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Mechanics of opening the Third Eye.

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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:30 PM
a reply to: micpsi

Om Bava Shaviya Om-

I'd add that it would behoove You to 'clear' ALL Your chakras prior to 'Lift Off'. There are some chakra clearing meditation videos on YouTube™ that will get You 'clear' You'll KNOW when You're ready when Your vessel feels 'lighter'...

You can also 'jump start' this by trying to reduce the calcification of Your Pineal Gland. I've noticed that "Sun Gazing' has worked best for Me, using the last hour of Sol. I'm up to right around 25 seconds and do it out fishing; I think the constant rocking w/the waves helps out and then the sun reflecting off the water helps during meditation prior to..
If You're on 'City Water' it usually has *Fluoride which ADDS to the calcification of the *Pineal Gland. Whether or not 'They' add Fluoride to the water supply to keep each Self's connection to "The Divine" stagnant is for another thread..

Did You know that there is an Altar at The Vatican which One prays to the Pine Cone? About 3/4 up the Pop's Staff there is a Pine Cone. PINEal Gland...

Stay Hydrated...

Om Bava Shaviya Om

posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 08:01 PM

originally posted by: apoc36
I work with my chakras every single night before I go to bed. I get the energy vibration in my third eye, crown chakra etc... sometimes the pressure in the head can be intense. What I use are Binaural tones. Listening to binaural beats / tones and concentrating on your chakras is like meditation on steroids. You must use headphones or earbuds when listening. I have been doing this for about 1 1/2 years.

When I first started, over a year ago, I would have so much vibration in my body that I could hold my wife's hand and she could feel the vibration even hours later.

If you are already experiencing vibration and energy flowing to your chakras, if you listen to binaural tones it will open up a whole new chapter in your life

Idoser has some pretty strong ones, or you can simply use youtube and get free ones.

Same here. I just set up a voice recorder next to my Bed. I think opening your Third Eye attract Spirits to you because I get a ton of EVPs.

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 07:34 AM
Opening the third eye and ld or astral projection are the same only you do it while awake and eyes open

I frequent an Astral Projection forum called The Astral Pulse. Back, long before I was there, we had a member by the name of Frank Kepple. He had been projecting for a good 20+ years and came to share his knowledge with the other members there. Anyways, he made over 3000 very informative and very interesting posts over the 3+ years that he was there.

Here is Frank Kepple’s posts re-formatted and organized by category (Only Practical Stuff)

This book has been one of the most transformational reads of my life (so much that I couldn't sleep for about 40 hours).

Frank Kepple Practical Guide To Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming

posted on Dec, 20 2016 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: MonringStar

Its funny that you just posted that. I astral projected last night spontaneously (I wasn't trying), and I was able to pull my wife into the astral plane with me. Then we went to the neighborhood I grew up in, down in Miami. It was either a real projection, or a lucid dream, but I remembered having control. It was also my first time being able to teleport over hundreds of miles. How strange that it just suddenly hit me last night.

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