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Destination Polo

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 03:30 AM
Disclaimer: This thread will read and feel as though it is in the wrong thread atleast for a good read. By the end of the thread it'll be apparent why it's in this forum. Although it could be put in various other forums aswell.)

Everyone by now should know that Wolverine has a metal skeleton that makes him super vulnerable to the powers of Magneto. In one comic series done by Marvel. Magneto uses his ability to manipulate metal to take control of Wolverine. Without having any resistance to the will of Magneto. Wolverine was forced no matter how against it he was mentally to slaughter the entire X-Men and every mutant taking Xaviers classes on how to be a responsible mutant and to co-exist among non-mutants.

This means to put into real perspective Wolverine had to look dear friends such as Gambit,Rogue, and Jean Grey in the eyes as he slaughtered them. And even when they put up a fight to resist him. He had to actually see these friends allow him to kill them as they were not capable of dealing any death blow to stop him as they loved him dearly.

He had to actually kill and massacre young mutants attending the school. Watching children die before his own hands and being totally against everything he was doing but having absolutely no will to stop it. All because Magneto was manipulating his metal skeleton.

The psychological hell that he would have had to of went through as he thought about how his friends were brave enough to resist for awhile. But having no intentions of killing him which is the only way they could have stopped him. As they most likely could not have gotten to Magneto anything this well thought out and malicious meaning Magneto did not come to play karma games. He came for a check mate old friend. If you get what I'm saying here.

And that's not the end of it. If you actually put it together Magneto could have never given him his free will back. Meaning Wolverine would have to spend his entire life or the rest of Magnetos serving Magneto no matter what he wanted. And no matter how much he was psychologically against it. Absolute hell.

And the whole time having those memories of slaughtering everything he ever cared about without no way of stopping it. And then having to eat out of the hands of the man that forced him to do it like he's his pet.

With this in mind we can determine that a villain does not have to beat you to put you through absolute misery. Here's another example that has nothing to do with manipulating and taking someone's free will.

Batman & The Joker are revered rivals that go back along way. They make each-other relevant and are incapable of removing the other form the others life.

You have to imagine that one day The Joker gets tired of losing and starts staying at home and playing the Karma Game. If he's not behind it he doesn't see Batman. Now imagine that The Riddler is a Joker want to be. And Batman has no idea that The Riddler exists. As Batman has not always known about The Riddler but has known about the Joker for a longer period of time.

You have to believe that at some point Batman would be drove nuts that he cannot pin everything the Riddler is doing on the Joker no matter how much he wants to. And you know that in Batman's heart and soul he wants it to be the Joker. But the Joker has absolutely nothing to do with it and everytime Batman confronts him Bruce Wayne has to acknowledge he's trying to arrest and innocent man.

That would absolutely drive him nuts.

In other words it's not always about dealing the death blow. But it's the misery you can put them through.

I went and saw Doctor Strange on opening night yesterday. And as I watched his ability to open portals and communicate with inter dimensional entities. I couldn't help but think that in one way or another a man like Jesus would have to be inter-dimensional idol worship.

Meaning that no matter how different dimensions and the entities are from one another. They would still have to agree upon a dimension for punishment such as hell. Because we know that no matter the dimension they would still have to burn their hands when they touched a boiling pot.

Lessons are still being learned from mistakes. So if this is universal communication from a much grander entity. Someone who can manage multiple dimensions inside a brain by micro-miniaturizing the dimension and sacrificing it for the one that it has to live in. Then obviously all inter-dimensional beings are talking about one male and female or one male and a harem of females.

Multiple females in the harem representing the multiple dimensions that the one male ie brain farms.

So as I'm meditating on all this while watching Doctor Strange I can't help but reflect on a theory I have. Stars are pixelated light bent from a larger source of light that is being bent by a cosmic membrane we call the cosmic sea.

And as I see that is truth I can't help but to think those stars would have to be parallel dimensions that can communicate with our own. Meaning that the Cosmic Consciousness that works as a world wide web would have to have gateway or IP addresses that allow for inter-dimensional communications.

If everyone is agreeing on a hell and a King of Kings. That means their has to be a star inside every dimension no matter how far from the action taking place in it out in space that gossips about one dimension where the source of a God consciousness is taking place. In other words as all the stars are fractal pieces of a larger light. And all parallel dimensions are fractals of a larger dream. As they are being sacrificed for the one that is most dominant as the being housing these dimensions still has to function within his own. That star in the cosmic sea taking place in another dimension would have to be the most coveted object ie star in the whole dimension meaning no other star comes close to the value of it.

Here's why: That star is most likely connected to a very basic setup where everything is based on physical manipulation rather then Jedi powers if you will. Meaning in that dimension you get up and go get it with your bare hands. So with that being said the god consciousness that we have to agree is universal communications no matter what dimension your from. Has to be the most important conversation because accepting god no matter how advanced you are makes you for moments universal to everyone until someone fails the karma game and inter-dimensional war breaks out.

Point being Thanos is out in space alot of the time and has little to no relevance on earth for the most part. I say this because technically he is not as active as the X-Men. IMHO Thanos because he spends alot of his life sitting in a chair most likely does nothing but orbit a star out in space and monitor the activity of one star that is coveted as the most important star and object in that universe. Because not only does that star tell that dimensions inhabitants that they are smaller then someone with a basic setup ie no magical powers. But it is also where god consciousness is flowing in from.

I'm going to have to acknowledge that if that's true. It means that no matter the circumstance every time god is crucified by someone trying to get something over on him. As he and she has to function as physical breathing entities.

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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 03:33 AM

Thanos approves the removal of an entire species off the face of a planet. And depending on how bad they sacrifice an entire planet no matter the natural life living on it. And he probably judges the species by how close they relate to the people of Earth in our dimension since we would be considered the most basic and yet advanced to be capable of allowing god consciousness to function properly.

That star advanced species that the elites of those dimensions monitor is known to us as "Polo".

The End...
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