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HATE SPEECH HILLARY - Preventing the Fourth Reich Chapter 5

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posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 06:50 AM


PROLOGUE: Is there a 'Nazi' lurking inside of YOU?

CHAPTER 1: Human Vs. Nature (Intro to Self-Deception & Brutality)
CHAPTER 2: Politics as a Sadomasochistic (BDSM) Spectator Sport
CHAPTER 3: The 'Patriarchy' is REAL
CHAPTER 4: Dark Mind Sciences: The Cult of PC

CHAPTER 5: HATE Speech Hillary

Here we will examine the anatomy of hate speeches, using the hate speech rampage Hillary has been on the past couple months.

Note that in the key examples these are trigger words for SJW extremist types, especially when they get rolled off as a list like she does every time, every speech these days that I know about.

I'll be using quotes her Paid Riot Squad ringleader, Robert Creamer, to define the Nazi methods of hate speech. Note that since his return from that trip he talks about is about the time when she started going full throttle with this stuff.

When you get to the videos note the HATE, the ANGER in her voice as if often the case when she does this stuff.

Defining "Hate Speech"

The following citation that quotes some governmental definitions is from the Political Correctness "STARTING POINTS FOR COMBATING HATE SPEECH ONLINE" guide:

Defining hate speech
In general, definitions of hate speech make reference to a number of the following components: the content of speech; the (written or oral) tone of speech; an evaluation of the nature of that speech; the (individual and collective) targets of that speech; and the potential consequences or implications of the speech act. Raphael Cohen-Amalgor, for example, offers an extensive definition in the following terms:
"Hate speech is defined as bias-motivated, hostile, malicious speech aimed at a person or a group of people because of some of their actual or perceived innate characteristics. It expresses discriminatory, intimidating, disapproving, antagonistic, and/or prejudicial attitudes towards those characteristics, which include gender, race, religion, ethnicity, color, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. Hate speech is intended to injure, dehumanize, harass, intimidate, debase, degrade and victimize the targeted groups, and to foment insensitivity and brutality against them."
Cohen-Amalgor’s definition takes on the full range of dimensions that are now associated with ‘diversity politics’, and that provide for a richer sense both of human experience – in how identities are formed through multiple forms of identification, and social ascription – and of vectors of discrimination that may reinforce each other:
"Denmark defines hate speech as publicly making statements that threaten, ridicule, or hold in contempt a group due to race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, faith, or sexual orientation (Danish Penal Code, Straffeloven, section 266 B). The Dutch Penal Code, Article 137c, holds: “He who publicly, orally, in writing or graphically, intentionally expresses himself insultingly regarding a group of people because of their race, their religion or their life philosophy, their heterosexual or homosexual orientation or their physical, psychological or mental disability, shall be punished by imprisonment of no more than a year or a monetary penalty of the third category.” In Iceland, Article 233 of the Penal Code states: “Anyone who in a ridiculing, slanderous, insulting, threatening or any other manner publicly assaults a person or a group of people on the basis of their nationality, skin colour, race, religion or sexual orientation, shall be fined or ailed for up to 2 years.” Norway prohibits hate speech, defined as “publicly making statements that threaten or ridicule someone or that incite hatred, persecution or contempt for someone due to their skin colour, ethnic origin, homosexual life style or orientation or, religion or philosophy of life” (Norwegian Penal Code, Straffeloven, section 135a). Sweden prohibits hate speech, and defines it as "publicly making statements that threaten or express disrespect for an ethnic group or similar group regarding their race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation” (Swedish Penal Code, Brottsbalken, Chapter 16, section 8)."

Nazi Methodology

"Why Trump And The White Supremacist Alt-Right Are Threats To Democratic Values — And Our National Security", by Robert Creamer [OP-ED] (9/25/2016)

So here Creamer lays out the "Grievance-Driven Nationalism" model, which I referred to as the "Oppressor Model" in my epic "The Hypocrites Iron Fist - The PC Movement in light of the War on Drugs" SJW expose piece (and further elaborated on in my big "Political Correctness is Politically inCorrect!" and " Dark Mind Sciences: The Cult of PC" pieces).

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
Those about quotes about the rise of the Nazi's, today one could change the word Jew to SWM's in all of that, and it'd read coherently in line with what is already happening today with this social justice front. It's all propaganda, and that propaganda is all about identity politics (like the Nazi's). Where the Nazi's had the Jews to blame all of their problems on, SJW's have the straight white male "Patriarchy" conspiracy to blame all of their perceived oppression on. Where the Nazi's burned Jewish books, SJW's on college campuses are redefining the English language in ways that leaves no room for the future of the Comedian profession.

Also note how Creamer talks about "the legitimation of conspiratorial thinking", yet her "Alt-Right" conspiracy theory is specifically just that, which is but a paranoid racist revamp of her old school "vast right wing conspiracy" theory she is most famous for referencing over the decades.

Hillary Hate Speech Montage

Hillary's "Alt-Right Speech" (8/25/2016):

Hillary's "Deplorables" Speech (9/9/2016):

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posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 06:50 AM

Hillary's Detroit Speech (10/10/2016):

Now, I got to tell you though, we've seen this kind of behavior all through the campaign from my opponent. And unfortunately, some people don't want to face it, but here's a man who has insulted not just women but African-Americans, Latinos, people with disabilities, Muslims, POWs and so many more. -laughs- I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervetion. He clearly has not been following this election very closely.

Note that she's totlally demogaoguing via deception with that line she's been repeating ad nauseum. She's taking little acases where Trump insulted say a woman, and then applying the direct personal insults and applying them to the entire groups she has to manipulate with.

At the next event with a Bill Clinton protestor her audience effectively follows her previous command and they "stage an intervention"...

Hillary's Las Vegas Speech (10/12/2016):
Everyone cheering like in some 1800's old western public hanging execution scene.

Hillary's Fort Lauderdale Speech (10/1/2016):

More From Her Collaborators:

And I just want to talk about the tone that's set from the top. Donald Trump during his campaign has called Mexicans rapists and criminals. He's called women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting. I don't like saying that in front of my wife and my mother. He attacked an Indiana-born federal judge and said he was unqualified to hear a federal lawsuit because his parents were Mexican. He went after John McCain, a POW, and said he wasn't hero because he'd been captured. He said African-Americans are living in Hell. And he perpetrated this outrageous and bigoted lie that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

"President Obama Is MAD As Hell Speaks At Congressional Black Caucus Speech CBC":

Does Michelle Obama Only Represent the Black Community? - PJ Media / ZoNation

Michelle Obama tells college graduates that people will look past their accomplishments and will only see the color of their skin.

And there you can see this has effectively become the Democrat platform now, which given their horde's of millions of social group identity obsessed hyper-racists, no shocker here.
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posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 08:15 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

This is pretty informative stuff yea? good lot of information here will bm for later.

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 12:19 PM
Great Thread again

I don't think the Democrats can explain as usual.

(unless they lie again)

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Social Justice Warrior ( SJW ). is a pejorative label applied to bloggers, activists and commentators who are prone to engage in lengthy and hostile debates against others on a range of issues concerning social injustice, identity politics and political correctness. In contrast to the social justice blogosphere at large, the stereotype of a social justice warrior is distinguished by the use of overzealous and self-righteous rhetorics, as well as appealing to emotions over logic and reason.

" the stereotype of a social justice warrior is distinguished by the use of overzealous and self-righteous rhetorics, as well as appealing to emotions over logic and reason. "

In other Words , Really Stupid People saying Really Stupid Things to Other People that are Not really as Stupid as them .

Yeah , that's about Right .

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

For the Sake of the Lefts Political Power , the Oppressed Must Stay Oppressed . Got It ..........

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 03:50 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

" How Democrats Promote Poverty and Inequality "

" Mrs. Clinton is uninterested in such solutions. Those would break the chains of dependency between struggling low and middle income voters and Democratic politicians who champion the opium we call the welfare state.

The Dems are Desperate to Perpetuate the " Welfare State " , they derive their Power from it by keeping those Po People in Place . The Worst Form of Racism is in their Lying Eyes...
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posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 10:09 PM
I forgot one:

posted on Nov, 5 2016 @ 03:40 AM

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 11:22 PM
This liberal guy obliterates Hillary's Hate Speech Method, that crutch which was how she ran the last 3 months of her campaign as her platform, and is the standard practice of the PC Ideologues / SJW Extremists as a first resort to debate in general, and more and more by liberal / Democrat commoners as a whole. This kind of thinking of the main inspirations for this entire series and the bulk of my publishing this year, my coming out all-in against Hillary & the SJW movement, my coming out of my 'retirement' this year in the first place, etc.

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