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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 01:52 PM

Come and get it! The leakiest campaign trail in US history is now exposed & ready for all to see.

This project was only possible because of everybody involved... from the leaks themselves, to everyone 'at' WikiLeaks, and to all of us (even the "News" in many cases). If you participated in any of this in productive way you owe yourself a pat on the back. Whether Hillary "wins" or not, we were all a part of history, and this mass collective effort will still yield results for years to come...

I had intended to have this all laid out organized, structured with a bit of narrative, but there just wasn't time for the election. This whole affair is so vast working the images the way I've 'developed', and the 'shrapnel' methods it took to get here was all that could ever be done in time.

This is everything I managed to gather up until this morning (still keep an eye out for new materials from todays releases).

Resource links at the end should portal to yet more. Much of this is what did get posted into the Twitter release feeds, and I managed to get in the hard work from our ATS release threads 1-11. And other stuff I gathered along the way the past month. If you open up the personal feeds of many of the Twitter people they probably have more coverage that didn't get tagged into the main feeds, as well. Also have lots of links to ATS threads, and outside articles too.

Please feel free to use these resources to construct your own threads and such moving forward. The entire project was meant to be an ultimate sort of journalistic toolkit.

The Bernie Sanders Files
The Clinton Foundation / Clinton Global Initiative Files
The Character Witness & Ethics Files
The Collusion / Corruption / Election Rigging Files
The Email Scandals / State Secrets / Benghazi Files
The Al Qaeda / ISIS / Middle East Files
The Lapdog Media Files
The George Soros Files
The Economy & TPP Files
The Social inJustice Files

This guide shows you how to pull up any emails you have in question:

In case you're wondering, I didn't just add anything and everything here. There was quite a bit of vetting as I moved along.

See also some of my other related mega-threads:
*Exclusive MSM Analysis Reveals They Have Gone FULL TABLOID (Trump Tapes vs. WikiLeaks Reveals All)
*The Ties That Bind The Bush & Clinton Crime Family's: The CIA's Global Drug & Jihad Empire
*Entered Into Evidence: The case for the United States v. Hillary Clinton (Paid Riot Squads)

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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 01:52 PM

Clinton / Soros Operative paid million$ to agitate war with Russia

Secret messages hidden within the SPAM of the Podesta Emails ?

We also had George Soro's "Open Society Foundation" hacked this summer. Initial scratching and sniffing gave many of us the impression of it being a bit neat and tidy, like a 'controlled (PR) leak'. Some stuff was in there I guess.

George Soros Funded Sharia Lobby’s Attacks on American Critics of Islam

originally posted by: xuenchen
More revealing information from the hacked George Soros organization show how they decided to go after anti-Radical-Muslim individuals and groups with money.

This is from 2011.

One effort gave big money to an organization called CAP (Center for American Progress)

CAP has many familiar names running the organization. One is John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

So it looks like big money is supporting the Radical Muslim agendas.

George Soros Funded Sharia Lobby’s Attacks on American Critics of Islam

VIDEO: Top 3 Most Shocking Revelations From The Soros Hack

3. George Soros had a hand in manipulating the media coverage surrounding Ukraine in 2014.
In a memo titled, “The Ukraine Debate in Western Europe,” the Soros-funded Open Society Initiative for Europe discussed manipulating media coverage of the 2014 coup in Kiev, in order to influence public opinion in Europe and to gain support for a “New Ukraine.”

2. George Soros funded the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $650,000.
After Freddie Gray died at the hands of Baltimore police in April 2015, the Open Society Foundation saw the resulting protests against police brutality as a way to push their own agenda by contributing heavily to the Black Lives Matter movement. One report for the foundation claimed, “recent events offer a unique opportunity to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement and to engage residents who have historically been disenfranchised in Baltimore City in shaping and monitoring reform.”

1. The Open Society Foundation planned to take advantage of the on-going refugee crisis in Europe.
In a memo titled, “Migration Governance and Enforcement” two OSF officials discussed a program called the International Migration Initiative, which aims to influence immigration policy. It stated that, “The current refugee crisis is creating space to reconsider the governance of migration and the international refugee regime.” The memo claimed that while it deliberately avoided the term “global governance,” the Soros-funded foundation believed the crisis in Europe presented “new opportunities” to influence global immigration policies, and to make the refugee crisis the “new normal.”

Hacked documents show George Soros' foundation 'tried to influence the Supreme Court justices on immigration case'
-An anonymous group released thousands of hacked documents from the Open Society Foundations this week
-One batch of documents shows how the foundation's U.S. officials wanted to influence the Supreme Court on a key immigration case
-OSF wanted Supreme Court to defend Obama executive order that would have granted the right to stay for millions of illegal immigrants
-George Soros, the Hungarian-born magnate, founded the foundation in 1984
-Foundation describes itself as an organization that works 'to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open'
-They fund 'a range of programs around the world, from public health to education to business development'

Leaked Doc: Soros Open Society Seeks to Reshape Census, Electoral Districts
According to a hacked document, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is funding key progressive groups with the stated goal of attempting to “influence appropriations for the (U.S.) Census Bureau” while pushing to change the methods in which racial categories are counted for the coming 2020 Census.

The 2020 Census is critical in determining the gain or loss of districts and the reapportionment of the numbers of House seats allotted to each state, otherwise known as redistricting. The Census could determine whether Democrats have a better chance at gaining control of the House next decade.

Soros’s group clearly understands the centrality of the 2020 Census and is apparently seeking to influence the outcome.

Soros Hack: Top 10 Machinations of a Master Manipulator

UNMASKED: A List of Stuff Soros Funds From the Recent Hack of His Foundations

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 01:55 PM
Entered Into Evidence - The case for the United States v. Hillary Clinton - Paid Riot Squads

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

"George Soros donates $8 million to boost Hillary", Politico News (1/31/16)
Soros funded her Super PAC's directly towards Hillary Clinton's Campaign.

"George Soros Spending Over $21 Million to Replace Scalia With a Liberal Activist", Life News (2/22/2016)
These are the same Super PAC's involved in Hillary's campaign.

"Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters", New York Times (3/10/2016)

"Major donors consider funding Black Lives Matter", Politico News (11/13/15)

George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action:, Washington Times (1/14/2015)
More data demonstrating Soros role in the foundation of BLM.

"Reversing Course, Soros to Give $1 Million to a Pro-Obama ‘Super PAC’", New York Times (9/27/2012)

The 'Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York October 1 to October 2, 2015', internal 69-page memo:
"Hacked Memo: George Soros Lobbied Obama To Accept 100,000 Refugees Per Year — and Succeeded", Breitbart News (9/18/2016)
"Obama Appointee Manages Soros-Backed Election Fund", The Washington Free Beacon (9/1/2016)

Open Society Foundations Tax Records:
"Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire", The Soros Files (4/28/2012)

Wikileaks Podesta Email #15201 (10/7/2014)

This email convseration is between Robby Mook and Huma Abedin. "I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy)"

Wikileaks Podesta Email #1180 (12/6/2015)

Podesta being advised by OSF President, Christopher Stone, on police reform for Chicago.

Wikileaks Podesta Email #12089 (12/29/2007)

Wikileaks Podesta Email #15585 (2/23/2015)

Wikileaks Podesta Email #17113 (3/5/2016)

Wikileaks Podesta Email #13109 (5/1/2015)

Wikileaks Hillary Emails Archive

This establishes Clinton was in direct contact with Soros via her personal email server, while Secretary of State.

Wikileaks Podesta Emails Archive

"Vest or Vote", by "Dream Defenders" (10/14/2014)

"Radical Leftist Group Launches Fear Campaign Directed At Black Voters", GING PAC (10/16/2014)

Wikileaks Podesta Email #3833 (7/4/2015)

Email discussion about "DREAMers" (Dream Defenders) using "bird dogging" tactics.

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 01:56 PM

Release Threads / Twitter Tracker Feeds:

WIKILEAKS Releases DNC Part 2 / #DNCLeak2

The Podesta Emails Part 01 / #PodestaEmails
The Podesta Emails Part 02 / #PodestaEmails2
The Podesta Emails Part 03 / #PodestaEmails3
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The Podesta Emails Part 12 / #PodestaEmails12
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The Podesta Emails Part 17 / #PodestaEmails17
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The Podesta Emails Part 24 / #PodestaEmails24
The Podesta Emails Part 25 / #PodestaEmails25
The Podesta Emails Part 26 / #PodestaEmails26
The Podesta Emails Part 27 / #PodestaEmails27
The Podesta Emails Part 28 / #PodestaEmails28
The Podesta Emails Part 29 / #PodestaEmails29
The Podesta Emails Part 30 / #PodestaEmails30
The Podesta Emails Part 31 / #PodestaEmails31
The Podesta Emails Part 32 / #PodestaEmails32
The Podesta Emails Part 33 / #PodestaEmails33

*How To Spot Fake Wikileaks emails Tutorial
*MIT Clinton/DNC/Podesta Emails Interactive Visualization Maps
*Podesta emails by CATAGORY
*Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Timeline
*Obama's "First Batch" of secret emails.... / #ObamaEmails
*Secret messages hidden within the SPAM of the Podesta Emails ?
*GoogleDoc: Full List of Damning Leaks
*Most Damaging WikiLeaks WebSite
*HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails
*Politico's Findings Feed
*The #WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks #Podesta FOIA & Whistleblowers REPOSITORY THREAD!!!

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 02:15 PM
Good work, loving the threads.

These email collections really do expose the hidden hands, with Soros the Nazi at the heart of it. Even though he is not the puppet master, he is a merely a string, he is powerful.

Unfortunately he belongs to a club that will never permit Trump to sit in the Oval Office. And many people do not care about any of this, they are hell bent on embracing their servitude.

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Thankyou for the work you've done collating these threads, you're a legend.

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 04:48 PM
Anyone else thinks Madelaine Albright looks like Soros in drag?

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 05:01 PM
Absolutely outstanding !!


posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 08:41 PM

originally posted by: Cobaltic1978
"Soros the Nazi"

Drops Mic

Didn't need to say anything more than that.

posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Great reporting, I'm learning more and more about Soros, and not much of it is good.

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