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Tim Kaine? Was placing him as president the goal?

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posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 07:03 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

ya, McBribe was eventually let back into the fold...
AFTER she repented for saving the women's life..
she had to admit that she committed a grave sin, and at least pretend to be sorry for her action.
so, she had to probably commit another grave sin to get back into the good graces of the church...

But why be Catholic if you don't agree with the doctrine?

not every doctor, nurse, lab tech, ect. working in the catholic hospitals are catholic, and neither is every patient. and more and more hospitals are being run by these policies. ya, it's easy to say just find another hospital to work for, but what if there is no hospitals within a hundred miles that aren't catholic? should the doctors just up and put their house up for sale and put in their resignation once they learn that the hospital that they work in has turned catholic and just move to an area where they can practice medicine the way they believe it should be practiced? and should the women who live in these areas, once they find out they are pregnant, slap a for sale sign on their homes and move to an area where they can be sure to get decent healthcare?

and as far as the clinton's aides plan of "infiltrating the catholic church" and all that....
at least two didn't have to infiltrate, they were already in the church. and I doubt very much if they have managed to "infiltrate" to the point where the US nuns are getting lectures from the pope about obedience. if they were plotting to infiltrate and influence the church, they were wasting their time. someone else had infiltrated that church a long time ago and has building block upon block to get the church at this point.... namely GOD!!

posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 07:42 AM
a reply to: dawnstar

Or a secular world and teachings. I really dont think the USA has much to do with God. Sorry.

And it's sad you cannot see evil at work. Nobody should live in fear in the USA, but sexuality is the new spirituality.

Christmas is now about showing love through materialism.

I predict Halloween will be bigger than Christmas in ten years.

Politicians like Hillary legitimize the view, its not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you and go 18 trillion in debt to do it.

Only more money can fix the worlds problems. Hard work, consequences of actions, discipline, sacrifice, and providing for family is replaced with entitlement. Just try to get people to show up on time for work.

I bet in five to ten years the government will raid personal savings accounts to pay down the debt. Just look at greece.

And the rich are getting richer with a still growing poor population. Hope you like the change.

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posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 08:45 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

and there's two sides to your story...
big tax cuts and breaks to big business leaves the middle class to make up the difference. and there's been plenty of corps that have used the money they saved with those breaks and cuts to fund their relocation to mexico, or china, or where ever where they can pay workers far less money and dump their pollution where ever they wish.

decreasing labor costs here at home just leaves more people depending on those social programs the right seems to hate so much.

doing all you can to make it harder for women to control their own reproduction just adds more children to families that have more than enough, and thus increases the need for those social programs. and I am not just talking about abortion here. the constant attacks on planned parenthood, the constant griping over insurance that covers birth control, and such is included in that statement!

I predict Halloween will be bigger than Christmas in ten years.

really?? you do?? lol...... now I think you are off the deep end.... halloween has practically been downsized to private parties and controlled trick or treating. we haven't had a trick or treater come to our house in years!!

as for the materialism of christmas, it has been mostly about buying gifts since I can remember. the only thing that has changed is the insanity of the stores advertising these great sales on items that have such a limited supply that the people have to compete with each other to win the prize!!

and I spent seven years in a company, was late for work maybe once during that whole time, and that time I spent over an hour walking to work because my car wouldn't run! a great majority of the people were always on time. and it seemed that there was only a few that were habitual with their tardiness, and one of those had a husband at home that was gravely ill and most of the times that she was late it was because his caregiver was late! and to I'll put something to you plain and simply....
in order for people to be responsible, you have to give them the means to be responsible! and bush's "service economy" just isn't cutting the grade in that respect! not when that service economy is paying so many so little that they are spending over half their income on just a roof over their heads!

there's two sides of that coin, and for either side to actually have accomplished what we have now, it need the other side doing it's thing to offset what that side was doing.
there wouldn't be so many people depending on the gov't to support their families if they jobs were paying a decent wage, and those companies wouldn't be getting away with paying those crappy wages if there wasn't a gov't for their workers to fall back on! and the cost of living, the cost of college, the cost of healthcare, heck the cost of everything wouldn't be so high except the businesses know that if the people don't have the money to buy, the gov't will just expand the programs so they can.

you want less people relying on gov't programs, well....
pay employees enough so they don't qualify for those programs.
reduce the amount of rent you want for the apartments, just because you can get $1000 from the gov't for that rat infested apartment doesn't mean you should be charging that amount for it.
reduce the tuition fees so that the students don't need loans and grants to learn, we don't need new equipment for the sports teams, or new and fancy dorms, or extravagant places to eat... what we need is a well educated generation capable of competing in today's world who are not bogged down with so much debt that they should have just went to work at the local mc donalds instead of spending the time in college.
turn the coin over, and look at the other side for a moment!! consider how it played it's role in getting us into the mess we are in!

but you are right, and wrong in this....

I bet in five to ten years the government will raid personal savings accounts to pay down the debt. Just look at greece.

five to ten years???? lol.... ya, sure... doubt if it will be that long. I mean, look at what wells fargo was doing, wasn't that raiding savings accounts. and for the most part, they will get away with it.
but, the big outrage will come from the people when they pull the obamacare of retirement savings that they seem to be already talking about. where you will be legally obligated to put a percentage of your earnings into an IRA so that wall street will have more money to gamble with, because we all know that the only sign of a healthy economy is the stock market!!!
it won't be trump or clinton that will write up the law that will require this, it will be the members of congress. if whoever becomes president stands against it they will either rally enough votes to override their veto or add onto a bill something stupid, life paying the troops, or the money for repairing bridges, or some other necessary item that everyone agrees we need to spend money on, and then if the president still opposes they will constantly blast out ads how their veto has hurt the people.

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posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: dawnstar
Is Halloween the New Christmas?

posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: dawnstar

And our higher and most progressive corporate tax rate should make up for it? Nope.

I suggest you research what happeb to Studebaker?

Tough and expensive EPA regulations. Tough OASH regulations. High corporate tax rates. High labor cost. Open trade.

The above have all driven business / manufacturing over seas and severely diminished out tax base.

Passing legislation / budgets with no funding is the biggest cause of the national debt.

We spend more annually than any other government.
More than a trillion yearly than China.

We have a spending problem.

List of government budgets by country

Sorry you don't see the big picture and the diminishing of God in the USA.
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posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 03:03 PM
Nothing says the love of Christ like working retail on thanksgiving or black friday brawls. I know my kids tell me they wish I had stood in line more often for secular values.......

Thanks American consumer, retailers, advertising.

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