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The Billionaire's Brain Hackers

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 10:03 PM
This is very scary, and very typical of wealthy right-wing people.

While the useful idiots of America are endlessly attacking the allegedly liberal media as fake news, people like this are doing things that truly are manipulative and dangerous and getting away with it Scott free, because we've been brainwashed to believe that the rich should have more rights than us. It's pathetic how stupid people are.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 10:07 PM
a reply to: CB328

I think you need to take off the partisan goggles to fully understand what this entails. I for one see this as a wealthy-elite agenda. Politics simply being a vehicle and the grand charade.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 10:13 PM
Holy Crap. Mercer.

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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 10:14 PM

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posted on Dec, 13 2016 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: JinMI

One has to read the 1980 Libertarian Party platform to understand what today's Republican Party is all about. What David Koch could not do in 1980, he has patiently waited and spent his money to influence and finally take over the GOP. When the Koch machine finally saw that Donald Trump had no ideology, they gave him one, through Robert Mercer, a Koch ideologue.

It is about getting rid of all functions of the fed govt save military and a limited very limited few. The Koch call to lower taxes was not so Joe Taxpayer could "get to keep what is his" or Corporation Joe could have more money to trickle down into the economy. It was all about defunding govt to "make govt small enough to drown it in a bathtub".

Trump's choices for cabinet positions are there to make sure the departments fail. Choosing people with no experience is a great way to ensure failure. Rick Perry, his latest pick (Energy Sec), would be in charge of the very cabinet he could not name as one of the ones he wanted to get rid of!

I have to laugh at people who say that Trump will not touch their Social Security and Medicare. HA! Read the 1980 platform. Gone.

And without federal civil rights, states rights discrimination will return.

This Koch coup is the coup de grace for the federal govt.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 09:29 PM
I came across this thread while searching around for more info about Cambridge Analytica and thought it needed a bump. For those who haven't read this OP and more importantly, considered the impact of what is being said here, you really need take a second and read it.

This is still going on and is even picking up speed and power and influence as we speak. IMO this is one of the most important, non theoretical conspiracy that is happening right now that is impacting the world stage. The evidence for it is extensive and the impact of it is profound.

Our minds are being hacked and manipulated to a degree that we can't even imagine and that most don't even realize. Your thoughts and emotions are no longer your own. We are all being mind f*cked into ideological zombies without even knowing it by AI that knows us better than we know ourselves.

We do not have the upper hand here. We ARE being controlled mentally and emotionally by the most advanced psycho/social propaganda machines the world has ever seen. But before we even begin to have a chance at getting our minds back we first have to understand what it is that we are up against. We need to first learn for ourselves who and what our invisible enemy is doing to us.

Please take the time to learn more about this. Understand that your thoughts are no longer your own. It's your mind, take the time to learn how to defend it.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 09:38 PM
a reply to: mOjOm

Ante has found and transcribed the playbook here.

One of the top threads on Ats imo.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 09:43 PM
It's getting hard to say which is going to be scarcer:


I suppose funeral services will be held for both simultaneously.
Although the public won't find out about it until much later in such a fashion as to make one think both had just been born.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 09:45 PM
I really miss these types of threads from Ante... I even missed this one all together.... great information brought to light.

Not all too surprising but still more to digest.


posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 10:22 PM
a reply to: Asktheanimals

Well, Freedom is actually just a myth we tell ourselves is real. What we really have is just a series of different cages, some more acceptable than others. We mostly just strive for the one we like the most and settle there if possible.

Obviously Truth isn't all that reliable either since it's clearly something that can be created at any moment. Now it's easier and faster to do it than ever before with the help of AI and advanced psychological and sociological study.

It's unfortunate to realize we've taken both of these concepts and willingly chose to weaponize them against ourselves rather than realize them for what they might have been.

Maybe that is the real test though. The challenge which weeds out the successful species from the unsuccessful in our stage of evolutionary progression. After all, once you get beyond material stages of technological advancements and into the information stage you're basically dealing with something much more crucial and pervasive. Making the choice to weaponize our information against ourselves like we're doing has the ability to unwind everything we've accomplished up to this point. Like a binary reversal, we can turn truth into lies, right into wrong and black into white. We can undo all of our knowledge and principles. Reverse all our progress and erase ourselves from ever having existed if we choose to do so.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 10:32 PM
The issue with presidential politics is that most people actually believe it's the President that holds the power. It's not.

It comes down to the billionaires who predetermine which candidates can be effectively sold to Joe Public and are themselves controllable. It reminds me over and over that people brains really work like the 24hr news cycle. It's the whole purpose of the mainstream news design and also why big news is dropped on a Friday when everyone tunes out.

Let's consider the "change we can believe in" campaign and it's effectiveness. Then look back at Obama's administration's policies. In the end he was just a yes man for rich and sinister people.

Now we have the Trump campaign with "making America great again". Same exact MO on the campaign trail. Real effective hearts and minds campaign. Like Obama's very divisive also.

Do we need to go further back to see how we were fed the Iraq way? As each year moves forward they perfect and hone their skills while mindless drones tell them exactly what they want and need to know to manipulate us.

"Well gentleman, do you think they would fall for that?"

"Not sure, let's have a stress test, we'll create the story and get it on all the morning news, check the trends on FB, Twitter, etc and get back to you on Friday. If the test passed we'll do a full roll out next week. They won't know what hit them."

*Clears throat*

Really good work here Antidiluvian.

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posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: mOjOm

I have a feeling you and I grew up in different times.
When I was a kid in the 60's and 70's we certainly felt pretty free.
Our parents would let us roam the woods all day if we wanted to.
We could ride our bikes miles away from home and didn't even have to call home to "check in" periodically.
If we were late for supper that was a different thing altogether.
No internet, no cell phones, no cameras everywhere, no school dress codes.
Maybe that wasn't freedom but it sure seemed like it to me.
Today's youth I pity because they will never know the kind of freedom I enjoyed as a kid.

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 11:18 PM
a reply to: mOjOm

Indeed an important piece of work for the CT domain. Thanks for bumping it.

They will control anything that they can control.
Are we sure about what they can, and cannot control?

posted on Jul, 7 2017 @ 11:40 PM
Billionaires using their wealth and influence to manipulate the population? I made a similar thread to illustrate that same point. Once the partisan blinders are removed, the true plutocratic nature and power structure of modern civilization is revealed.

The United States - A Billionaires' Playground

The Social Science Research Council is an independent, international, nonprofit organization founded in 1923. Governed by a board of directors, it fosters innovative research, nurtures new generations of social scientists, deepens how inquiry is practiced within and across disciplines, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.

Bay Area couple helped grow think tank

That same think tank just so happens to be the reasoning behind Obama’s policy making.

The Sandler Foundation

A liberal think tank helping to shape the incoming Obama administration's personnel and policy owes its existence in part to a pair of East Bay billionaire banking moguls.

"Why do you form a think tank like that? In order to influence the policy and personnel of your party's next administration, and obviously they've done that," he said. "It's obvious they've had an impact, and a major one. "... To have this many people associated with the organization being tapped in senior positions is impressive."

Herb and Marion Sandler made their fortune by building Golden West Financial Corp. The same corporation just so happens to be the parent company of the World Savings Bank. It was eventually sold to Wachovia Bank for $24.2 billion.

I'll even throw in "Spirit barbeque" Podesta as a bonus.

Center for American Progress

CAP will be the predominant policy clearinghouse that shapes this presidency's [Obama's] policies, much as the Heritage Foundation did for President Ronald Reagan, the Progressive Policy Institute did for President Bill Clinton and the American Enterprise Institute did for President George W. Bush.

We need to rise above silly partisan soap operas and unite against the corrupt, capitalistic system that was designed to separate the ignorant from eclipsing the elite's influence and power. The majority exist and work to serve the secret oligarchy and their private agendas, blissfully.

posted on Jul, 8 2017 @ 02:26 AM
a reply to: Asktheanimals

I wasn't born till the mid 70's so I know a life similar to yours. But that was long ago. I was mostly talking about the world we live in today though.

posted on Jul, 8 2017 @ 08:11 AM
a reply to: mOjOm

Glad you bumped this thread. Here's a Jane Mayer (Dark Money author) article, from March 2017, giving a picture of Mercer the man and "How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency".

The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency

The American political ground had already been prepared over past decades for someone like Robert Mercer to plant the seeds of his dark view and to harvest a successful crop.

“Bob believes that human beings have no inherent value other than how much money they make. A cat has value, he’s said, because it provides pleasure to humans. But if someone is on welfare they have negative value. If he earns a thousand times more than a schoolteacher, then he’s a thousand times more valuable.”

Humanity truly reduced to numbers.

Magerman ....said that this mind-set was typical of “instant billionaires” in finance, who “have no stake in society,” unlike the industrialists of the past, who “built real things.”

And all this underlying belief helped elect a billionaire POTUS, one who, like Mercer, did not build "real things". This billionaire sold illusions and dreams, and transferred other peoples money into his properties.

Gone is the noblesse oblige, when the American wealthy "built real things" as their business. Now, there is only the transaction where the wealthy vacuum up any wealth of those "below" them, in a self-congratulatory hum, with complete disregard for those who cannot be of value to them.

Not all wealthy have this mindset, but the ones in power now gained power because of it.
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posted on Jul, 8 2017 @ 09:28 AM
It looks like Mercer just picked up the reins. We have been being brainwashed, manipulated and controlled clandestinely for centuries.

We have become so used to it because it is as American as apple pie, or should I say, as American as a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

How ‘Bacon and Eggs’ Became the American Breakfast

posted on Oct, 25 2017 @ 08:54 PM

originally posted by: theantediluvian
This is a company that specializes in running PSYOPS campaigns to disinform, mislead, influence and manipulate unwitting populations. Through deceitful, unethical and surreptitious methods, they've amassed data on tens of millions of Americans if not hundreds of millions and you can imagine countless millions more around the world.

The mission of this company is to find out as much about every single one of us as possible so that they can tailor what we see and hear for the purpose of manipulating our minds.

This isn't the only marriage of big data and micro-targetting strategies in the modern landscape of electioneering. In fact, both of the major US parties have multiple integrated systems for this purpose. Those are bad. Many would say very bad. This is in my opinion, potentionally so much worse.

That all sounds like Facebook to me.

I cant name all the little firms, like Cambridge Analytica here, that ride the coat tails. But Facebook does it better. And Google does it even better than that. And those two along with the other top tech giants firms were all in the bag for Obama / Hillary.

That this is a UK group is interesting.

All this talk about foreign influence, oh yeah well UK intelligence meddling that's already been ruled 'okay' by how many millions is it?

As far as ethics here, considering the playing field, I guess it mostly comes down to was this group the next best thing to the tech giants themselves, to warrant the use of a outside founded multinational (not that it really matters anymore if a multinational begins in or outside the US).

The Big Story you're missing entirely here is, this tech front is the foundation of all modern Two Party & MSM System politics, social division, corporate entertainment, MSM News Cycles, etc. The entire SJW Movement was built upon it, for example. Note how that front emerged out of social media, rapidly following Facebook dominance. Now part of the dynamic is Mass Contagion Effect, but thats just people responding to this new kind of targeted Social Engineering the tech giants brought to the table (of our robberbarron elitist masters) to add to the decades of other such social 'tech' they've been cooking up since before wither of us were even born.

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posted on Oct, 25 2017 @ 09:00 PM
I added the most important paragraph just now at the end, and a Flag.

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