

I thought that Trump was a better person and would not be crooked like crooked Hillary.

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posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: MOMof3


You do not earn a billion dollars, leave alone many billions of dollars, by being honest, hardworking, kind or humble. You do it by making sure you hire the very scummiest lawyers, the dirtiest tricksters available from the world of accountancy, you do it with a huge start up loan from a wealthy parent, after being spoon fed a high quality education that you lack the intellectual capacity to properly absorb, and wind up in billions of dollars of personal debt at times in your life. Billions of PERSONAL debt!

He has never done a lick of what regular people call work in his life. He has never learned a trade from the ground up, never earned his position by sweat, but by birth and status, that is all. He is a toxic, incompetent oaf. Starting out with all the advantages he did, he should never have lost so much money, never been involved with so many lawsuits against him for shoddy practice or moral failures, never been involved with so many failed projects. With what he started with, even a mediocre intellect could have made ten billion dollars and called it quits, but this moron, this idiot who has lost nearly as many billions as he has allegedly made, this absolute imbecile who is perhaps the only American I have ever heard of who cannot select a decent steak worth a damn, has made a balls up of a HUGE percentage of the projects he has been involved with, or put his name on.

He is nothing but a showman, a conman, a snake oil salesman in a fifty thousand dollar suit, and nothing more.

posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 05:26 AM

President-elect Donald Trump said on Thursday that National Football League team owner Woody Johnson was "going to St. James," indicating he would assume the plum diplomatic post of U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

I wondering if the winning coach of the next Super Bowl would have been a better choice.

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