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Is Wikileaks and/or Tor compromised?

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posted on Nov, 25 2016 @ 02:15 AM
Yes TOR has been compromised before and possibly still can be.

Just using sloppy admin to get into a site:

FBI Hacked TOR Browser:

FBI found a way to inject a trojan or something into browsers, and while this example was for child porn (which of course should be shut down any way possible) it does show that they could do the same for anything accessed via TOR.

I think of it like this as an avid video gamer.
Game developers come up with anti cheat systems and the next day someone has already made a hack to bypass it, there are people who try to break security measures just because they can find the challenge fun.
If a single person at home can do such things as a hobby, what do you think a Government with the latest tech, millions of dollars funding and an army of Edward Snowdens could do?

Reminds me of the saying locks only stop honest people.
You cannot rely on security measures on the internet to provide 100% protection no more than you can guarantee a condom won't break.
Sure TOR, VPN's etc. and even Ad-Blockers can increase your security but it does not make it absolute.

I just live by if I don't want other people to see it, you want complete privacy, I don't post or access it online. Don't send it via your phone. Otherwise you accept the risk that your data online can always be accessed by somebody.

Heck look at wikileaks, all the encryption in the world matters not if someone with access can just print it up and pass it around.

If you think you have any privacy or security online, you're only kidding yourself.

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posted on Nov, 25 2016 @ 10:56 PM
Ok, Wikileaks reported today, 6:59 PM - 25 Nov 2016 that "Ecuador says it will soon decide whether to continue Assange's digital isolation (Spanish language press report)" LINK which is something.

Also, there is news from Reddit: "Assange to be interviewed LIVE on Beirut TV tomorrow 26 November 10:00 GMT/05:00 EST" LINK

Now, supposedly that interview will be audio-only which, thanks to that Adobe app (Voco)I mentioned earlier in the post, doesn't lend a lot of faith in the truthfulness of what's going on. Looking forward to it though as it would be nice to have some solid answers on this soon.

I also understand more leaks are to be out soon. At this point, without this issue being resolved, I remain uncomfortable with whatever is coming out.

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 10:56 AM

originally posted by: SomebodySomeone
a reply to: EvillerBob

But Bob, you're obviously 'Eviller' than the average Bob, so doesn't that mean you're up to no good by default?

"Eviller" is just a relative term. It depends on where you set the benchmark for "no good"

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 06:21 PM
Here is the interview that Assange gave today at the FCM conference: LINK

It is said he has a cold. He brings up Fidel Castro's recent death and speaks of his situation, the topic of this post/Wikileaks and how they address possible incorrect information. He also speaks of Wikileaks accusations in swaying the elections.

Also, there was a report from Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, human rights activist and writer, reported that he had "just got back after a long chat with Julian Assange. We were joined for a light supper by the ever interesting and ebullient Yanis Varoufakis. Another of those brilliant evenings that will live in the mind. Julian is very aware of the persistent rumours about his position or health. He is fine apart from a cold, and buoyed by recent events."

Yanis Varoufakis confirmed a question posed on his Twitter regarding the dinner by a Reddit poster: LINK

Regarding the interview. I just don't know. He's difficult to understand. The interviewer's questions are clear as a bell, but Assange's responses are murky at best. (at times he is clearer) There aren't any long pauses between questions and answers which is, I think, a positive thing when considering the Adobe Voco tech(and whatever else might be out there.) There are some strange and sometimes lengthy pauses in the audio at times and often while he is speaking.

Please at least check this part out: At about 35:43 into the interview, he is being asked about his lawyer and what we can do individually to help. His response is probably more garbled here than anything prior and I swear he says something about "George Clooney" and "Hillary Clinton's wife/life" And THEN, one of those pauses happen and the rest is lost. I cannot find the information(just John Jones comes up), but I think his current lawyer's name rhymes with "Clooney". Still, this is an odd part in the interview.

I'm hoping that those with high tech knowledge or detective abilities might be able to discern the authenticity of this interview. There was an audience there. Perhaps they will come up with information. Did anyone see him?

In some ways, it's almost rude to presume this is false due to my high respect for Assange and Wikileaks. However, I cannot help but remain skeptical at this time. There's just been too many problems as of late and I am in full understanding that we are being fooled left and right. I don't know enough to be certain.

On the subject of Yanis Varoufakis and the dinner, the only adverse speculation I've found is this twitter response stating: "Yannis Varoufakis has deep and long ties with George Soros. While he was in the Syriza government and afterwards, he has constantly been pushing the idea of a double currency, that first Soros and then Schaubles proposed. We may see a double currency regime implemented in Greece as soon as January. (LINK) In my opinion, Varoufakis is a narcissist serial liar that cannot be taken seriously for ANYTHING he says." I am going to make an additional post that includes the information linked to on that page as I had to add an exception just to read it.

A lot to take in and review. Again, I still remain uncomfortable regarding this topic being "solved".

edit on 26-11-2016 by gottaknow because: fixing incorrect information I previously forgot to delete: (stated the lawyer comment started at 16:00, but I had that wrong and in the wrong place in my response.)

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 06:24 PM
Posting the information in the link given on my previous post regarding Yanis Varoufakis:
(will continue after this post as it is too long)
A Soros «Trojan Horse» inside the New Greek Government?

As Greece celebrates the inauguration of its anti-austerity government, the euphoria should be tempered with a bit of realism. Although new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who named his son «Ernesto» after Cuban revolutionary Ernesto «Ché» Guevara, and the vast majority of his new Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) government have good left-wing and pro-labor credentials, the same cannot be necessarily said of the man Tsipras chose to be Greece’s new finance minister. Yanis Varoufakisis a citizen of Australia who was educated in Britain and worked as a professor at the University of Texas. Europe has witnessed such dual nationals with conflicting loyalties take power in countries in Eastern Europe, most notably in Ukraine, where American Natalie Jaresko became finance minister in order to deliver International MonetaryFund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) austerity «poison pills» to Ukraine.

Today, the nations of eastern and central Europe are populated with globalists, overt types and those of the «crypto» variety, with many of them, like Varoufakis, citizens or past legal residents of other nations. Romania’s finance minister, Ioana Petrescu, is a Wellesley and Harvard graduate and former fellow for the U.S. Republican Party’s National Republican Institute at the neo-conservative and anti-Russian American Enterprise Institute (AEI). She is also a past professor at the University of Maryland. Although Petrescu’s right-wing connections to Washington appear at odds with Varoufakis’s ties to the neo-liberal Brookings Institution, in the world of «make believe» political differences, Petrescu and Varoufakis are two sides of the same coin. When one follows the money that helped create these two finance ministers, as well as Jaresko, all roads lead back to Washington and entities that suckle from the teat of the Central Intelligence Agency and its myriad of front entities.

Varoufakis’s curriculum vitae, like that of Jaresko’s, reeks of George Soros-intertwined globalist links. For a finance minister who is to -- if we believe the dire warnings from the corporate press -- challenge the austerity measures dictated to Greece’s previous failed conservative and social democratic governments by the «Troika» of the IMF, ECB, and European Commission, Varoufakis has had a past close relationship with the global entities with which he is expected to battle.

Varoufakis also served as «economist-in-residence» for the Valve Corporation, a video game spinoff of the always-suspect Microsoft Corporation of extreme globalist Bill Gates.

The warning signs that Varoufakis is a «Trojan horse» for the global bankers are abundant. First, Varoufakis served as an economic adviser to the failed PASOK social democratic government of Prime Minister George Papandreou, the man who first put Greece on the road to draconian austerity measures. Varoufakis now claims that he was ardently opposed to Papandreou’s deal with the «Troika» but no one will ever know how much the now-anti austerity finance minister agreed to while he was advising Papadreou on the proper course of action to settle Greece’s enormous debt problem.

Varoufakis is a close friend and co-author of American economist and fellow University of Texas professor James K. Galbraith, the son of the late «eminence grise» of American economists, John Kenneth Galbraith. Galbraith’s ties to the global banking elite are exemplified by his guest scholar position at the elitist Brookings Institution in Washington. In other words, although Tsipras’s biography suggests a bona fide leftist, Varoufakis’s background indicates that Greece’s new finance minister is at home and comfortable with the banker elites who carved out Greece’s national soul with a sharp blade of austerity cuts to social security, public health, and other basic public services.

The foreword to Varoufakis’s book, «A Modest Proposal, which deals with Europe’s financial crisis and which he co-wrote with James Galbraith and former British Member of Parliament Stuart Holland, was written by former French Prime Minister Michael Rocard. Rocard has called for the EU to appoint a European «strongman» and Rocard’s choice is European Parliament president Martin Schulz, the very same man who has warned the new SYRIZA government to abide by the austerity agreements concluded by the past PASOK and conservative governments.

Holland, an adviser to former Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, along with French President François Mitterand, helped craft the 1986 Single European Act, one of the charters that helped create the European Union financial system that has been used to emaciate the Greek economy in the name of austerity.

Varoufakis’s commitment to work within the IMF and European banking system is obvious from what the Greek finance minister wrote on his website. After calls by American financial writers Paul Krugman and Mark Weisbrot for Greece to follow the example of Argentina and default on its debts and exit the Eurozone altogether, Varoufakis argues that Greece must «grin and bear» the measures imposed on it by the bankers and the German government as a member of the Eurozone. And that means the SYRIZA finance minister surrendered to the whims of the bankers long before SYRIZA’s electoral victory. Considering the unquestionable leftist credentials of many members of the Greek government, the bankers have, at the very least, a willing accomplice as finance minister on the Greek side of the negotiating table on the future of the nation’s economy and the unpopular Troika-imposed austerity measures that swept SYRIZA to power.

Although Varoufakis stands ready to cut deal after deal with the global and European bankers, his colleagues in the coalition government SYRIZA crafted with the anti-EU but right-wing Independent Greeks party, will not follow EU diktats when it comes to such matters as agreeing to continued austerity, as well as EU sanctions against Russia. No sooner had Tsipras become prime minister, he criticized the EU for issuing a warning about further sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. Tsipras said an anti-Russia European Council statement had been issued without the consent of Greece.

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 06:25 PM
Posting the information in the link given on my previous post regarding Yanis Varoufakis Pt 2:

Greece’s new foreign minister, Nikos Kotzias, is, like Varoufakis, an academic. However, unlike Varoufakis, Kotzias, a former Communist, has been a professor at a Greek, not a foreign, university. Kotzias and Tsipras are following through with their promises of opposing current and future EU sanctions against Russia, something that will not endear them to the Soros elements who have their clutches on Varoufakis. Kotzias has the power to veto new or renewed sanctions against Russia. Kotzias is opposed to German domination over Europe and was such a staunch Communist, he supported the crackdown by Polish Communist leader Wojciech Jaruzelski on the Solidarity trade union movement in Poland in the 1980s, a fact that places him at complete loggerheads with EU Polish President Donald Tusk, an early activist within the Solidarity movement, who wants to impose further punitive measures on Russia. In what can only send EU and NATO interventionists into a tail spin, Kotzias will find himself more at home in Moscow than he will in Brussels or Berlin. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already started the process of establishing close relations with the new government in Athens. The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has likely commenced «surge» surveillance of all official communications links between Athens and Moscow and it has also certainly placed Greece, like Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Hungary, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon into the category of a hostile «target» nation for the purposes of collecting signals intelligence or «SIGINT».

Greece, which pioneered the Trojan horse weapon used against Troy, must be on guard against Trojan horses like Varoufakis who have been implanted in the new Greek government.

posted on Nov, 26 2016 @ 07:02 PM

originally posted by: gottaknow
Here is the interview that Assange gave today at the FCM conference: LINK

It is said he has a cold.

Snipped and bolded by me.
Wow gottaknow - I just followed your earlier link to the subReddit and the first thing I read was this, by user Zoom-Zoom-Zoom:

[–]Zoom-Zoom-Zoom 1 point 26 minutes ago There will be no photos or video of his ear lobes. Watch and see. He may also have a "cold" to conceal glitches in his known voice patterns. If an "assange is put on TV it will be a well-trained body double.


Then I read your quoted post, above. Need I say more?

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posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: SomebodySomeone

Nice find!

Yeah, I'm really torn between possibly causing damage by NOT believing he/Wikileaks is ok or that we'd be doing them a disservice by not continuing to question this. I can't help but continue to get the "it feels wrong" vibe from all of it.

Especially considering all the other events going on these days.

posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 02:38 AM
a reply to: gottaknow

I feel exactly the same way. I'm not yet ready to give up and just believe blindly, but I guess only time will tell.

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