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Imagine a world - A journal entry

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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 09:44 AM
Imagine a world where passion, talent, desire, motivation, and achievement were advocated for and supported.

Imagine a world where various levels of individuality and independence were not only accepted, but revered and encouraged.

Imagine a world where financial success and freedom was gained through talent, skill, and ability in a myriad of ways, and was applicable to the individual - From the ability to grow a certain crop rather well, to having the ability to re-enact a historical movement in a way that captivates an audience.

Imagine a world where education - Teaching, and learning - were held as the highest honors of a society, where each individual has the ability and is encouraged to grow based on their particular talents, abilities, and skills.

Imagine a world more closely bound together - Peace, acceptance, freedom.

Can you imagine this world?

This is how the world was meant to be. This is how it should be. This is how it can be.

Idealism is close to fantasy, but I'll gladly die an optimist rather than live as a pessimist.

Why is the world... The way it is?

Why is Business only about productivity, and how close to a robot a human can become?
Why is Education a "One size fits all" regimen?
Why is Technology being used in ways that further separates us from each other?
Why is The Government attacking freedom, waging war on the poor, and overall serving no one?
Why is Entertainment ever increasingly watching others do something we could very well do with the person next to us?
Why is Religion still a huge cause of hatred, even wars?

Everyone is unique, everyone is an individual with specific talents, abilities, skills, passions, desires, dreams. This "One size fits all" mentality needs to be given up, it needs to be thrown in the trash and abandoned. Serving others is not what we were born to do - We were not born to make money for a corporation, to give that a good portion of that money to the government, who in turn kills and enslaves more people through war and oppression, while all the while we ignore these sins because Sunday night football is just so enticing.

Are you able to wake up?

I can't be so sure of myself, I have my goals, dreams, my aspirations - I have many idealistic thoughts on how I would like to change the world, but desire alone is not enough.

" For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root." - Thoreau

We have to identify the root of the problems, and attack. We cannot allow ourselves to waste away while hacking at leaves, or watching others do so.

Are you able to stand up?

This, I know I can do.

Maybe I'm a warrior of justice, and maybe I'm a fool with an idealistic view, either way - I do not accept the ways things are, and will do what I can to change first my own circumstances and situation, followed by others.

What will you do?


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