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Hillary's 5,000,000+ Strong Civilian "National Service" (SJW) Brigades -Wearin on their sleeves

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:27 PM

I recall back a decade ago when Democrat Charles Rangel almost annually would re-introduce his mandatory "Universal" military service bill, and every thought of it sent shivers down my spine. This was at the peak of the Neocon's and their global military imperialism & militarization fo the police mania. And then during the peak of both of those trends here comes Barack Obama in 2008 saying: "We cannot rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We gotta have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

So here it is. I actually envisioned this entire series as a lead-in to this subject...


PROLOGUE: Is there a 'Nazi' lurking inside of YOU?

CHAPTER 1: Human Vs. Nature (Intro to Self-Deception & Brutality)
CHAPTER 2: Politics as a Sadomasochistic (BDSM) Spectator Sport
CHAPTER 3: The 'Patriarchy' is REAL
CHAPTER 4: Dark Mind Sciences: The Cult of PC
CHAPTER 5: HATE Speech Hillary
CHAPTER 6: DNC Paid Riot Squads

CHAPTER 7: 5,000,000+ Strong Civilian "National Service" (SJW) Brigades

I stopped paying attention to left / right stuff for a good few years. Not being "Republican" / conservative nor "Democrat" / liberal this was easy to do. Knowing how corrupt and rigged the whole system is, especially easy to tune it out. Then this year I tuned in and noticed this while "SJW Extremist" trend literally erupting across the nation in mass scale riots... even including mass murder. It took me a couple weeks to framework it out, and then I saw it: this new PC ideology intended to be anti-racist and anti-bully, in but a 'few' short years has already become about the worst examples of both racism and bullying.

So now here comes Hillary to ride in on 8 years of Obama setting up this climate of division and increasing hate, where "social justice" (aka PAYBACK for the perceived 'sins of our fathers'), now ready to drive home this whole millions member strong 'National Service Reserves" stuff... and as we will see, it's already built to be yet more "social justice" oriented social engineering. It's even got fronts geared directly at children, not just mere teenagers, but small children. Hitler's Youth ring a bell anyone?

I will say that the main jist of the what its all packaged for isn't all bad. It isn't even all new. I'll even say its mostly admirable, and the things they're supposedly about doing are quite needed. I know Detroit alone could use about a million of them up there cleaning up over the next few years (at least).

The problem is when you insert ideology into the mix. That's when you get Hitlerian, Maoist or Stalinist type social outcomes. We already had more than enough left / right cult of personality )Maoist / Stalinist) stuff before all this "social justice" trend came out swinging, actually, so what "social justice" brings to the table is more in line the general Nazi platform whereby we have "oppressed" and "oppressors". Where the Nazi's offered the German the Jew's, the 'social justice warriors' (SJW's) offer everybody besides 'straight white males' (SWM's) as the modern American equivalent of the Jew's. Well we all know how that played out. This is all part of their massive "Patriarchy" conspiracy theory whereby their everyday fellow SWM people around them are in on being "The Man", and we're all trying to keep everybody down (including 'our own' women, gays, communists, and so on).

So while Hillary's 'new' push for "National Service" includes lures like "free college" sentiments during a era of massive college debts (which of course the "Patriarchy" is to blame for that), Obama and the Democrat's have been working on this thing for years, and you don't have to scratch and sniff too hard to figure out that it isn't just about disaster relief, but instead it has in it's language this new "socisl justice" (aka Political Correctness) ideology.

Horse's Mouths

Bush, Obama, McCain, Ron Paul - the coming draft

Charles Rangel

H.R.5741 Universal National Service Act
The term "national service" means military service or service in a civilian capacity that, as determined by the President, promotes the national defense, including national or community service and service related to homeland security.
The term uniformed services means the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and commissioned corps of the Public Health Service.

The Universal National Service Act is the name of at least four bills proposed in the United States Congress (in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2013). Notably, the Universal National Service Act of 2007 is primarily sponsored by Congressman Charles Rangel of New York. Advocates for National Service include Senator Chris Dodd, Professor and A More Perfect Constitution author Larry J. Sabato. It has been seen sponsored by Congressmen Charles Rangel, again, as of February 15, 2013 and has now been submitted to the Subcommittee of Military Personnel on March 6, 2013 which can be viewed, in its entirely, to the general populace for those who have attained the Age of 18 to 25 but is not limited to

Barack Obama

The President’s commitment to social justice traces back to the very start of his career as a community organizer working on the South Side of Chicago.

He wants it how well funded?? First I’ll lay out the most conservative 2007 numbers: $439.3 BILLION.
Now let’s get dirty…
War Resistors (2008): $1,449 TRILLION
Global Security (2008): $623 BILLION (2008): $713.1 BILLION
Global Issues (2008): $711 BILLION
White House (2008): $623.1 BILLION
Arms Control Center (2009): $711 BILLION

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:27 PM

FACT SHEET: President Obama Announces New Efforts to Expand National Service and Improve Pathways to Employment for National Service Alumni in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps
Stars of Service: In the last year, AmeriCorps members helped recruit and manage four million volunteers. This underscores the important link between national service and citizen engagement. The volunteers with whom AmeriCorps members serve include younger Americans who are establishing themselves as community leaders early in life. In recognition of youth leaders, whom we encourage to consider applying their skills through AmeriCorps service, CNCS is creating the President’s Stars of Service Awards. Through a partnership with the Governor-appointed State Service Commissions and nonprofit and corporate partners, CNCS will ask each governor to submit the name of a Stars of Service between the ages of 12 and 18 for recognition and will have the opportunity to be invited to a White House ceremony to be held in 2015. Stars of Service will honor the commitment of young people from diverse communities, rural and urban, all across our country. Youth leaders will be challenged to return to their communities, to engage larger numbers of youth and other partners, to tackle some of their community’s pressing civic challenges. Stars of Service may be invited back to the White House to showcase the results of their progress in 2016.

And so part of my job, I think, as president, is to make government cool again. And to say to young people, to say to young people, even as we're transforming Washington, come on, we want you. We want you to get involved at every level. And by the way, you don't even have to join government. -Service Nation Presidential Candidates Forum

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: I support women registering for the draft
The former secretary of state told the Huffington Post Wednesday that she is in favor of a legislative amendment that would for the first time compel women to register with the Selective Service System. That legislation passed the Senate Wednesday as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, which cleared the upper chamber on a bipartisan, 85-13 vote.

Strengthen International Service:Grow Peace Corps to create additional opportunities for Americans to serve in countries around the world. Building on a 55 year history of success, Clinton will increase the number of Peace Corps volunteers to provide the human capital resources to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. e-together-and-serve-their-communities/

Clinton is aiming to enroll 5 million people in the program, with a special focus on millennials, as studies show those age 18 to 30 are particularly interested in volunteerism.

Clinton proposes 5 million-member ‘national service reserve’ project

Just wear it on your sleeve why don't ya?

Scratching & Sniffing

Like with "Top Secret America", or the DNC or GOP, it's important here to note that there are all sorts of interconnected agencies, groups, companies / corporations and so on that comprise the network of all this civilian "National Service" stuff. The AmeriCorps is the most visible, but it goes on and on. I couldn't begin to claim I know them all, but I can say that all the ones I've found during my preliminary scratching & sniffing all have within their materials the key ideological phrase "social justice".

It's not very hard to check into it yourself. You simply find an associated website, open up the Google and search ["social justice" site:and copy-paste the url in|.

The Corporation for National & Community Service (AmeriCorps proper)

On April 21, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act at an elementary school in Washington, DC (read more). The Serve America Act reauthorizes and expands national service programs administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) by amending the National and Community Service Act of 1990 and the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973.

What is Justice Talking? Justice Talking is a unique discussion series which gives AmeriCorps volunteers, staff, and alumni an opportunity to reflect on their chosen form of civic engagement. What is the meaning and content of their commitment to public service? What does it mean to choose to serve? What or whom are we serving, and why? What is social justice, and what is the character of its call?


posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:28 PM

Empowering Individuals and Communities Through Civic Engagement
To begin, there are many ideas and definitions of civic engagement. Most definitions include, in some form, at least three key components. Consider this definition from The State of Service-Related Research. The Grantmaker Forum on Community and National
Service Citizenship or civic participation consists of behaviors, attitudes, and actions that reflect concerned and active membership in a community. This includes the more traditional electoral citizenship activities, such as voting, serving on
nonprofit boards or school boards, as well as less traditional forms of political participation, such as community organizing and social activism. It includes participation in small neighborhood-based efforts and the larger national and international movements.
...behaviors, attitudes, and actions..., serving...
...less traditional forms of political participation (i.e. community organizing & social activism)...
This, essentially, is social justice through civic engagement: ensuring that the rights guaranteed to every person in our historical documents are protected and realized by “all,” because, as the Founding Fathers so eloquently expressed, in this country “all” are to be equal in their right to life, to liberty, and even to the pursuit of happiness. But social justice oriented civic engagemnt often takes this a step further, recognizing that “equal rights” is not the same as “equal access.” Civic engagement can address both of these important areas.
Regardless of how it is expressed, social justice through active citizenship and is one of
the most fundamental mandates we have in our country. Without it, we cease to be Americans, at least as the Founding Fathers envisioned this new social experiment that was so presumptuous as to declare that “all men are created equal” and that all are “endowed with certain unalienable rights” which include not only the basics of “Life” and the fundamentals of “Liberty,” but extends even to the guarantee of the “pursuit of happiness.”

Here goes a blatant attempt to merge the deology social justice with nationalism:

The Declaration of Independence: The Foundation of Social Justice
Many of you might be saying (or screaming), “There is no way that ‘all’ are ‘equal’ in this country.” And you would be right. There are many people in our country and in our world who are not treated as equals and who do not have access to even the
basics of life, much less liberty and happiness. That is why social justice is so important. Social justice works to make the words of the Declaration of Independence more of a reality in individuals’ lives and in all types of communities throughout this country. To deny others these basic rights is to disrespect the vision of our Founding Fathers. To ignore injustice is to ignore the very principles of our country.

Social justice is at the heart of our democracy. It can be expressed through our freedom of speech, our freedom to demonstrate, our freedom to protest, and especially our freedom to act. Or, it can be expressed through the combined power of our votes. Regardless of how it is expressed, social justice is one of the most fundamental mandates we have in our country.

Each year, the President of the United States recognizes higher education institutions for their exemplary commitment to and achievement in community service. The National Community Service Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition of the contributions that colleges and their students make to local communities and the nation. It is an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency that engages millions of Americans in service through its AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Social Innovation Fund, and Volunteer Generation Fund programs, and leads the President’s national call to service initiative, United We Serve.

In addition, about 84% of AIDS United AmeriCorps members continue their service and volunteerism; and of those continuing to volunteer, 58% participate in HIV/AIDS specific activities and 85% participate in healthcare/social justice causes.

Task Force on Expanding National Service Final Report to the President 2015
Over the last year and a half, the Task Force’s 18 participating agencies and offices worked together to determine how national service can help them achieve their agency’s goals. Representatives of these agencies heard from AmeriCorps members, Senior Corps volunteers, and Peace Corps Volunteers about how service has affected them; from agencies that have already applied the power of AmeriCorps to their agency’s mission; and from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and the Domestic Policy Council (DPC) about how national service can be a flexible and effective delivery mechanism for work supporting agency missions.

First and foremost, the Task Force worked to create national service partnerships that would give more Americans the opportunity to serve and would apply the power of national service to an agency or Administration priority. To that end, CNCS and DPC met with the leadership of each of the participating agencies to discuss specific ideas about problems that national service can help solve.

For example, the Department of Justice (DOJ) shared its goals of creating a pipeline of public-service-oriented attorneys and protecting vulnerable populations. As a result of this dialogue, CNCS and DOJ created justice AmeriCorps. In its first year, justice AmeriCorps will engage approximately 100 AmeriCorps members as attorneys and paralegals who will work to enhance the effective and efficient adjudication of immigration proceedings involving certain children who have crossed the U.S. border without a parent or legal guardian. The agencies are planning the expansion of justice AmeriCorps next year to provide representation to additional vulnerable populations, including at-risk youth and victims of elder abuse.

Similarly, the Department of Agriculture (USDA), which was already working with CNCS on anti-hunger issues, shared its need within the U.S. Forest Service to address unmet conservation efforts and its desire to support the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. CNCS and USDA worked together to provide additional AmeriCorps members—primarily disadvantaged youth and veterans—to Forest Service projects that had unmet needs. This partnership expands national service, contributes to USDA’s mission, and is aligned with the Administration’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.


posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:28 PM

United We Serve

"Whether it is my self through sport or whether it is the social justice that we have right now or the equality that men and women enjoy right now as we live our present life state."

I knew I was passionate about HIV testing and awareness, but AmeriCorps exposed me to a lot of race and social justice issues, education issues, the importance of preparedness, and the importance of being trained to do response,”

Service projects are just one element of the “service experience.” In addition to orientation activities designed to introduce new students to each other and to the University, evenings present a rich cultural program aimed at increasing awareness of social justice inequality in the District of Columbia. Events have included a panel discussion on housing, homelessness and gentrification; a performance by the local DC group “Life Pieces to Masterpieces;” and a screening of a documentary about local students at Ballou High School.

The CorpsNetwork

Emerson Collective is an organization dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential. Established by Laurene Powell Jobs, Emerson Collective centers its work on education, immigration reform, the environment and other social justice initiatives.

I started my career working with incarcerated young adult women in a group home in Boston back in 1977 and have always worked within a social justice setting.

We have to, the sustainability of our planet and our societies depends on getting as many people as possible interested in solving issues centered around climate change, social justice, food distribution, and water scarcity.

However, Larry Bratton left BDB to become the Social Justice Advocate for The Sustainability Institute; a Charleston-based nonprofit that offers weatherization services to local residents and trains young people to become home performance professionals. JR eventually joined The Sustainability Institute’s Energy Conservation Corps as an AmeriCorps member.

Points of Light

This is the Bush Family's aspect of the whole network.

Community Engagement: A company’s efforts to mitigate social causes/issues such as hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, for example, and/or to promote the public good, including economic development, education and social justice, for example. Community engagement is implemented through employee volunteering including extra - hands and pro bono and other skills-based service; monetary giving; in -kind giving and social cause leadership.

FirstLady Michelle Obama Issues Call to Service to Nation’s Volunteer Leaders
The First Lady announced the launch of United We Serve, a sustained effort to expand the size and impact of volunteer efforts in America. The initial phase of United We Serve runs for 81 days through a new National Day of Service and Remembrance on September 11. More than a dozen members of President Obama's Cabinet participated in the kick-off by fanning out across the country to join in service projects.

In her remarks, Mrs. Obama announced an initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation that will carry the service message to millions of Americans. During the week of October 19, plots and themes of dozens of popular network television programs will center on volunteering to inspire Americans to serve.

“The idea is to emphasize for viewers across the country that service is a part of who we are as Americans – and to highlight the power of service to make a difference in people's lives,” Mrs. Obama said.

The opening plenary featured a star-studded lineup of elected officials and popular culture figures including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California First Lady Maria Shriver, Matthew McConaughey and an inspirational performance from Jon Bon Jovi, who stated that, “We're going to be the ones that make volunteerism hip. Together, and with the power of ‘WE', we can start a revolution one soul at a time.”

Pelosi highlighted the new service opportunities created by Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. “In these great times of great challenge, America needs more people like all of you- rolling up your sleeves and pitching in to turn challenges in your communities into opportunities to serve. I come here today to thank you, and I come here proud of what Congress has done in a bipartisan way to help provide those opportunities.”

Neil Bush, Chairman of the Board for Points of Light Institute, continued the momentum of civic engagement when he announced the HandsOn Network “Get HandsOn Campaign,” a strategic response to the President's call to service and United We Serve initiative. Through the campaign, HandsOn Network aims to recruit and mobilize a core of 50,000 volunteer leaders and engage people of all generations in two million impact-driven projects. The goals of the campaign are to reduce the drop-out rate by leveraging the power of service in every school, reduce the carbon footprint though neighborhood-based conservation and restoration projects; and support economic security for families by facilitating access to resources and dollars.


Peace Corps/Panama’s vision is to be recognized as a development leader and partner of choice that is committed to eradicating poverty, promoting social justice, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. The central goal of Peace Corps/Panama is to promote sustainable community development, in partnership with Panamanian agencies and NGOs, in Panama’s poorest and most marginalized regions.


Black Lives Matter: Youth have successfully harnessed the power of social media to inspire and inform millions of people. No other group has been more effective in this than Black Lives Matter, a national movement that works to stop inequality, particularly as it relates to policing towards Blacks. What started as a hashtag of “#blacklivesmatter"...


posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:29 PM

The Boy Scouts of America

27. Equality and Social Justice -Young person places high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.

The values of this council include: -Inclusiveness and social justice. -Respect for pluralism and

Mission... -Social justice for humanity

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More
IMPERIAL, Calif. — Ten minutes into arrant mayhem in this town near the Mexican border, and the gunman, a disgruntled Iraq war veteran, has already taken out two people, one slumped in his desk, the other covered in blood on the floor.

The responding officers — eight teenage boys and girls, the youngest 14 — face tripwire, a thin cloud of poisonous gas and loud shots — BAM! BAM! — fired from behind a flimsy wall. They move quickly, pellet guns drawn and masks affixed. “United States Border Patrol! Put your hands up!” screams one in a voice cracking with adolescent determination as the suspect is subdued. It is all quite a step up from the square knot.

The Explorers program, a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America that began 60 years ago, is training thousands of young people in skills used to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence — an intense ratcheting up of one of the group’s longtime missions to prepare youths for more traditional jobs as police officers and firefighters.

Longview Police Explorer Camp offers young people law enforcement training
During the scenarios, Longview police officers act as witnesses and criminals while the Explorers investigate in classrooms turned into "crime scenes."

First-time Explorer Jessica Mitchell, a senior at Christian Heritage School, said working with officers is the best part of the camp.

"I get to learn how to shoot, and I'm going to have an actual gun and in a class taught with experts," she said.

Next week, the Longview Explorers will compete in the Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Advisors Association state competition at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Back That Arse Up

For anybody not too keen on the historical contexts all of the above should be seen under, here's a quick history lesson:

The Nazi Party began building a mass movement. From 27,000 members in 1925, the Party grew to 108,000 in 1929. The SA was the paramilitary unit of the Party, a propaganda arm that became known for its strong arm tactics of street brawling and terror. The SS was established as an elite group with special duties within the SA, but it remained inconsequential until Heinrich Himmler became its leader in 1929. By the late twenties, the Nazi Party started other auxiliary groups. The Hitler Youth, the Student League and the Pupils' League were open to young Germans. The National Socialist Women's League allowed women to get involved. Different professional groups--teachers, lawyers and doctors--had their own auxiliary units.
... Party propaganda proved effective at winning over university students, veterans' organizations, and professional groups, although the Party became increasingly identified with young men of the lower middle classes.

Nazi anti-Jewish policy functioned on two primary levels: legal measures to expel the Jews from society and strip them of their rights and property while simultaneously engaging in campaigns of incitement, abuse, terror and violence of varying proportions. There was one goal: to make the Jews leave Germany.
Ceremonial public book burnings took place throughout Germany. Many books were torched solely because their authors were Jews. The exclusion of Jews from German cultural life was highly visible, ousting their considerable contribution to the German press, literature, theater, and music.
Jews were banned from universities; Jewish actors were dismissed from theaters; Jewish authors’ works were rejected by publishers; and Jewish journalists were hard-pressed to find newspapers that would publish their writings. Famous artists and scientists played an important role in this campaign of dispossession and party labeling of literature, art, and science. Some scientists and physicians were involved in the theoretical underpinnings of the racial doctrine.

Now note that the situation is vastly beyond all of that. We already had the militarized police state. We already had the Orwellian 'surveillance society'. We already had the global empire / Military Industrial Complex / "Top Secret America" / etc.

And then during Obama's reign we've seen this 'new' PC Ideology go from hardcore cult followers to taking hold across the mainstream and becoming a de facto organized religion.

At this point, if you're still not catching my drift, I implore you to go through some of the other chapters in this series.

All during all that this new "National Service" design has been being implemented.

Please note that the overall jist of this social justice stuff isn't at all bad. The problem is what it has been warped into; what it has become; what is being done with it.

Here goes what "inclusiveness" really means to the people that read all the way into this whole "social justice" thing:

Berkeley protesters form human chain to stop white students from getting to class

Straight White Men Banned From Equality Conference

Watch a Black Student Assault White Teen Because His Dreadlocks Are Cultural Appropriation

Of course the mandatory national service thing would be hard to sell overnight, short of another 9/11. But things always tend to come from the government and the social engineers, and that's exactly what we've been seeing: this decreasingly gradual thrust into the "Brownshirts" direction. It's clearly manifesting in this entire "Snowflake generation" now, via social engineering, they're increasingly coming out predisposed to buy into this stuff as if its genetic.
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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:34 PM

Some will counter that Obama's "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded" hasn't been funded, but yet apparently it has been. No, bot by usual government budgets, abut when you add up all of the societal social engineering (across Media, Education, and on and on), and then all the outright governmental programs stuff, I'd wager the total bill across the past 8 years hasn't been too far off from at least one years worth of DOD budget. Probably a lot more than that...

Vote NO to Nu-Nazism... Vote NO on Proposition Hillary!
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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:42 PM
I just wish that one day you get to meet families of people who died from the nazis, id love to see you try to sell your bs to them, also thank you very much for shaming the death of everyone who died under that brutal regime.

At least theres an evolution in your madness, it used to be the commies are coming, now its the nazis.

Enjoy your pathetic attemp to smear the people who you despise, enough to post lies and propaganda. The only reason i waste my time on you is that i have kids, i will keep on standing up to people like you to make sure my kids dont have to deal with this #.

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:43 PM
If things hit the fan and they run short of bodies they will get more bodies one way or another. NOBODY is exempt from military service. Even disabled people and children. Nothing is ever off the table entirely. You do what you have to do to survive.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:45 PM
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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 05:56 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Absolutely Outstanding !!!

You have very eloquently said what I've wanted to say for a long time.

The average American citizen is not even aware of this organization.


posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: dukeofjive696969

I just wish that one day you get to meet families of people who died from the nazis, id love to see you try to sell your bs to them

He already has. And he is a friend.


posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Yes, Ignorance, and we are ALL coming to get you. You will have to listen to PC rules and explanation on student protests and why it is mean to discriminate. Some might throw in some new feminist stuff I don't quite understand. We are legion, we do not forget, expect us.

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:06 PM
Who told Obama that We The People wanted to be Socially Engineered?

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:09 PM

originally posted by: reldra
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Yes, Ignorance, and we are ALL coming to get you. You will have to listen to PC rules and explanation on student protests and why it is mean to discriminate. Some might throw in some new feminist stuff I don't quite understand. We are legion, we do not forget, expect us.

All of your social engineering is seen for what it is in the shining example of America's inner cities. It leads to nothing but a great big heaping pile of rotting manure.
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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:10 PM

originally posted by: TinfoilTP
Who told Obama that We The People wanted to be Socially Engineered?

A likely suspect would be Frank Marshall Davis.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:12 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen

originally posted by: TinfoilTP
Who told Obama that We The People wanted to be Socially Engineered?

A likely suspect would be Frank Marshall Davis.

The American people represent all that is opposite of a socially engineered society.
Liberty, nuff said.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:14 PM

originally posted by: dukeofjive696969
I just wish that one day you get to meet families of people who died from the nazis, id love to see you try to sell your bs to them, also thank you very much for shaming the death of everyone who died under that brutal regime.

At least there's an evolution in your madness, it used to be the commies are coming, now its the nazis.

Enjoy your pathetic attempt to smear the people who you despise, enough to post lies and propaganda. The only reason i waste my time on you is that i have kids, i will keep on standing up to people like you to make sure my kids dont have to deal with this #.

he's trying to save your kids from the prog fascists.
I fear for the USA. this whole generation has been propagandized and indoctrinated by the school systems and the media to the point they are dangerously close to being out of touch with reality.
another decade or so and I fear we won't recognize the USA. it will be a pansy paradise of sexual tolerance and total contempt for conservatives, Christians, and anyone with any kind of traditional American values, like honesty or a work ethic.
this is what the so-called progressives want, an ideologically chained America with the Ivy League elite on top.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:33 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

National Service. You are picking on the idea that people in this nation, especially the youth, who don't want to join the military or the Peace Corps, but want to serve their country, are all signing up for the big Seig Heil? Really?

What's scary, truly scary, is you are taking a positive movement and flipping it into Nazi-ism on very thin threads indeed. How dare you? How dare you take people that I know personally, who are currently involved in Americorps, who are trying to get some of their college loans paid off, and who are serving their communities in healthy ways (education support in the Literacy Council for example) and claiming they've signed up to kill and/oppress whatever the "other" of the day might be. Unbelievable. All that research towards a twisted end.

That's one example.

The "militant black group" you put forward? Seriously? They are doing a form of chant/dance that is not "militant" but something teenagers do in competitions, like cheerleaders do. Good gravy. It is a cultural thang. Some of them might mention *gasp* Martin Luther King and *oh the horror* black history in their chants!! And like it or not, Obama is part of Black History as well as American History in general. The entire dance/chant form is to develop discipline and personal pride as well as team work. You are dead wrong in your assumption of evil from this group.

The Peace Corps. My brother, a devout Republican fiscal conservative, went into the Peace Corps between his Bachelors and his Law degree. You are totally full of crap dissing the Peace Corps, friend. It is not "ideological" and it doesn't seek to indoctrinate the youths into some sort of Orwellian Nazi nightmare. You denigrate his service to our country and the work that he did for the country he was placed in for his service.


Sorry Ignorance, I am not picking up what you are throwing down. This is a leap too far. It really just makes me sad more than angry, though I know I sound angry.

= AB

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:33 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Either nothing will come of this


The Hillary Youth Squad will hunt us down and kill us.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 06:36 PM

originally posted by: TinfoilTP

originally posted by: reldra
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Yes, Ignorance, and we are ALL coming to get you. You will have to listen to PC rules and explanation on student protests and why it is mean to discriminate. Some might throw in some new feminist stuff I don't quite understand. We are legion, we do not forget, expect us.

All of your social engineering is seen for what it is in the shining example of America's inner cities. It leads to nothing but a great big heaping pile of rotting manure.

Oh, so being thoughtful and non discriminatory is suddenly a big heaping pile of manure? LOL, still not working.

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