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Massage therapy vs Pharmaceuticals

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 03:44 PM
I gotta hand it to my massage lady, if it wasn't for her I would be on pills.

Between the stresses in life which brings about anxiety and sometimes depression it's good to know that you can rid yourself of stress by simply getting a rub down.

My massage therapist is 50/hr which is cheaper then buying prescription drugs.

It's amazing you know, having the feeling of being destressed and knowing that your destressed because yourbody doesn't feel it.

You can also tell when your getting stressed out again because your body changes, when your body changes you feel tight again and you know you should probably go back and seek more therapy.

really, it's alot cheaper then buying scripts.

Plus I sleep way better. Usually I have a hard time falling asleep but after my session and weeks after that I can sleep whenever I feel tired, not just when I'm exhausted.

I highly recommend massage therapy for you stressed out people, you may not even know your stressed out, but your body knows... for whats its worth.

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