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BREAKING: Vets deploying to Standing Rock; Woman loses her arm and hundreds more injured

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posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 07:08 PM

originally posted by: Caver78

More good news!

McKenzie County Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger was placed on interim suspension Wednesday night, pending his removal from office, by Gov. Jack Dalrymple.

The governor ordered the interim suspension based on a recommendation from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem after McKenzie County requested the sheriff be removed under a process available in state law.

The petition for removal was made by the county’s acting State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz on Oct. 24, alleging the sheriff is guilty of misconduct, malfeasance, crime in office, neglect of duty or gross incompetency. The county commission had voted in support of the petition for removal.

This is long overdue, but I can't help but think he's being removed so someone else "more favored" can be installed as Sheriff. Using tear gas and rubber bullets for the offense of removing vehicles from a bridge is very much a disproportionate response. Moreover attacking Natives during Native American Month goes beyond the pale.

It sounds like this sheriff is being taken down because he ran his department like a military unit, so he may be removed for someone less favorable to this violence towards the protesters.

The county decided to go through the process of stripping Schwartzenberger of his job and badge after hearing a report from a firm it hired to look into a growing number of complaints about the sheriff from his employees and others in county departments. The Village Business Institute found grounds to remove the sheriff based on harassment and intimidation amid concerns that he fostered a quasi-military environment.

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 07:14 PM

originally posted by: jonnywhite
Are they using imminent domain or something to justify building the pipeline? What're the rules allowing them to build on a reservation?

What I find troubling is everybody would like to produce what we need without enabling countries like Saudi Arabia and without the pollution inherent in less regulated countries. But few if any are willing to take on the responsibility. It's not about native americans specifically. This happens in every community where big business tries to get ahead. We're starving business in our own coutnry while enabling gross negligence elsewhere.

Out of sight, out of mind. I guess that's what it's about. However, it's increasingly apparent the world is shrinking and more visible. So we're being forced to look at hte things we've long swept aside and hidden.

Trump says the job growth rate can go up more but I don't think it can with these attitudes so prevalent across america. People want a strong economy, but they're not willing to support it in reality.

The pipeline is not going to cross the Rez, it's to go under the Missouri River just north of the Rez. They are concerned about a pipeline accident contaminating their drinking water supply. A very legitimate concern. Also, there are some sacred burial sites in some spots where the pipeline is planned.

In regards to energy independence. I agree, if we are going to continue to rely on oil and gas, I'd rather we use our own supply as well, but these pipelines are more about exporting the supply rather than domestic supply. They are using the pipelines to get the oil to the Gulf of Mexico to transport overseas.

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 08:09 PM
It's sad but by our current laws I do believe they can come take the land regardless if they are willing or not. They can come take any land they want. We do this in other countries and will indeed do it here.

This is a prime example in my opinion of good vs evil. Evil wins every time. Money/Oil has ruled for decades now and Trump won't do anything about it. He is a businessman not giving a damn about these people or their land. You can take that to the bank.

posted on Nov, 28 2016 @ 09:24 AM
An update from yesterday. Protesters say they will not leave the camp that the Army Corps plans to shut down on December 5. The Army Corps said they will not forcibly remove anyone but yet they are subject to citations... so that means they are subject to the same aggressive and abusive attacks.

Col. John Henderson, the Army Corps' district commander, asked Archambault in a letter to tell members of his tribe, along with supporters there, to move from the property north of the Cannonball River. On Sunday, the Army Corps said it had no plans to "forcibly remove" anyone who remains, though a statement said that to do so was risky. "Emergency, fire, medical, and law enforcement response cannot be adequately provided in these areas," the statement said. "Those who remain will be considered unauthorized and may be subject to citation under federal, state, or local laws."

Protesters vow to stay at camp

posted on Dec, 6 2016 @ 09:39 PM
a reply to: Rezlooper
This is personal to me. It happened locally. It's a natural instinct to say NO to big business. But I think it works against us. The businesses don't just go overseas to escape high taxes and high wages, they also do it because we chase them away! There's a myriad of reasons we do it. We're afraid.

At the time, I felt the threat of human-caused climate change and of course the fact it was local were enough to dismiss it. But I think it was naive. The world isn't changing overnight. It's better to have these things closer where we can see them. Sending them away to other countries where you know it's going to be less visible and less regulated, is moral bankruptcy.

Delay at this point probably means hte company trying to build this pipeline will go under. Another US business venture destroyed.
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