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The identity of the Devil

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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: zardust

You do know who Paul's ''Judaizers" are, right?

The 12 apostles and James, the Asian faction that held to the law. It's not even difficult to tell as in other places he calls them the circumcision faction and compares them to Satan disguised as an angel of light.

It's amazing what you find out when you read.

posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:42 PM
a reply to: SethTsaddik

Yes I know who the Judaizers are, but it may be like saying "if you want to go circumcise yourself, why don't you just go cut it off like the galli".

posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: zardust
a reply to: zardust

I ran out of room, but In Galatians Paul tells the Judaizers that want to circumcise still that they should just castrate themselves. He also says that dressing like a woman is wrong. This may be in response to Christians following the cult of Cybele, and way of the Galli.

No, he is talking about (besides the cross dressing) the apostles, and lying for that matter as they didn't enforce circumcision on anyone.

Paul is constantly bad mouthing the ''Judaizers" who follow the law of Moses, James, Peter and John he says SEEMED to be pillars but what they were doesn't matter to him.

In fact the New Testament is essentially Paul vs the disciples of Jesus with Paul being a Roman collaboroator

And the Nazarenes were eventually declared heretics by Rome for rejecting Paul along with the Ebionites.
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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:47 PM

originally posted by: zardust
a reply to: SethTsaddik

Paul is the biggest b.s. artist ever, he never knew Jesus and made up some ridiculous revelation story that doesn't match Acts version of events and is utter nonsense.

Look, he bad mouthed the apostles and you didn't even realize it.

That's a b.s. artist!
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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 01:53 PM

originally posted by: zardust
a reply to: SethTsaddik

Yes I know who the Judaizers are, but it may be like saying "if you want to go circumcise yourself, why don't you just go cut it off like the galli".

But why quote such a moron as Paul in the first place if you know he was an enemy of Jesus apostles and Jesus actual teachings?

Circumcision was a sensitive issue with Paul because according to the Ebionites he wanted to marry the High Priest's daughter and got circumcised.

When told this would never happen he was incensed against Judaism, which he had converted to, circumcision and against women.

The story sounds true as his letters display all of the above.
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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: zardust

I son't think it likely Kug Bau had been relegated to forest Demon status, she was the Principle Goddess to the Hurrians and Hittites as the consort of the storm God, her only possible relationship to the cult of Humbaba would have been through the ministering of beverages that blurred reality.

With Humbaba despite the linguistic associations with the epitaph Hababby he cannot be directly related to the Monster in the Ebla myth, which involves an abstract conceptualization of the power of Byblos, but of course both are in the Lebanon, so there are intriguing connections.

The extraction of the seven auras from Humbaba relates to the all pervasiveness of the seven spiritual qualities of the Anatolian Heptad within nature, it can be seen these are re-distributed there by Enlil and there is the concern with the lowly, also the lion as a traditional guardian of the Underworld.

There could be relationship to Bes in terms of the simple and lowly pleasures of life.

Humbaba was a monstrous giant of immemorial age raised by Utu, the Sun. Humbaba was the guardian of the Cedar Forest, where the gods lived, by the will of the god Enlil, who "assigned Humbaba as a terror to human beings."

Enlil then took the powerful auras from Gilgamesh and began distributing their power. The lord of the gods gave Huwawa's first aura to the fields as this would bring fruitfulness to the lands. He gave his second aura to the rivers to feed those fields. The third he gave reed beds and another to the lions to compliment the power they already had. He gave Huwawa's next aura to the forests and hills. He gave another aura to the debt slaves as he was a great lord of wealth and prosperity. This proved him to be great among masters.

The seven auras also had association of emergence from Scorpio, related to the cult of Ishara and emergence from the babbling underground spring, who was related to Bau by NW Semites, and also related to Qadosh, thus the mastery of the seven aura also relates to the consideration of the Scorpion gate in the Gilgamesh epic, the first state of manifestation of spiritual power is generally seen as the serpentine, in their primeval state associate with fear.

In terms of the Ugaritic mention of Haby, the two brothers that supported EL are considered to have been the gate keepers into the Underworld into which he fell, generally that would relate to Gemini constellation, to enter into the underworld is for the formed to return to the dissolute and become unformed.

In general then you will see association with the newly born or lowly and the not particularly refined in terms of emergence, and the reverse of that with descent into evil, moral and intellectual and physical breakdown, and that point of transition involves a certain amount of babbling.

posted on Dec, 9 2016 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: zardust

This may interest you, The Astarte Papyrus, it is an Egyptian version of the Hedammu legend, were Astarte takes the role of Hurrian Sauska/Anzili/Istar, and the protagonist is the sea/Yam, who she seduces as in the Hurrian version, actual text p36 begins.

Our own to [... ... ...] Renut his tribute in silver and gold Lapis lazuli [...] the boxes Then they said to the Ennead G[(ive)(?)... ... ...]the tribute of the Sea So that he may hear our words [... (the eart)]h Protects from him Will he ...Then they are afraid of [... ... ...] Of the Sea Give [... ...]e tribute of The S[ea... ... ...]

The author of the paper looks at many considerations of what is involved here, noting the connections to NW Semitic myth and the Hurrian, but fails to arrive at my own consideration that this involved conflict with Byblos, the harbour of which was the Gate of Yam, and that the basis of the conflict had been their demanding of tribute in the form of Lapis Lazuli and silver and gold, which this text is very much concerned with.

In the Hurrian epic Kumarbi orders a cloth of Byblos to cover the windows facing the Cities of Tessub and Anzili , Kummi and Ninevah, so they will not see his preparations against them in creating the threat from the sea, which he makes at Nippur as En-lil

The motif of the window is also found in the Egyptian myth, were a bird is sent through the window of Astarte to solicit her aid.

The Tribute of the Sea

Anzili defeats Hedammu by means of a potion which renders him a babbler, and thus he is bound to a black rock.

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posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 06:38 AM

originally posted by: zardust
a reply to: Kantzveldt

Look here how Humbaba is quite similar to Medusa

He also seems quite similar to Bes

Ok so Cybele, the original Mother Goddess, associated with snakes and birds. Possibly having the same name as Kubaba. At some point the neolithic Mother goddess culture was overtaken by the patriarchal god cultures. And the Epic of Gilgamesh being a great example of that culture. So the old goddess is subverted and turned into a demon who protects the Cedar Forest. We see Medussa and Humbaba acting as apotropaic guardians, and they look quite similar. Also the split stance they take looks like the Swastika to me.

The cherubim also guard the doorway to the garden of eden. The temple of Solomon had a portion called the Forest of Lebanon or the Forest of Cedars. The garden of eden is the same as the temple. The Holy of Holies is the midst of the garden (the ark being the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the presence of the Lord being the Tree of Life), the Holy place is the Garden, the outer court is the land of Eden, and the rest of the world is the land of Nod. Now we've discussed some of these connections before in one of your threads relating to the square and the pegasus. (the pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa).

Qadesh Stele is a representation of the Hebrew Temple. A top down view. The cherubim are a representation of the same. And of course there is Resheph, and IMO Dabir as Min. Btw in case you are unsure of where I'm getting the REsheph and Dabir from Hab 3:5 those are the Hebrew words that are translated as plague and fiery arrows, but the actual word is RSP which is the same as Resheph in Egyptian.

Add to that the bronze serpent Neshustan that was a symbol of the Mother Goddess, associated with Hathor, the patron of the mining community at Serabit El Khadim where the earliest evidence of Proto-Sinaitic writing is found, and is the likely real Mount Sinai. A temple to Hathor was found at Timna another mining site, in which they found a bronze serpent in the Holy of Holies. Also associated with Hathor is Bes, who happens to look exactly like Humbaba/Medusa. As you know Hathor and Qadesh are essentially the same. Qodesh is the Hebrew word for Holy and the name of the temple. Horim is the Hebrew word for ancestors. Moses had two brothers named Hor and Har-un (Aaron). Miriam was likely a priestess of Hathor-Meri, and the original Israelite religion was that of Hathor/Horus, aka Mary/Jesus

Back to Timna. Timna is the place where Samson lived. The name Samson is Shamash, aka UTU. And UTU is who raised Humbaba. Samson is also Hercules who killed the Nemean Lion. Humbaba is seen often to look like a lion (and so is Bes)

Samson wiki

Samson bears many similar traits to the Greek Heracles (and the Roman Hercules adaptation), inspired himself partially from the Mesopotamian Enkidu tale: Heracles and Samson both battled a lion bare handed (Lion of Nemea feat), Heracles and Samson both had a favorite primitive blunt weapon (a club and an ass's jaw, respectively), and they were both betrayed by a woman which led them to their ultimate fate (Heracles by Deianira, Samson by Delilah). Both heroes, champion of their respective people, die by their own hand: Heracles ends his life on a pyre, while Samson makes the Philistine temple collapse upon himself and his enemies.[45][46]

Humbaba wiki

Another description from Georg Burckhardt translation of Gilgamesh says, "he had the paws of a lion and a body covered in thorny scales; his feet had the claws of a vulture, and on his head were the horns of a wild bull; his tail and phallus each ended in a snake's head."

Notice the feet of Ishtar, now go look at the head of horns on Qadesh.

Gorgon wiki

The legend of Perseus beheading Medusa means, specifically, that "the Hellenes overran the goddess's chief shrines" and "stripped her priestesses of their Gorgon masks", the latter being apotropaic faces worn to frighten away the profane.

Bes wiki

Many instances of Bes masks and costumes from the New Kingdom and later have been uncovered. These show considerable wear, thought to be too great for occasional use at festivals, and are therefore thought to have been used by professional performers, or given out for rent.

Modern scholars such as James Romano claim that in its earliest inception Bes was a representation of a lion rearing up on its hind legs.[1] After the Third Intermediate Period, Bes is often seen as just the head or the face, often worn as amulets.

Bes is the god of families, newborn babies, pregnant women.

Why would a man be in charge of those? Unless he was originally a she aka the Mother Goddess. Now this brings us to Attis and the Galli. The Galli were male priests of Cybele that castrated themselves. A reversal of what had happened to the great Mother? She had become a he (and a demon in the process) due to the new religion. Maybe that is the reason for the Galli doing what they do?

Galli wiki

The priest of Rhea, when taking shelter from the winter snow-storm he entered the lonely cave, had just wiped the snow off his hair, when following on his steps came a lion, devourer of cattle, into the hollow way. But he with outspread hand beat the great tambour he held and the whole cave rang with the sound. Nor did that woodland beast dare to support the holy boom of Cybele, but rushed straight up the forest-clad hill, in dread of the half-girlish servant of the goddess, who hath dedicated to her these robes and this his yellow hair.

Greek Anthology, Book VI, 217

Sort of like the Samson story, the Lion being a main figure of Cybele of course.




Qadesh, Ishtar, Hathor, Medusa, Humbaba, Bes all have something else in common. They are facing forward.

Habhab being written as hidden would also make sense if the goddess was being hidden away, as what happened after the Deuteronomic purge when the Asherah and her symbols were banished from the land. Also see the story of the rape of Dinah by Shechem and the protection of her by her brothers covering her this would be hiding, like behind a veil, as in the veils of the temple (see the qadesh stele as the temple, also Eliaphis Levi's interpretation of this story). Dinah is raped by Shechem, and then wants to marry her. Her brothers say no unless all the men of Shechem are circumcised. They agree, then Simeon and Levi (the priests) go and kill all the men while they are hurting from getting disfigured. Shechem is the chief city of Resheph btw. Medusa was raped by Poseidon.

Ok hope that all makes sense. I don't

That picture is actually not Ishtar.

Ishtar and her equivalents Isis and Semiramis are fertility goddesses.

A fertility goddesses breaking the Ankh is anathema to her role, as the Ankh is a symbol for sexual union.

It's more likely Lilittu or Lilith as we know her today, notice the Moloch owls representing infant sacrifice.

posted on Dec, 13 2016 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

Shamash is the sun God of Hammurabi.

The source of names like Shem, Semiramis, Shamans also derive their title from Shamash.

Egyptian priests were called Sem's or Sem Sem.

And the Hebrew God is called HaShem.

He is also called Adonai.

(Ahaya) Asher (Ahaya) or Asher, patron God of Assyria and source of its name .

Asherah is the Queen of Heaven. One time consort of Yahweh, El and part of Temple worship, Josiah eliminated that but she was still worshipped to the displeasure of the Prophets.

Miriam was a Priestess of the Hebrew God, according to the only source for information about her the Bible, anything else is speculation.

Jacob or Yaakov is Iachoh or IAO, which explains why he wrestled and defeated El.

posted on Dec, 15 2016 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

There is no "devil" or "satanic trinity" in side humanity, and outside humanity there is only THE ARCHITECT dualism

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 09:35 AM
a reply to: SethTsaddik

Quit badmouthing is a WOMAN'S [Eve, the creation] right to decide whether or not to procreate...not the man's/sperm/penis/serpents...I find this type of pro rape mentality offensive. If you were a worthy mate would she not find you acceptable (Gen 4)?

It is hardly her fault that you are not acceptable...get busy improving yourselves and stop blaming 'the woman' [the creation] for your obvious problems and defectiveness. You slaughter the world and blame it on 'the woman' EXACTLY like your father, Adam the devil or the LIAR from the beginning who refused to take responsibility for his own act and knowingly (he wasn't 'innocent' like you MALES pretend when he plotted to murder Eve) before God to have his wife slaughtered instead of himself AFTER he ate of the tree of good and evil.

The Ahk is not 'broken' it is part of her arms and hands as all 'threshold' gods...Dagon, Isis, Sin etc. That is why the power is in her hands, specifically the palms. It was always hers to decide if humanity should continue and as of now it appears that the decision was rendered NOT IN YOUR FAVOR...because of your grotesque behavior, defects and your faults.

That graphic of the camps of Israel is incorrect according to astrotheology ('israel' likes to lie a lot so I am not super surprised that they would misrepresent this too). Taurus and Scorpio are opposite each other and Virgo and Leo are opposite each other. That is why Hbby (love; babalon) is 'the gate of God' at its head or in Scorpio as the 13th sign of Ophiuchus the Serpent Wrangler (the WOMAN who defeats the serpent; Seth; Set according to Gen 3). Of course, Israel wouldn't want to acknowledge that she destroys Set[h] (as Balaam prophesied rightfully of your destruction) because they wish to continue in their disgusting and immoral destruction of the globe through usury, rape, murder, pedophilia and etc, name it and it was brought to you by 'israel'.

SethTsaddik (now THERE is an OXymoron for you. Lolz)

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