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Hoomeland Security Morning briefs

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 05:07 PM

No kidding, the last one is ...

Homeland Security Operations Center
Homeland Security Operations Morning Brief
14 January 2005

. (FOUO) MICHIGAN: Border Patrol Agents Arrest Lebanese National with Possible Ties to Hezbollah. According to BTS reporting, on 12 January, near Marysville, Border Patrol agents (BPAs) arrested Lebanese national Fadi Hussein NASSER (DOB: 01/28/1976; Alien nr: A98 223 310). BPAs arrested NASSER during a traffic stop and placed him in removal proceedings. NTC checks revealed that the address listed on NASSER’s MI driver’s license was possibly linked to Hezbollah and another subject with possible terrorist ties, as well as narcotics smuggling. Research revealed that NASSER entered the U.S. on 18 May 2001. (BTS Daily Operations Report, 13 Jan 05; HSOC 0182-05-05)

2. (FOUO) MARYLAND: Agents Search Home of Man Suspected of Illegally Exporting Military Items to China and Iraq. According to ICE reporting, on 11 January, Washington, DC ICE Agents executed a search warrant at the Potomac residence of a named Polish national and lawful U.S. permanent resident. Agents recovered documents, a computer, and a firearm from the residence. The subject is under investigation for violations of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) relating to alleged illegal exports of military items to the People’s Republic of China and Iraq. He is currently in custody for immigration violations relating to a prior felony conviction. (ICE Daily Summary of Operational Report, 13 Jan 05; HSOC 0183-05-05)

3. (FOUO) NEW YORK: Agents Arrest Lebanese Man on Fraud Charges. According to ICE reporting, on 12 January, New York City ICE Agents arrested Murtada Ali BARAKAT (a/k/a Charles Vicente ALAVA) for marriage fraud and false statements. BARAKAT, who was arraigned in the Southern District of New York and held without bail, was arrested as part of the Moslem BAIDOUN investigation. Moslem BAIDOUN is the subject of a New York ICE/JTTF investigation being conducted jointly with the New York City Police Department. Previously, on 13 December, 2004, a grand jury issued a twenty count indictment charging the following subjects: Moslem BAIDOUN, Mohammad BAYDOUN, Hani BAYDOUN, Hussain BAYDOUNE, Laila BAIDOUN, Ibrahim ISMAIL, Roque AVILES, Mohamad CHEBLI, Salwa JABER, Salah Osman HIJAZI, Ghazi HIJAZI, Youseff AJAMI, Hannaa Al-AJAMI, and Hassan DARWICHE. The arrest warrants were executed without incident on 14 December. All of the above named subjects were taken into custody with the exception of Hussain BAYDOUNE, who is believed to be in Lebanon, and Roque AVILES, who remains at large. (ICE Daily Summary of Operational Report, 13 Jan 05; HSOC 0184-05-05)

4. (FOUO) TEXAS: Refusal of Admission to a Possible Terrorist Organization Member. According to BTS reporting, on 13 January, Panamanian citizen and Colombian national Imad Turki ABUZENI WAKED (PPN 1209644, DOB: 07/28/1976) arrived at Houston Intercontinental Airport from Panama City, Panama. WAKED applied for admission as a visitor for pleasure and presented a Panamanian Passport. ICE interviewed WAKED and CBP identified WAKED as an Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS) lookout match, TIPOFF match, visa revocation, and a NCIC terrorist organization member match. CBP found WAKED inadmissible as a non-immigrant without a non-immigrant visa. WAKED was processed as an expedited removal. (BTS Daily Operations Report, 14 Jan 05; HSOC 0185-05-05)

5. (FOUO) LOUISIANA: CBP Agents Arrest Subject of National Security Investigation. According to BTS reporting, on 13 January, Lake Charles CBP Officers arrested Pakistani national Fazal U. KHAN (DOB: 01/15/1970; A76 554 986) and placed him in removal proceedings. Previously, KHAN was arrested by the FBI on October 27, 2004, as a result of a JTTF national security investigation. On 6 January, KHAN pled guilty to making false statements. (BTS Daily Operations Report, 14 Jan 05; HSOC 0186-05-05)

6. (FOUO) NEW JERSEY: UPDATE; Charter Bus Recovered. According to a report from the Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) on 12 Jan 05, the bus was recovered in New Jersey. (Patriot Report, 12 Jan 05; HSOC 0163-05)

... Cryptome have been encouraged to remove them, read them whilst you can.

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