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No one cares thanks for asking...

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posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 05:43 AM
!¡! DISCLAMER !¡! The following is what we hopefully become a running series of post on numerous topics, including news, world events, entertainment and member interviews, it will contain satire, fiction, reality and other stupid stuff that "no one cares about' thanks for asking". If this is in the wrong section mods please feel free to move as needed.

Now the much anticipated first edition of "no one cares, thanks for asking"

So imagine this if you will, you are sitting here reading these words that I have typed out on your smart phone, computer or tablet and I have to admit your thinking wtf is this? And why the f do I care what this clown has to say. My response to you is you most likely shouldn't, I'm an educated idiot at best and a moron at worst but at times I can be entertaining. On to it I say.

Election day 2016

Ah the day has finally arrived election day the smell of suffer and brimstone in the air millions of Americans prepare for the journey to the polls to. Elect the new anti Christ, will joy of joys never cease? I hear rumors that no matter the results of today's election Satan himself will be fully aroused by the results, maybe it will be the smell of blood in the air from all the riots that are sure to follow or just that he thinks trump will look good in a dress I don't know, Satan won't return my request for an interview.

So as you go out and vote today don't forget to wear your I voted and now I feel dirty stickers with pride knowing that you helped to bring the divide in America just that much further apart by being forced to choose between a Dookie sandwich and a giant orange douche bag.

Congratulations America we lose!

Meet a member (in the future hopefully I will have an actual member to interview but for today I will interview times.)

Q. So you go by crimson god, why is that?
A. Well I don't really know, its something that sounded good at the time...

Q. So there has been a lot of hubbub over the current political atmosphere here on ats lately how did you manage to survive the lynching of liberals?
A. Are you kidding the noose is still around my neck and this stool is on its last legs....
Q. If this is truly the end of america as we know it what one thing would you like to tell our meager viewership?
A. I told you all...what I'm not really sure but I'm sure I told you all...
Q. And lastly what did you hope to gain by doing this interview?
A. Filler lots and lots of filler.....

How to spot a paid shill:
Here on ATS we hear a lot of people called paid shills, shills and every other variation of the slur. I often wonder what constitutes a shill and how to spot one here on ATS, so I reached out to Shilly McCshillington an expert in shills and shill logic.

Q. Shilldog, can I call you Shilldog?
A. No.
Q. Um... Ok soooooo that was awkward lets get on with does one spot a shill?
A. Well really its simple there are a few key signs that will point out a shill every time.

1. They have a differing opinion to that of your own.
2. They are well versed in the conversation at hand
3. Your an idiot
4. Takes offense to being called a shill

Q. Hmmm those are some very interesting points, but what would you say to some one who is caught cross posting similar information an multiple user generated content web sites? Surely they are a shil

A. You sir are an idiot, I would tell them to keep up the good work spreading information is a great use of your free time.

Q. But but but.... I need a hug....people said that shills are everywhere...

A. While there could be shils lurking every where but most likely they will be working a disinfo route and playing the laughable idiot spreading blatant bs. Not well rounded and thought out threads.

Q. Well thank you for your time Shilldog.
A. F YOU...

In the future this is where I will answer readers questions....if I have any.. As I don't have any at the moment enjoy this image.

If you would like to be a part of "No one cares, thanks for asking"

Please feel free to pm me with any questions you would like answered.

Alas this first edition of "No one cares, thanks for asking" is drawing to a rather abrupt end but please pay attention as I shall be making random updates to cover the scand...I mean election in progress.

Word to your brothers mothers cousin
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posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 06:00 AM
I find myself slow awake....... fast asleep.

posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 09:08 AM

Besides the first obvious, glaring thing that people don't think what they think they think and then when there is even a chance of a real 'thinker' they don't do their own "due diligence" they let the 'media' do their thinking 6 days a week and then on Sunday they go get their religion™ from "Pastor Dave" who gets to feel through religion™ and tell them what is 'up'..

If this thread was open to music videos I'd add Bob Marley's "Redemption Song"

"Emancipate YourSelf from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free Our mind..."

Stay Hydrated...

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