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Research Topic / I'itoi - Man in the Maze

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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 01:58 PM

I enjoy a good series and i became hooked on the WestWorld Series. A fantastic story but also, mysteries, puzzles you can solve outside of the series,if you are into deep digging research.. So i found a puzzle in the story which i believe has a bigger narrative, follow along on my jump down a hole or just read the summary..

The Man in the Maze

The figure above is known as the "Man in the maze," an emblem of the Tohono O'odham[1] Nation of Southern Arizona (formerly known as the Papago Indians). The design is;" A man exiting a labyrinth ". Labyrinths are common motifs in ancient petroglyphs[2] (Native American rock art), and often resemble those found in ancient Greece and other parts of the world.

This symbol is said to;" Represent a person's journey through life ". Although the design appears to be a maze, it is actually a unicursal figure ( Labyrinth[3] ) with many twists and turns; these are said to represent choices made in life. The center is dark, as the journey is one from darkness to light.

Myths and Legends

There is a Pima Indian legend, ( The Myths and Legends of the Pimas[4] )

When a person is born into this world, they enter a maze of life. The entrance is at the top where Se-eh-ha (Elder Brother) is waiting to show the way. The legend tells of the dead ends, detours and obstacles. It's the struggle to understand what can affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth that can guide them through the maze. At each turn, there is an opportunity to understand and appreciate the cycle of life, and to gain strength to move toward their goals. If the path is traveled in harmony and with a balance with nature, the legend says that dreams and ambitions will be found at the center of the maze, where E-e-thoi (Sun God) waits. He then passes them on to the next world.
There is no one meaning to the Man in the Maze.

Interpretations of the image vary from family to family.

ʼitoIi or Iʼithi is, in the cosmology of the O'odham peoples is the mischievous creator god who resides in a cave below the peak of Baboquivari Mountain[5], a sacred place within the territory of the Tohono O'odham[6] Nation. O'odham oral history describes I'itoi bringing Hohokam people[7] to this earth from the underworld. Hohokam are ancestors of both the Tohono O'odham and the Akimel O'odham[8] (River People). He is also responsible for the gift of the Himdag, a series of commandments guiding people to remain in balance with the world and interact with it as intended.


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Other references - Labyrinth

Cretan Labyrinth
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Gorgons Labyrinth

Other Sources

Native Languages - O'odham Legends

Thank you for Reading!
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