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Rumsfeld's SSB, CIA...Not good Enough?

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 02:29 AM
What is the SSB?

Strategic Support Branch

What does SSB do?

"provide an intelligence capability for field operation units"

Who does the SSB report to?

SSB reports to Vice Admiral Lowell Jacoby, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Who Sets SSB Policy?

Stephen Cambone, the Bush administration's undersecretary of defense for intelligence, & one of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's most senior aides.

So to be Clear.......We've got CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, HSD, & the SSB.

Whats the Pecking order? all i've got is best guess, but......

1- NSA
2- SSB
3- CIA
4- HSD
5- FBI
6- ATF

Remember the Intel reform bill, it passed. So......Bush will pick a National Intel Director (NID) or (DNI) & this man is supposed to have complete control over all Intel Branches.

All or "some" or would it be All "Known"?

I don't see the NSA or SSB answering to anyone.......

The Problem we're having seems to be that the Pentagon (Rumsfeld) doesn't trust the CIA, and thus forms the SSB. Some are calling for the CIA to be disbanded.

So basically, The CIA's Intel is so Valuable to the Pentagon (Rumsfeld) that he went out & formed His own, and a Top Bush team player is calling the shots and their Intel is being used by the Pentagon over that of the CIA. I wonder if Rumfeld just puts the NSA director on Hold? Since the (NID or DNI) bill passed prior to public knowledge of the SSB.....does the SSB have to answer to anyone other than Rumsfeld?

Doesn't it look like Bush is attempting a complete Takeover?

We've got the ATF, CIA, FBI, & Homeland Security, maybe even the NSA......reporting to someone Bush placed in charge. Then we've got Rumsfelds Intel Unit operating under the guidelines set by a top Bush "Team Player"

I think that somehow this Violates the checks & balances Provision that Our Forefathers Fought & Died for......Shall we allow this?

McCain Wants Hearings on Pentagon Spy Unit

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