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America was fine during the first Clinton administration, why would Hillary be any worse?

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posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:14 PM
Everything will be fine.......

Even Mr. Trump praised the first Clinton President

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:18 PM
A small compilation of why I don't want her as president...

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posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: CB328

You have obviously never read any Christopher Hitchens.

No One Left To Lie To

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:30 PM
Syria no fly zone = shooting Russian jets down = war with Russia = we all die.

Rather take my chances with trump even though I despise him and think he will be awfully.

Trump will be the worst US president in history, but at least the USA will still exist to have a history. With Clinton all that will be left to write about her will be radioactive cockrouches.....

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: crazyewok

FINALLY ...BUT yes of course it rises MY gorge.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 12:34 PM
But Poli Sci 101 says that if it was good during Clinton 1, it's more of a reflection of the preceding POTUS and the groundwork laid.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 01:13 PM
Because fox news told them, pretty simple if you ask me.

Obama was suposed to take away all guns, fill up fema camps and become emperor or murika.

Man i love this election cycle.

You never go full retard.
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posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 01:22 PM
You Sure it wasn't due to the log jam that is created when Republicans control the Legislature as they did 95' on?
President of one party and Congress of other is typically the best way to limit government growth since most republicans are all talk when it comes to government size.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 01:26 PM
NAFTA was a disaster,blew a chance to bring Russia into better relationship,let Bin Laden go,got involved in Bosnia when we should have stayed out,Oklahoma city,Waco-could haved arrested Koresh when he went to town,Ruby Ridge-pure set up and murder,the list could go on.Republican majorities were the ONLY reason he was a centrist,he was forced to the center.To HELL with the vermin Clintons and they can haul the sorry ass Bush family with them too.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 01:57 PM
a reply to: CB328

New hillary slogan:

Could it really get any worse?

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: CB328

" So why should anyone be worried about Hillary being elected if her administration would be similar to her husband's?? Other than baseless and bizarre conspiracy theories I mean"

Why would you Think that ? She is Nothing Like Bill . She has the Personality of a Condescending Plutocrat who dosen't Give a Rats Ass about the " Little People " she expects to just Bow Down to Her Imaginary Greatness .

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 02:10 PM

originally posted by: SgtHamsandwich
She is flat out a liar and this has been proven time and time again. That's no conspiracy and can be fact checked several times over.

This makes her untrustworthy and in-turn gives me zero confidence in any of her policies.

We're talking about politicians here. Show me one who isn't.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 02:42 PM

originally posted by: Annee
Who says this?

Where does it come from that she is not llikable?

On a personal level a lot of people dislike her. They don't dislike her as much as they do Ted Cruz, but she's just not very charismatic. I don't know how much of this comes down to Hillary and how much comes down to sexism, but it's definitely true.

She's cold hearted, and for women who have the social stigma of needing to be caring and nurturing that personality trait is extra negative.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 03:26 PM
Bill had a penchant for bloody cigars... fancy that eh.... Cheers

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 03:28 PM

originally posted by: HUMBLEONE
Bill had a penchant for bloody cigars... fancy that eh.... Cheers

My post of course indicates the difference, Hillary doesn't smoke cigars.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 03:39 PM
a reply to: CB328

One main reason everything SEEMED fine: The internet. Or lack thereof.

We did not have this global connection during the Clinton presidency. It was SO much easier for the media to keep the wool over our eyes and prevent us from seeing the corruption and wrongdoings all over the nation and world as we do today. Even now, there are plenty of people who continue to see the U.S. as "fine" due to the ever-growing corruption of the internet and constant suppression by the MSM. It is so far from "fine". The Clintons paved the way for many of the destruction of liberties that we see today. You see, it's all the same party.

Many people honestly believe Obama is doing a "fine" job when they couldn't be further from the truth. People don't have the time or patience to look up what is really going on and just see what they see on the mainstream news.

As others have said, the Clintons and Bushs benefited from a stronger foundation left over from the Reagan years. Not saying there weren't terrible issues already on the rise thanks to the real powers behind the scene, but it's easy to look good if someone else did the work for you.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: gottaknow Well said,agree with all.Those of us who dug for the truth and saw what was going on knew it was going wrong then.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:42 PM
Because THAT is where America began it's nose dive.
Clinton inherited a functional government from the reptile person BUSH SR.and proceeded to F##K it up,gut the military and screwed up national security LESS than his wife.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:53 PM
In the 90s we had...

Less debt
Less bureaucracy and regulation
Less judicial activism
Less open leftism
Zero social media (ie How Bill stayed so popular)
No Obamacare / Patriot Act / DHS / out of control NSA

And most importantly

A fiscally conservative GOP Congress with actual spines

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 09:41 PM
°Hillary is not Bill. Then is not now.
°The Clintons are more powerful, corrupt, etc.,over the years. The Clinton Foundation is vast throughout the Government and vastly dishonest
°Things on the surface were great but behind the scenes and in other countries( bombings, etc) were continuing without being dealt with but rather encouraged to continue feeding the War on Terror that mostly the Bushs were accused of. Meanwhile on US soil, "domestic terrorists" were the main target to focus on. Sickening how the GOP focused on Bill's sexual scandals, not the above.
°Glass-Steagall , New American Century, NAFTA, TPP supporter, Openly supports Goldman Sachs, more.
°The Clinton's- Under the guise of the least of the worst to some and being popular to Dems, but wasn't much better than Bush and Bush Jr.=different sides of the same coin.

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