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Tales From the Road.

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 03:44 PM
I am sharing a new writing project I am doing, its a fictionalized tale of a young man who is on the road reviewing his life so far and the adeventures he gets into on the road. Its like a coming of age story but I feel its unique. It contains some mild sexual dialouge and mild language but nothing explicit. Please also mind while reading, the way it is written is part of its style.

I am not sure where I am going, or why I even left. Maybe it was because I got bored of it and wanted to feel life for once or just that it was an excuse to get laid. But its too late now, I’ve been on the road for the past six or eight hours and I don’t feel like stopping. Towns, rivers, trucks all whiz by as my car, which is just an old ragtop, cruises on the highway to…well somewhere I guess. Not too sure where yet, just that I’ll know when I get there. All I had with me were some CDs, a book or two, a blender, and my ex’s pantyhose. Why I never threw it out is a mystery to me, maybe I wanted to remember her. She was a beautiful girl, 16 tall and blonde. My favorite, but I guess my knack for being a disturbing fell kicked in too soon.
It was a cold summer night as I drove her to her favorite restaurant some Mexican place that escapes my mind now. Sure she had a thing for Mexican food made me feel like a bloated hippo though, but it didn’t matter. I loved her. As she ate her dish of spicy chicken and red hot peppers I was thinking of a future, settling down in the South on a farm or near a beach with many children of our own, and that’s when I blew it.
“So you want to go down South and get kinky?”
As those words left my mouth I thought I was going to get covered in her vomit and die of a heart attack at the same time. At least I didn’t mention the leather or my impression of a whip crack this time. She stared at me, a strand of pepper hanging loosely from her mouth. It dropped into her plate and some rice flew up, I clasped my head into my hands.
“What did you say?” the words came out slowly as if she felt that the whole world knew about what I just said. She stared at me, cold and hard.
“I said that we should…go down South…and um my dear and uh see some scenery?” I cringed as these words came out. One of the worst lies I ever had to give. Hopefully she would believe it. I glanced at her and smiled, after what seemed like 23 years she smiled back a weak one at that. I sighed damn I lost another.
Still this doesn’t really explain why I have her pantyhose with me, she may have lost it during a make out session or forgot it. It may come in handy later on espcially if I need it to strangle a drug-crazed hijacker. At least I can remember her by that, wait what was her name? Stacy, Linda, Angela? Maybe, but only I could remember someone as hot as her and forget the name…

“My that was great sex Sheila top notch performance. And the Oscar for best orgasm goes too…”
“My name is Carmen you jerk.”

Things that happen too much to me, I cannot count how many times I was kicked out of bed for forgetting the babe’s name. So many nights stumbling to my car nude except for my bundle of clothes listening to her yell her name at me and curse my good name. Sometimes I wish they all had their names printed in between their breasts so I won’t yell out the wrong name in the sack again.
It’s now about two in the morning and I am still driving, I should probably put the top up but I can’t see a damn thing. I was fumbling around and hit the windshield wiper, cursing in Hebrew, I’m not really Jewish its just something I picked up, and then I finally find the switch for the top. At least the panty house and me will be safe from rain.

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 04:05 PM
I should also note that this is the first entry in the "series". It should be about 12 or 15 posts in total.

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 03:14 PM
12 - 15!

I look forward to them!

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 02:51 PM
cool looking forward to it

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