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16 days 16 hours

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posted on Nov, 6 2016 @ 01:35 PM
The marching band played low tones as 8 boys and 8 girls were chosen to be locked up in a 16x16 cave for 16 days and 16 hours. Dr. Jones was know as a mad crazy person to the people around him. The year is 2020, all this was taking place after Greenland unleashed nukes to hit the USA and China.

Dr. Jones picked 16 people all 16 years old. We now live in lawless times so you fight or you are picked.

The rules:

A: There are no rules.

The boys names: Eric, Todd, Jimmy, Lawarnce, Charlie, Chad, Jon and Brendon.

The girls names: Erica, Tammy, Jodi, Lisa, Carry, Christine, Julie and Breana.

The 16 were zip tied and hauled away to the cave located in an unknown location. Dr. Jones instructed the 16 as to a food drop would take place every 16 hours. Only Julie was allowed out of the cave to collect the food, anyone else would be instantly killed by the electric band placed over everyone's neck.

Dr. Jones said "here is the deal, you have 16 days and 16 hours to escape the cave." "You cannot leave the opening or you will be killed by the electric band on your necks."

Erica asked "Dr, is this possible to escape without being killed?"

Dr. Jones replied "Yes Erica but this is for you all to figure out." "If your group does not make it out after the time limit you will all be crushed by an incoming near earth object". "Good luck". Said Dr Jones.

The 16 were placed in the cave after a long flight. In the cave they found 16 led flashlights, 16 gallons of water, 16 forks, 16 sleeping bags, 16 boxes of Ohio Blue Tip matches, 16 large fire logs, 16 twigs and in the other side of the cave was a bathroom. Strange.

Jimmy noticed a large fan pumping in oxygen with hundreds of extra feet of electric cable. The 16 started talking about why are they here when all of a sudden Julie took over said said "Ok we don't have time for games, we know what we have now let's figure out how to get the hell out of here without fighting or hurting each other".

I will say this, all 16 made it out alive. Can you figure out and add to the story as to how this happened?

I will add part two later. Called the escape.
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