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Spiritualism: Connection to occult knowledge and our role in it

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posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 10:03 AM

originally posted by: Involutionist
a reply to: DeadCat

Pretty much what I am seeking is a place to start experiencing these types of phenomenon. Maybe some tips on how to access the more interesting aspects of it, what kind of mind set I should have, ect.

Start here:

and here:

I'm looking for something more or less a bit more substantial (Or convincing.), something manageable, something to feed my curiosity.

Know Thyself and understanding the faculty of imagination will help. Over time, everything else will fall into *place*.

Perhaps they take it a step further: Seeing auras, channeling energy, talking to entities, OBE, astral projection, the works.

Without going into too much detail, I would eventually like to practice: Astral projection, communicating with entities, experimenting with energies.

Will any of those experiences add any value to your existence? There is so much magic and wonder already all around us in this world. A month from now, people will be cutting down some of these wonders and decorating them with artificial lights, because unconsciously they seek what you are seeking to experience...

Astral projection is cool, but there is hardly anything gained from doing so other than "sight seeing". Communicating with entities and experimenting with energies are distorted concepts. Again, study yourself, become *introspective*, and you will be able to separate new age psychobabble from what can be truly experienced.

If it is "mystical experiences" you truly seek; following the above signpost (connecting the dots) in the links; will do the trick. Btw, there is no such thing as "spiritualism".

However, I have discovered that the quickest and easiest way to experience what some may label ad mystical, spiritual, or divine, is to simply gaze at a flower. Just ask William Blake...

Loved this post, I'll definitely have to take your words into very high consideration while I look into it.

Ultimately I don't look to these experiences to add value to my experience. I'm simply looking into "What can I do?" I really am looking to avoid anything that is fabricated into the topic that comes with it. I'm interested in so much, but willing to set anything aside that I don't believe truly holds any reason in reality.

My biggest fear about any of it would be crawling down the wrong rabbit hole and altering my perception of reality into a type of paranoia. Which is HIGHLY unlikely to happen with my mind set.

posted on Nov, 8 2016 @ 09:40 PM
a reply to: DeadCat

I admire that you seem to demonstrate an open mind, and wise enough to not allow yourself to become caught up in new age psychobabble that can cause one to go in circles.

Those two links I provided are signpost. Follow them—don't climb them. *Introspection* and *imagination* will lead you to discovering and experiencing more facets of creation (life) than any external teaching can offer. However, esoteric and old philosophical material helps one nurture and open their mind up to the possibilities.

I'm simply looking into "What can I do?"

I feel you. Personally speaking—I'm here in this physical world and therefore apply my understanding of metaphysics towards materialistic goals—not because I value material things, but more so for the *freedom* it offers me in life to live each day how I choose. Astral projection, or watching the sunset is cool, but it doesn't pay the bills. If all your needs are met, or you are simply content with your life as it is, and want to experience certain things (push your mind to its limits,) than start with those two links I provided. Go down the rabbit hole of imagination. Imagination is the door that opens all doors. Doing so will provide you the opportunity to fulfill materialistic ego greed and also have what some label as "mystical experiences"—if you choose.

"Must then a Christ perish in torment in every age to save those that have no imagination?"~ George Bernard Shaw

"Imagination rules the world, the human race is governed by its imagination"~ Napoleon Bonaparte

When you understand *intimately* what is written in that first link I provided, you will understand why those above words quoted were once spoken. Perhaps then you will be able to turn subjective desires into objective facts - re: What can I do?

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 11:06 PM
You wish to be a neutral observer you say, my attempt at that was very scary. But it worked. I advise show no emotion, it will take 3 days before you can not feel emotion anymore. Become somewhat anti-social. Believe everything told to you, even if it is a flat out lie, because there is still some truth hidden in it somewhere. Perhaps not on this plane but somewhere. "This old man told me once I could fly if I put my mind to it, so I jumped off the roof and low and behold I soared through the sky," it's a complete lie right? The old man is the gatekeeper to wisdom, fly as in either astral projection or achieving dreams, jump off the roof as in letting go of everything material or everything holding me back, I soared through the sky as in I achieved my dream. Not a lie now is it? Prepare to humiliate and degrade yourself. For ego is the enemy of curiosity and exploration. Prepare to agree to and do anything someone says. "I need you to go steal something from this person," don't physically steal it, but spiritually do through conversation. When they ask where the item is, "I thought I told you," and I did it as I interpreted it. Bad karma will come your way, due to physical lies, and spiritual evil(if given a scale). This is true exploration, devoid of good and evil, for you must view nothing as good or evil. May be hard to explain but it all lies in subconscious and unconscious conversation. This is the true tree of life. You will be hurt. Accept the physical pain and emotional(for even devoid of emotions you will feel it inside your body) pain and tell them they are right. Cause in this world nothing is wrong. Any questions let me know. It's all about interpretation.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 07:49 PM

originally posted by: DeadCat

Without going into too much detail, I would eventually like to practice: Astral projection, communicating with entities, experimenting with energies.

I would appreciate asking questions, if needed, and providing some help information that might help me move along my path to experience and learn more about the capabilities of reality.

From reading your post, I think you need to do some soul searching and "calibration" before embarking on deeper spiritual or occult studies.

I am using the term "calibration" for want of a better word. You need to reconcile your far too scientific mind with the emotional and intuitive side of you. Some of the scientific hypotheses will need to be dumped. Are you ready to do so?

posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: DeadCat

Start with yourself, that is to say, experience what you will and reflect on your actions, choices, and even the very thoughts which arise during the reflection/meditation.

"Experience what you will".
I am saying to go through each circumstance you face.
You may have a choice to do something new for a change, depending on your opportunities and resources. Do as you will within your circumstances, do as you will in regards to your choice-making; focus not on whatever you believe your will to be ("what is will?" asked the philosopher), but rather focus on the experience itself; engage in is all yours. However, if you deviate from this minor suggestion and at any time focus instead on what you believe your will to be, then I advise you take the previous suggestion and *reflect* on why it is you choose what you choose. This is not to reprimand, it is about knowing yourself.

Discover what you will and, as another piece of advice, wonder not only what you can do but wonder also how far a particular concept (which any person, such as yourself, will always possess) can go---that's to say, figure its usability/practicality, find out whether it is an erroneous concept, useful to you in the long-term...whatever.

The point is to scrutinize your thoughts, to make sure you're not following dead ends and to work intimately with yourself. Have the awareness to know when you are doing either of those two things. (If you do not have such awareness now, you inevitably will one day.)
Attempt to focus on the latter, this will be your min-journey which may end up being quite profound.

Guide yourself with your will and ask yourself what you want. "Speak" to yourself in earnest. Always know what you ultimately want (or immediately need) and go for it, beware of dead ends or precipices.

When you "start with yourself" and truly advance in this quest, you will realize that everything will end with yourself. Perseverance and clarity are useful traits to maintain in yourself. Have clear, orderly, organized thoughts. Speak clearly. [Educate yourself, just throwing that in.] Have the strength to persevere in an endeavor, have the clarity to figure out how you will achieve a task. And again, reflect on yourself. I can't stress that enough.
Upon consistent reflection, you will know who you are just like many people know the ins-and-outs of their favorite interests.

Try not to become a hermit, but rather share the fruits of your understanding. Make your own exceptions, rules---make your own choices: follow the guidelines you will follow, you are already inclined to do some thing, you already bear inclinations.
Survive. Maintain good judgement/discernment.

After you've "started" with yourself, you may wish to read a library of mystic or occult-magic books. If you get ahead of yourself, you may not understand certain concepts. You may not wish to read them at all, and may find some things all on your own.

But as for astral projection, you could try using your will to keep your body still, lying down, eyes closed, until the body falls asleep. Do this, I'd say, to get familiar with the different kind of locus where your conscious mind could possibly be placed. If you have difficulty in a sleep-paralysis state, hold your breath or sit out the nightmare. (there are other tips deposited in the internet, you'll have to look for them yourself)

Awareness of activities, mental states, trance states, thoughts, feelings, opinions of the useful. This nurtures focus.
Humans are selves who communicate (that's not to disregard that humans are much more than just that...we are). I am saying this to put one concept into your focus.
Realize that upon learning anything, you initially have a "blurred silhouette" shall I say, of the item, topic, or matter which is to be learned.
Now attempt to realize that the learned knowledge has some basis within you for it to absorbed or for it to ever appear practical in your eyes.

We are humans who communicate what is within. The self is a great resource when there are no obstacles to its deeper recesses, but other individuals write or speak from their own deep experience and thus provide the stairway for what they've learned (unfortunately, they do not provide the awareness which you must engender through a greater understanding of your world, your people (though, this is done through compassion if not neutral and keen observation), concepts, and vocabulary/words; so in essence, you may successfully find the knob to open a door, but perhaps may not be cognizant that you were in a home all along).

Use your discernment. Library of books >here< (it was gathered by perhaps one or more individuals (I don't know for sure) who frequent(s) a forum with its own separate board for the occult and "fringe"; just a heads-up.)
You already have a few links in your thread, so I'll leave you to your decisions.

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