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PBS Frontline-Al Qaeda's New Front

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 10:36 PM
Frontline, on PBS American T.V., is easily the best investigative journalism show in the U.S.

Tonight's must see program, "Al Qaeda's New Front," is an investigation into the threat posed by radical jihadist's to Western Europe and it's allies.

The program discusses why European Muslims are being radicalized. Below is some press reaction to the program:

+ San Jose Mercury News Charlie McCollum

"... does a good job of pointing out why the attacks will have an impact on the United States, even if they're not carried out on our soil. Sobering stuff and worth watching."

+ Los Angeles Times Paul Brownfield

"... What we learn isn't new, just more dread-producing and anger-inspiring no matter your point of view. ..."

+ New York Times Eric Mink

"... The documentary succumbs to movie-making temptation in a couple of spots. ...

"Those lapses notwithstanding, 'Al Qaeda's New Front' makes a vivid contribution to the understanding of Western Europe as both an incubator and a target of contemporary Islamist terrorism. ..."

The full program can be watched online beginning Friday, January 28th.

The most chilling scenes were an audio recording of an alleged Al Qaeda recuiter playing a tape of the Nick Berg beheading. The recruitee asked his recruiter, "Isn't that a sin?" The recuiter replied, "It is never a sin."

Here's the link:

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