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How did Giants survive the Deluge?

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posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 10:42 AM

originally posted by: Seede
a reply to: Malocchio

TextIt's a well known story, Moses grinds up the golden calf into powder and mixes it with water then makes all who are guilty besides Aaron drink it, they start acting intoxicated and Moses has the Levites finish them off.

As usual you are totally wrong and untruthful. You either are not well read or you delight in telling half truths.

What am I wrong about, exactly?

Because Moses did do everything I said he did, which I am about to prove.

I do believe you are projecting your own inadequacies onto me, as I am neither a teller of half truths, am well read and have been correcting your mistakes often, with scripture, yet you never admit to being wrong.

I think you are unlearned in the Bible and it is a sensitive issue, so I can see how a Muslim understanding better your own scriptures than you would bother you.

Get over it, I was a Christian for 35 years and have been studying the Bible since I was 16. Oh and speaking of truths, half truths and lies:

"John was second in rank to James"

Was a claim you made, never supplying a scripural reason for saying so, just your words, and it is not even HALF true.

Reread the account and get the entire story straight. The gold dust had nothing to do with the punishment of the three thousand idolaters. They were given a chance to repent and did not repent.

It certainly was part of the punishment, as they didn't willingly drink it but were forced to. "Made" to, as the Bible puts it.

And, no, they were not ''given a chance to repent."

They were mercilessly killed by the Levites.

Also the Levites were the sons of the tribe of Levi and had nothing to do with Leviathan in this account. You should stick with the Quran because you sure have the Christian and Hebrew bibles messed up.

I didn't say the Bible said this and said it was an educated guess, one I would not suspect an anti-scholar fundamental Christian to understand and don't care what you think.

Once again you accuse me of being wrong when it's you who is wrong and the fact that you can never accept it shows.

Allow me to prove it, as you suggested I reread the story I will post it here and, once again, prove you have little knowledge of the Bible but want to...BAD:

Exodus 32:20

He took the calf that they had made, burned it with fire, ground it to powder, scattered it on water, and made the Israelites drink it.

Later in 25 Moses calls for those ''On the Lord's side." The Levites volunteer.

3,000 are killed. By Levites. As I said.

Now all I said was Moses did what the Bible clearly says he did, you had no idea what I was talking about and probably just read the story yesterday.

As you see, everything I said is right there in the Bible.

And you are again proven wrong, so why don't you take my advice and stop pretending to know so much when you know so little.

And the snyde remarks based on my being Muslim (and knowing more about the Bible than you) you might think insult me.

On the contrary it brings me joy it upsets you so, and that evertime you dispute me I prove you wrong with your own scriptures.

Better luck next time champ, don't try debating about things you don't know and if know don't understand.

Anger at not knowing this story, wondering about my sources for thinking ''Moses fed the calf to the Israelites", you asked what was my source?

Which means you didn't know it existed, or else you wouldn't have asked my source, you'd have known.

So don't call me "not well read" because you didn't know something and are mad that a Muslim has educated you on the status of Peter as the Rock, the contents of the Arc of the Covenant (you asked Disraeli, who didn't know, and thought it was the Torah, lol) and the story of the Golden Calf.

Stop hating Islam, it's not Islam's fault you don't know your scriptures, it's yours, and I suggest stop being angry at the Muslim who educated you but say instead:

"Thanks for the information."

Because you are constantly trying to catch me saying something incorrect and it turns out everytime that I actually do know what I'm talking about.

And you know this.
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posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 11:25 AM

originally posted by: Malocchio
a reply to: kibric

And Moses definitely poisoned the calf makers except Aaron and had them killed under the influence. By the priests of Leviathan.

What a guy!

This is the comment Seede sought to dispute, asking for my source (uh, the Bible) and besides the fact that I call the Levites ''priest of Leviathan" which is a personal theory of mine and many others, everything in it is true.

Moses did poison the Calf worshippers with some form of intoxicating mono atomic gold I'd imagine, and then have them murdered by the Levites.

Seede, who previously never heard of this story and thought I invented it so confidently requested for sources thinking I would not be able to provide.

When he figured out the story is in the Bible and even though he just learned of it he is embarrassed and seeks to remedy his embarrassing lack of knowledge by calling me names and accusing me of telling half truths.

He has no evidence, and brings up something about ''they had the chance to repent, that wasn't part of the punishment." And accused me of not understanding a story as good as him who learned it yesterday.

I never mentioned why it was done and though they actually weren't given any chance to repent, I didn't say they did or didn't so that has nothing to do with why I said it.

I simply stated a fact, that Moses fed the Calf to the Israelites.

Seede dude, nobody thinks less of you for not knowing a silly story, so stop trying to save face and just admit you didn't know.

It's more honorable than angry insults, you aren't mad at me but yourself because you have a Muslim teaching you things about Jewish and Christian scripture.

Being a Muslim doesn't make me incapable of knowledge.

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