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Wikileaks #33 Podesta Emails release 07NOV16

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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: UKTruth

originally posted by: tikbalang

originally posted by: revswim

originally posted by: tikbalang
Please just please, stop with the Wikileaks, leaks, FBI- leaks, Comey leaks, Prosecution, Trump leaks, Hillary leaks...

Im so sick of seeing a nation like the US behaving like a 5 year old kid with ADD cause its parent didnt beat some common sense into it..

The majority of the world is looking at the Americans like " Are they even for real? "

Yes, if only the government treated us more like children and violently punished us, then we wouldnt leak that they are breaking the law. Is this someone's actual logic? Um... authoritarian much? Un-f'ing-believable. How do these people end up on ATS in the first place?

You are children, thats the problem..

It's never going to stop. Regardless of tomorrows result the information about Clinton's corruption is going to continue to come out and there is not a thing you can do about it.

keep crying wolf helps your case

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 04:35 PM
This thread is pure gold !

Now we need to search for keywords like universe, consciousness, eti, extra, and a bunch more, not only UFO...
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posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 06:02 PM
Thanks to all for keeping the leaky threads going, especially
those making the OP's! it is so awesome to be able to come
here and see every day!

Finally today even seeing some die hard media mouths
admitting they were wrong about The Crime Foundation,
and HRC.

Wondering if CNN will make it official, and change their name
to Clinton News Network now!?

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