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NEWS: 9 Dead In California Train Derailment

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 10:12 AM
Two Metrolink commuter trains derailed early Wednesday, killing at least nine people and injuring numerous others. It is not yet known how many people were on board or how many may still be trapped inside the wreckage.

The number of passengers and how many were injured in the derailment in Glendale, California, is not yet known.

Videotape shows Metrolink passenger train cars on their sides with shattered windows and the metal sheeting peeled backward and crushed inward.

Firefighters are struggling to reach Metrolink passengers believed to be trapped, placing ladders against the debris to get into the cars.

There is no official information on how many people may still be inside.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Many thoughts and prayers go out to those injured / trapped and to the families of those that were "lost".

I wonder how they "swiped" eachother ?
How fast were they going?

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:16 AM
Death Toll is now at 9

This is a complete outrage as far as transportation safety is concerned," Los Angeles sheriff Lee Baca said. "The people riding these trains deserve better," he said angrily, speculating the person who left the car on the tracks knew the trains were coming.

Officials said no one was found in the car, and they believed the driver was in custody. The National Transportation Safety Board (search) and the Glendale Police Department were investigating the deadly crash.

Shortly after 6 a.m., a southbound Metrolink commuter train hit the vehicle on the tracks, causing five to seven cars to derail and hit a northbound Metrolink train. An empty, idle Union Pacific train was also hit in the crash. A small fire erupted, and smoke could be seen wafting over the crash site.

FOX also reports that Police believe that the vehicle may have been intentionally left on the tracks.

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:17 AM
thanks for the update... WW

I expect the death toll to keep rising as they get further and deeper into the wreckage...

hmmm car left on the tracks...

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:39 AM
Early news reports he was going to kill himself and changed his mind. Why didn't he take his car with him?

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:44 AM
awwhhh elevatedone, don't you know not to edit after a story has been upgraded? now it's not on ATSNN you'll need to send a u2 to an editor to get it fixed. for future reference, just add your updates as replies or ask an editor to do the changing for you.

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 11:48 AM
ww.... no i didn't know that.. thanks for the info....

sorry everyone.. *S*.

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 12:13 PM
Police is reporting it as a deranged individual who attempted to commit suicide but changed his mind and left his car. the suspect has been taken into custody.

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 12:14 PM
It has been at least 15 minutes and no official report that it is not terrorism. That's strange. Maybe it isn't.

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 01:23 PM

Photo: AP/ KABC

This picture is from todays derailment in California.

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posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 03:28 PM
3 trains derailed. This is ugly. He´s gonna regret he changed his mind...

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