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Europe on 'BRINK OF WAR' as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger

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posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter
First, we would have to ask those with both turkish and german citizenship to choose side. That´s another farce...
´But that´s like complaining about the weather... btw, it´s freezing cold here in the south.

posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 12:54 PM
a reply to: verschickter
If they really like Erdolf and what he is doing, how things in turkey are now, why are they still here and not in the "promised land of Erdolf"?

Because they like our lifestyle, grew up here and don´t know anything else. They can go for vacation to turkey, but there they are only almancı, "Deutschländer".
The turkish turks like to take their money, and love to see them leaving again after six weeks of holidays.

I bet, 99% of those Erdolfists that demonstrate in Germany for Erdolf, would rather give away their turkish passport than their german one, if they had to choose. They support Erdolf in Germany only to stand out. They don´t want to be confused with germans, want to show that they are turks. Even if they are not accepted as turks by the turks in turkey, as i said before. And they don´t want to be germans, that´s not cool enough for them...

Laughable. To my luck i know a lot of average german people with turkish roots. Not one Erdolf supporter. To get around 25.000 protesters together, for their demo in cologne, they had to come from all over europe, as one could see at the numberplates. Exceedingly few were from Cologne.

And it´s cold here too... what we call cold here, not to compare with bavaria. But it´s around 0°, brrrrr

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posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: Profusion

Here is a video of Erdogan threatening Europe that within weeks they will ship dinguies and other boats full of Muslim migrants to Greece.

The globalist are working in concert to destroy western nations, and many people in Europe and the U.S. don't seem to understand what this will do to them.
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posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 09:27 PM
a reply to: ElectricUniverse

Isn't Turkish leader Erdogan the guy who psychiatrists declare as having some serious mental issues? At any rate, the USA should probably stay out of his way in these matters. Right?

posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 09:27 PM
a reply to: Tman2135

Stirrings of this sentiment began during the reign of Ivan III of Russia who had married Sophia Paleologue. Sophia was a niece of Constantine XI, the last Byzantine emperor

By monarchy rules and religious rules, Russia would have the best claim. Greece for territorial/Cultural claims.
The orthodox church would crown a political figure.

At the end of the day its just a joke. Would never happen.

posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 09:45 PM
a reply to: Profusion

If Europe and Turkey go to war what would happen to the US nuclear weapons arsenal in Turkey?

I would be very afraid of a Nuclear armed Turkey should Turkey take over the US bases.

Before you know it Berlin, Paris, and London will be under atomic fire.
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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:22 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Hey DerBeo, I always find your Deutsche perspective interesting.
Are you "native" German?
Your comment of "German" Turks is interesting.
Here in the Great Southern Land, we have many post war Greeks and Italians, they are 2nd and 3rd generation now...
Funnily, when they return to "The Old Country" even if they weren't born there, they are still considered "Greek or Italian" before they are "Australian".
I think even Ferrrari, would like to have Daniel Richiardo in the team, to at last have an "Italian" driver.....instead of those Germans all the time.

My British colony, was populated with many 1000s of Prussians in the mid 1800s......there are as many Old German names here as Germany....

Even I have Prussian/Deutsche blood.
So, If I come back to Germany for a trip, would I be considered German? or Australian? (which is only a very modern country since 1901).

At least the Turks, know they are Turks, and have a homeland....

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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:33 AM
I think Erdogan is a madman and embarrassment.Turkey is causing more problems for NATORI than their worth,imo.

posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:37 AM

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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: gort51
It´s the same with russians, I wanted to post this yesterday but got distracted by real life.
In Russia/Kasachstan/Bulgaria the so called siebenbürgen were seen as foreigners (as the were) and after some came back to Germany, they were also seen as foreigners.

The germans that went to russia were "forbidden" to speak german and after they settled back to germany, their previous generations homeland, they were seen as russians with a strange dialect. They were not really welcome anywhere. There is the term "russland-deutsche" (translates to russian-germans, to be seen as a friendly term). It describes the missery because for some russians, they are not russian, and for some germans, they are not german. You can see it at their last names, like "Friedrich" (wich is also a forename) but even the kids have a slight russian accent, although grown up here in Germany.

To answer your last question, I would say, you are an earthling.

Btw, many americans are from british/german/italian descent, somewhere down history...

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posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: TDawg61

I got the nasty feeling that the destabilization of Erdogan regime is already in the table, for discussion.

That means more refugees that will be invading other nations in some near future.

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