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Rant? Opinion? Feedback?

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posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 02:45 AM
Another election cycle has come and gone. Predictable, boring, maybe even a guilty pleasure for some. Like old reruns of bad reality shows on late night television that you know all the one liners to but still watch for some subconscious reason, you may not even really understand why. The past year has been like watching a toddler throw themself down on the floor at the supermarket. Flailing, crying and screaming incoherent babbles. You watch on at the scene with feelings of embarrassment, empathy, anger or even complete hilarity. Regardless of what you feel, you continue to watch and make your own judgements of what should or shouldn't be done to quell the situation . Maybe even what could have been done before hand hand to prevent such an outburst. The unfortunate reality of the situation though is that you aren't watching a toddlers tantrum at the supermarket. You were in fact watching the process of determining the next President of the United States of America. A spectacle which has revealed the current culture we live in. A culture of instant gratification with no effort or sacrifice and no thought of repercussion of actions . A culture that wants and wishes for utopia through the hands of a stranger. An elected official that you've been persuaded to believe has the same morals and values as you do through television, social media and distorted word of mouth interpretations. A stranger that will give you exactly what you, your family and friends want and need to get ahead in your less than fortunate situation.

Keep in mind, this stranger has been at the table long before you started playing this game. This stranger uses a strategy that is played when they're all in, down against the leading chip holder with everything to lose. When all the odds are stacked against them and they don't have any other choice, they bluff. They lie, they cheat, they sweet talk, they intimidate. They give you the ice cold stare, trying to solidify their stance. They do what it takes to stay alive, to keep that chip count up and break down the chip leader, little by little. However long it takes. They make you believe every word they say.

The most powerful have been rendered powerless by their very own hands. Torn by issues that have been given validation through values imposed by the same individuals trying to strip them away. A game of give and take. A game of us against them. A game where the objective has been forgotten a long time ago. Lost in the distractions of past and present generations that still hold the weight of values and tradition without the thought of progression and sustainability.

The world we live in has changed. For the better or for worse we are living in a new time that doesn't fall in the box of previous times. A time that doesn't and won't rely on a figure head to make decisions for an entire group unless the group is honestly and thoroughly represented. Our current system will work if properly maintained. Everyone needs to maintain a stance and not just an opinion. Stop waiting around for a great leader to come and change the world to save you. Have the courage to be that leader. Simply voicing an opinion or belief won't change anything. Either elect local individuals that represent you or become the representative of your community that will share the beliefs, values and morals of your supporters. It's so easy to let another person handle this issues and problems of your community without giving it a second thought but if you had the entire community behind you, supporting you, how much easier would that be?

Always remember, the people run this country. It all starts with individuals influencing communities, communities influencing state representatives, state representatives influencing the Senate and the Senate working with the state representatives to influence the President. Communities can and will run the corruption out of politics if they choose to. You just have to want to do it and not hope to do it.

PS: Please don't be the child throwing a temper tantrum. No one will EVER take you serious. Please be an adult with the rest of us and deal with real issues and problems in an adult manner.

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 04:28 AM
It's not really an upward influential republic. Local issues influence our local representatives. Foreign policy is dictated by an international oligarchy of the who's who in government, finance, military and corporate interests.

They use their great wealth to mold the people's mind with filth, degradation and manufactured crisis.

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