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Standing Rock, The issues, Unfortunate Facts

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posted on Nov, 29 2016 @ 03:59 AM
a reply to: shell69

Thanks for your addition to the thread!

As I've said I'm a supporter and am very much pro-clean water. You're very correct there are multiple protests ongoing. Actually too many for me to list, from the Water Walkers in the Great Lakes region to a pipeline in NY State, to all the protests in British Columbia Canada. Many are weighing the benefits versus the pitfalls of natural gas and oil.

The newest pipeline going from Texas to Mexico is another.

Most of these pipelines DON'T benefit the American population as the product being transported will be shipped to either Mexico or China. Yet we're still purchasing both from Saudi Arabia and other countries. I think that's where the rub comes into play. If these pipelines and product were being used for our own energy independence it would be understandable as necessary infrastructure, but we aren't.

I posted the info I did so we had more of the "Full Picture" of the entire issue and could make a better informed decision on it. Not to point at the Standing Rock Protests and say "see? I told you it was bunk!".

The entire thing is convoluted and complex.
There are no easy answers and no clear cut "winners" on either side. It's easy to say stop the pipeline, but with no energy alternative to replace it in one way we're cutting off our nose's to spite our face. On the other hand we've polluted so many waterways in this country we're also slitting our own throats long term.

If nothing else Standing Rock has brought our Countries Energy Policy back into the forefront the way it was in the late 60's and 70's and forced us to think it thru and discuss it.

posted on Nov, 30 2016 @ 04:33 AM
The saga continues.

Maxine Herr, spokeswoman for the Morton County Sheriff's Department, said law enforcement is "being observant" of vehicles heading down county roads near the camp and could potentially pull over vehicles suspected of delivering supplies to the camp, which Gov. Jack Dalrymple ordered to be evacuated on Monday. Herr said officers will warn people carrying goods to camp that they could be subject to an infraction with a maximum penalty of $1,000. fbe.html

On one hand the governor is supporting the move to what they deem is a safer site, then is NOT speaking out about fining those who are bringing in supplies. ???

posted on Dec, 1 2016 @ 04:24 AM
just an update quickly....

The Governor of SD had the national guard step in and request that the Red Cross NOT send cots to the Protesters camp.
300 cots were requested by them.

He also has reversed his decision on stopping vehicles bringing in supplies, but has ordered no access roads to the camps be cleared of snow.

It's also been discovered that Ace Hardware has been contacted and requested that no propane canisters be sold to the protesters, for cooking & heating.

The situation is very fluid and I will return later with links to information. The Veterans Standing For Standing Rock are on the way and will be physically standing as a shield for the water protectors this coming weekend, with another rostering for a second group potentially arriving in a week or so.

Please google local news in Bismarck/Mandan for more.

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