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Please don't Panic, Remember Gerald Ford & LBJ Acting Presidents during the recounting of Votes.

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posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 11:05 PM

originally posted by: MysticPearl

originally posted by: Annee

originally posted by: NoCorruptionAllowed

originally posted by: Annee

originally posted by: NoCorruptionAllowed

originally posted by: Annee

originally posted by: Masterjaden
a reply to: Annee

nope you're wrong, elected by the people in a democratic republic us based on the representation as established through the constitution.

I know the difference.

You can "fancy talk" all you want with government legalize.

Trump was elected by Government Rule - - by the way the law is written - - - he was not elected by the people. Elected by the people would be majority of the people.

Except that is completely irrelevant!

Perhaps in some other country your argument would have merit, but it has no value here in the USA.

Fact is fact.

Relevant is relevant.

It wasn't relevant to Hillary 3 weeks ago when she said, and I quote: "Anyone not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to democracy.”

And that has what to do with anything I've said?

All one has to do is scroll up this very page to see your hypocrisy.

Trump was gearing up for lawsuits if he lost the election. Yet, his supporters dismiss it like it never was - - and attack Hillary because Jill Stein requested recounts.

Funny enough, it was Hillary and the left making such a big deal about Trump and the right not accepting the outcomes of our voting system, yet they're suddenly the one's who did a 180 and crying corruption with no proof.

And the whole thing flew right over your head. Or you're intentionally obtuse. Neither is good.

So, Trump didn't make a fuss about gearing up lawsuits pre-election?

And Hillary is the one who's requesting a recount?

And now he's whining he lost the popular vote because of illegal voters.

Are you seriously going to deny Trump is thin skinned. That he finds a way to retaliate any move he feels against him?
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posted on Dec, 1 2016 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: Annee

The claim that he lost the popular vote ( for more than 2,500,000 votes) due to illegal voting is absolutely childish and reveal a compulsive trend to blame the world for all the problems and never assume his own responsibility for his own mistakes.

He attacked several minorities: Muslim Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women in General, LGBT community, manufacturers of vaccines, as well as, to have attacked cruelly and also cynically everybody that said it was not going to vote for him, including prominent Republicans like John McCain, Mitt Romney, George H Bush, George W. Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, etc, and now he is surprised and shocked with the lack of popular support to his campaign?

This man is pathetic and irresponsible, obsessed Narcissistic that believes to be an idol that everybody must praise for every absurd thing that goes out of his mouth and also visibly paranoid, he wants to blame the Hispanic people for all what is not running well in this country including the so low support of actual votes to try to defend his doubtful Triumph.

He knows that with his so tiny margin in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania there is an important probability that after feeling to be the President Elect he will never rule the country after all, so he is right now manufacturing his way to agitate the country once more.

He is not rallying today because he wants to unify he country, but to prepare his reaction to an eventual reverse in the preliminary results.


The Angel of Lightness

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